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Summary: In the present time, Naruto has parents. Instead of loving him, like his soul always hoped they would, they despise him as much as everyone else. He is constantly beaten by both his father and his mother. What happens when those around him, like Sasuke and Sakura, find out that something's not quite right? AU, SasuNaru

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Title: Smile, Empty Soul
Chapter 14: Eraser

(((One Year Later)))

Naruto was sitting under the cherry blossom trees that he had first met Sasuke under – well, really met Sasuke under. The two had met in class, but he figured that didn't count, because he had fallen asleep and Sasuke was an anti-social bastard. Naruto sighed, remembering those days as he lay back, folding his arms under his head.

He had woken up from his coma-like state a month after Sasuke did. The doctors said that it had something to do with the emotional wounds. He had had to attend physical therapy for his arm for six months, and a psychiatrist for therapy on his head for ten months. He was happy just to be free of therapy, and hoped he would never have to go back there.

He was now a senior at the high school that he, Sasuke, and Sakura still attended. Although he didn't see too much of Sakura anymore – considering she and Rock Lee were getting along just fine – the two were still good friends.

And he was still living at the Uchiha house with Itachi and Sasuke.

However, sometimes he thought that was a bad thing. Every time he saw Sasuke, he had a weird feeling in his stomach – like butterflies bouncing off the sides and it drove him insane. It was at the times when the butterflies got too much for him that he loved school – it was a place where the butterflies would calm down.

Naruto closed his eyes, just letting the spring sunshine rest on his features. His golden hair had grown longer, so it now shined in the sun like a halo, surrounded his head. Ever since he had learned that Yon was dead, he had become a much quieter person. Many of the girls who used to love Sasuke had broken off and formed a "Uzumaki Naruto Offical Fangirl/boy Club". Naruto still couldn't figure out if he should love the idea or be horrified at it.

He was just proud, that for twenty minutes, he had escaped the fangirls and fanboys and found refuge at the one place that he had always loved to be. Under the cherry blossoms that were in full bloom.

Some days are better, they're better than others
Can't run forever, you're pushing me under
What a way to live my life
I'm hiding from the battles
I don't want to fight what I've become

Sasuke was searching around for Naruto. He had successfully dodged two of his own fan clubs, plus Naruto's and was on his way outside for some air. He went up to the sakura trees, knowing that that was the last place that he would look for Naruto. If the blond wasn't there, then Sasuke was just going to kick his ass in math class next period.

Sasuke was relieved to see Naruto, stretched out in his favorite place with the sun shining down on him. Noticing how peaceful he looked, Sasuke blushed. He shook off the blush, trying to appear normal. Taking a seat next to Naruto, he looked at the sky as well.

"What are you doing here, Sasuke?" Naruto asked in a tired voice.

Sasuke grinned. Naruto had been tired ever since the Naruto Fan Club had been established. Now the two of them were always on the run and Naruto wasn't sleeping in as many classes, for fear of getting jumped by fangirls. Not that it was a misplaced fear. After all, as everyone knows, the only things that are more dangerous than rabid fangirls are rabid dinosaurs. And since they were in short supply, rabid fangirls made up one of the largest fears for any guy who looked half-decent.

"Hiding, like always," Sasuke replied, grinning at his friend. "What are you doing?"

Naruto opened his eyes and smiled. "Thinking."

"About what, dobe?" Sasuke teased. "A girl?"

Naruto felt a blush spread across his cheeks. "N-no!" he protested.

"Come on, you're blushing," Sasuke continued. "It has to be about a girl."

"I-its not about a girl!" Naruto insisted. He pushed himself up onto his elbows.

Sasuke just laughed and ruffled Naruo's hair. Naruto looked up at him with a pout, almost as though he didn't like being treated like a child. Sasuke just stuck his tongue out at Naruto. Naruto shook his head.

"Che, you're such a child Sasuke-chan," he said.

"Tell me who you like, Naruto-kun!" Sasuke yelled playfully. He jumped on Naruto, just sitting on top of him. It had been long enough and after eight months of therapy, Naruto no longer mistook anyone for his father. It had taken him a few months to get used to the fact that Yon was dead and that no one except the usual townsfolk were out to get him. Even their attempts seemed to be slowing down.

"Why do you want to know so much?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke smiled. "Because that's the only part of you that I don't know!" he grinned, looking like a child.

Naruto blushed a little bit as he looked at Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes were closed as he gave the blonde a full smile with the sun behind his back.

"You don't want to know," Naruto sighed, looking away.

Sasuke shook his head. "Yes, I do!" he said, pronouncing every word separately.

"You most definitely don't," Naruto growled.

"Hai, hai, I do!" Sasuke told him. Smirking, he added, "And I'm not letting you up until you tell me who you like."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, knowing that he wasn't going to get out of this easily. He thought about what he could do. It was obvious that he was going to have to tell Sasuke who he liked – which would probably end in him being kicked out of the Uchiha's house, but who knew? The major question was, what could he asked of Sasuke in return?

"All right, teme, I'll tell you, but in return… you'll tell me who you like!" Naruto growled.

Sasuke looked at the boy. Why hadn't he suspected Naruto to ask this? Oh well, no turning back now. "Fine," he told the blonde. "But you tell first!"

"Damn you!" Naruto snarled. Sasuke grinned.

"Come on, tell, tell!"

"I'm gonna kill you one day."

"Fine, kill me later. Just tell."

Sasuke didn't even know why he was so into it now. He just was. It was a reaction to Naruto's reluctance, he supposed.

"So you really wanna know who I like?" Naruto said lazily.

"Yeah, I really wanna know," Sasuke replied, staring at him.

Naruto didn't say a word. He just reached up and grabbed the sides of Sasuke's head, pulling him into a passionate kiss.

Sasuke, after a moment of shock, kissed back just as fiercely.

Pulling back, Naruto grinned in his fox-like way. "There. Now you know who I like," he said.

Sasuke just stared at him before saying in a somewhat husky voice, "And here's who I like." He leaned over and kissed Naruto again.

And now it's going grey
All the lines are blurring and decayed
I can't recall exactly who's to blame

It was a month later when they announced their relationship to the world. The only people who were not shocked were Kakashi, Iruka, Lee, and Sakura. Sakura had just laughed, saying it was about time. Lee had nodded with a knowing smile. Kakashi ignored them as he continued reading "Icha Icha Paradise" and Iruka had beaten Kakashi over the head for ignoring them.

The fangirls/fanboys had tried to attack them.

And that's where months of practice at running had come very much in handy. In fact, they had had to hide on the roof. Sakura and Lee took refuge up there, after an hour or so of hearing screams in the hallways.

"Oy!" Lee yelled. "So there you are!" The two had just come up onto the roof.

"Yeah, this is where we're hiding – what are you two doing up here?" Naruto asked.

"Hiding from your annoying fanclubs," Sakura replied.

"Hey, we weren't the ones that started the fanclubs," Sasuke told her.

"I was only president for a month, sheesh!"

"You still helped found it!" Naruto grinned.

"Why, I oughta…" Sakura said a moment before her fist came down on Naruto's head.

"OW!" Naruto yelped.

The four listened for a moment as Naruto's scream of pain echoed around the school before they heard what they never wanted to here.

"That was Naruto!" a shrill female voice screamed from somewhere within the recesses of the hallways.

"It came from above us!" yelled another.

"The roof!" bellowed a fanboy.

"LET'S GET HIM!" screamed an entire mob.

Lee, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto exchanged a look of horror before getting up and running the other direction.

Behind them they could hear the fangirls/boys gaining on them.

"This is all your fault!" Naruto yelled at Sakura.

"Shut up and run!" was Sakura reply.

Naruto, for once, did as he was told.

Is it me or is it you? Something isn't right
Of all the things that we could do, we just want to fight
Someday I will find the courage to embrace you
Someday I will find the strength to erase you

It had felt like they had run miles through the forest before finally collapsing.

"How… the hell… can they… run so fucking… fast?" Sasuke panted as he rolled onto his back, trying to get more oxygen into his lungs.

"I don't… know," Sakura replied. "Fangirls… are among… the weirdest species… on earth…"

Lee and Naruto could only nod in response, both of them too out of breath to speak.

Naruto, after regaining his bearings – a little bit, pounced on Sasuke. "I'm going to blame this all on you!" he whispered in the raven-haired boy's ear.

"Like hell," Sasuke muttered. Like Naruto, he had recovered part of his strength. He flipped the two over, so that he was sitting on top. Sticking his tongue out at Naruto, he grinned.

Beneath him, Naruto pouted. "Bah…" the blonde grumbled.

Lee and Sakura shared a knowing glance before leaving the two to privacy and finding another clearing.

Sasuke and Naruto didn't even notice they left.

Sasuke leaned down and captured Naruto's lips in a kiss. Naruto kissed back,. Unconsciously pulling Sasuke closer to him. Sasuke didn't fight Naruto's embrace as he was pulled towards the other boy.

It seemed like an eternity before they broke for air, but it only happened in the span of a moment. Sasuke looked down at his boyfriend, only love in his eyes as Naruto stared back.

"I love you, dobe," he said with a smile on his face.

Naruto pouted in his adorable way. "Are you ever gonna stop calling me that, teme?" he growled.

"Nope," Sasuke said before catching Naruto into another kiss.

Naruto sighed, not battling the boy about the nickname at the moment whilst he kissed back fiercely.

Little did they know of the circle of fangirls and fanboys that had surrounded them. In the front was Ino and Kiba. Everyone looked heartbroken as they saw Konoha's most eligible make out.

The next time they broke for air, both boys blushed as they saw that they were surrounded.

Some days I think I am nothing without you
Some times I wish I could just kill you
What a way to live out lives
It's hard to breathe
It feels like I'm affected by my dad's disease

"Hey!" Sasuke yelled. "Do you think my boyfriend and me could get a little privacy? Its kinda hard to screw him senseless with people watching us."

"Uhhh… sure," Ino said, looking completely stunned.

"Yeah…" Kiba told them,a faint blush on his cheeks.

In less than three minutes, the two leaders of the fangirls and fanboys had gotten the fanclubs to disperse.

"Well, that worked better than I expected," Sasuke commented.

Naruto only nodded in response.

He leaned forward and kissed Sasuke, hands roaming all over his lover's body.

((Kyuubi-chan: etc. etc. etc. Just so you know… they have sex right here. Again, I don't really feel like writing them having sex, so you can imagine lots of passion, sweat and all that fun stuff on your own. Okay? Good… sorry for the disappointment people. I'm not a sex scene writer, though at times like these, I wish I was. I also wish that it was NC-17 at times like these. But its not, so just live with me here, k?))

And now its going grey
And you're the one I chose to feed me pain
And I'm the one you bring home so ashamed
Through their eyes

Another year passed by. Itachi had come up to Sasuke and Naruto, telling them that if the sex didn't quiet down, they were going to have to go out and find their own place to live, because he was losing sleep because of it. And nothing was worse than a pissed off Itachi.

"All right, all right," Sasuke said.

He and Naruto piled into Sasuke's car and began looking for new homes.

After weeks of searching, they found a quaint little house on the edge of town where they were sure that no one would bother them. It wasn't huge so Naruto was comfortable, and it wasn't small, so Sasuke was comfortable.

It was a two story Japanese house, complete with sliding doors and a huge garden. In fact, it was on the other side of the forest behind the school, so they didn't have to go far in order to torment Iruka and Kakashi.

There was only one bedroom, but as they were planning on getting married at some point during their lives, what did they care?

The only problem that Naruto could find with it was money. Sasuke readily supplied all the cash they needed, which Naruto had blanched at. After all… these houses were expensive. He had completely forgotten how rich Sasuke was. After living with him, you would forget too, because he never flaunted it.

So, around summer, they settled in to their new house and were able to screw as long and as loud as they pleased. Itachi was just happy about having some peace and quiet again.

Is it me or is it you? Something isn't right
Of all the things that we could do, we just want to fight
Someday I will find the courage to embrace you
Someday I will find the strength to erase you

It was their anniversary. Their first anniversary. Both Sasuke and Naruto were in the kitchen, thinking as they were cooking all sorts of sweets and delicacies. Well, Sasuke was cooking. Naruto was trying and failing horribly at cooking.

"Dammit!" Naruto finally yelled, hurling the chocolate chip cookie dough far away from him. "That cookie dough hate me! It's out to get me!"

"DOBE!" Sasuke yelled from under the bright yellow plastic bowl full of cookie dough that had landed on his head.

"Oh, shit…" Naruto mumbled.

Sasuke pulled off the bowl, though some of the dough still clinged to his hair. "'Oh shit' is right!" he yelled as he grabbed a huge spoon and his brownie mix. Using the spoon as a catapult, he shot brownie mix at his lover.

Naruto ducked, making the mix hit the microwave that was behind him. "Ha!" he yelled. "Missed me!" Before he had a chance to duck, a big spoonful of brownie mix hit him in the eye.

Naruto looked stunned before he grabbed the orange and blue sprinkle containers. Holding them like grenades, he took the cap off the blue one and threw it at Sasuke, before diving behind the counter for cover. The sprinkles hit Sasuke and spilled all over the man.

"Success!" Naruto shouted. He took off the cap of orange sprinkles and tossed it at Sasuke. "Die!"

His second hit also scored.

"I'm gonna get you for that one, Naruto!" Sasuke yelled. He grabbed the chocolate syrup and opened it, squeeze it so it shot across the room.

"AARGH!" came Naruto's call. "I've been hit!"

"Ha!" Sasuke replied. "Told you I was gonna get you for that one!"

Naruto grabbed a tiny carton of milk and threw it. Sasuke dodged it, but when it hit the countertop, it exploded, splashing all over the Uchiha.

"Shit!" Sasuke yelled.

Sasuke jumped on the countertop with an icing container and jumped on Naruto, smearing the strawberry ice cream all over Naruto's face.

Naruto took the container of whipped cream and began smearing that on Sasuke.

And I see myself in heaven
If I can free myself from this hell

An hour and a half later, the two collapsed on to each other, tired and worn out from their food fight. Seeing his love decked out in chocolate, Sasuke couldn't help leaning over and carefully licking it off. Slowly, he dragged his tongue down Naruto's cheek, lapping up the icing and chocolate syrup that was there.

Naruto emitted a moan from the back of his throat and Sasuke grinned, further encouraged by these actions. He slowly bit, licked and raked his teeth along the side of Naruto's neck, where a clod of chocolate syrup was, running his tongue up and down the mark he had made there.

Leaning back and looking at Naruto's baby blue eyes, Sasuke smiled. "Happy Anniversary, dobe," he breathed before continuing his work on Naruto's neck and face, trying to lick off as much of the sweets as possible.

"I love you," Naruto whispered to his ear.

"I love you too, dobe," Sasuke smiled. For a moment, he leaned his head on Naruto's chest, allowing himself to hear the heartbeat of the one he loved the most. Smiling, he cuddled up to the blonde. Naruto only wrapped his arms around Sasuke and they sat there, in their half-destroyed kitchen, remembering all the times they had had together. And all the love they shared for each other.

After all – what was an anniversary for, if not to be with the one you loved the most and who loved you in return?

Is it me or is it you? Something isn't right
Of all the things that we could do, we just want to fight
Someday I will find the courage to embrace you
Someday I will find the strength to erase you

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