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Summery Severus is Harry's real father, after spending only four years at the Dursley's he is sent to live with his father... that is after every one finds out just how he was treated there. (And yes I know it's a sucky summery but I really don't want to give that much away.)

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Chapter 1

Off to the Dursleys

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Severus Snape sat quietly on a couch inside the home of one James Potter. True he hated the man with a vengeance but alas this was something of importance. Taking a small sip of his lukewarm tea he grimaced slightly at the semi cold taste. Swirling the abstracting taste around his mouth he tried to fight the aftertaste, he never was one much for tea… too… calm, tranquil even.

Although, maybe it was just where he was, and the reason he was here. Really, he had complaints about how uncomfortable the normally comfortable couch was. Of course any other day he would just chalk it off to how often he was squirming and shifting on the couch.

He cocked his head slightly to the left as he heard the door to the side of him open slowly with a low creaking sound. James Potter trotted in with all his glory the moment the door fully opened. But unlike any day in James Potter's, in Severus' biased opinion, perfect world, that mocking grin he always wore was absent. Redemption shown out, and his brow was creased and it looked as if he was deep in thought, or just finished thinking as such.

Following closely behind the Gryffindor was Lily, his beautiful Lily. Blood red hair trailed behind her as if caught in a sudden wind. Pale complexion and beautiful emerald eyes. Severus could get caught in this moment.

But the moment he saw that worried look on her face he broke off… reminding him grimly of the situation. No matter how much he wanted to forget the world around him… he couldn't.

Looking down in Lily's arms he saw a small bundle in baby blue blankets. A small tuft of black hair peaked out, but Severus already had a clear knowing of the full face of the baby in the blanket… his Baby…


Now, that surely was not Severus' first choice at a name for his child, but fortunately the matter had been out of his hands. That day he had been busy and the hospital had had trouble reaching him, so until he had gotten back to Hogwarts he had known nothing of his wife being in labor. As sure as day when he found out he had rushed to the hospital hoping all was okay. It was, but he sadly missed the birth, and Lily being Lily took matters into her own hands. The baby had already been named when he got there. Probably some odd form of… punishment from his wife for missing the birth… but it some how suited the child. And simply having a child was well off enough for him.

Strolling over towards where Severus was sitting they walked past the old wooden coffee table and sat across from him in two separate chairs.

Each knew why they were here… there was no questioning on that and alas, there was nothing to change it.

Severus changed his attention from the 'couple' back to the bundle in Lily's arms. His son… unspeakable danger awaited him, but not if he could help it.

The Dark Lord had always kept track of the Death Eaters children. By their fifteenth birthday each would be another included upon the ranks of the many death eaters. But… none knew of Severus' child… and he was going to keep it like that, ignorance was not only bliss… but life.

Severus would never put his child through the pain of being a death eater, he may be a Snape, but he still had heart.

They were all gathered to fix a problem that he had created. Yes, beyond all doubt he still dearly held Lily in his heart, but that love had put her in danger.

"Severus, are you sure that you want to do this. I mean, I love Lily- like a sister, but I know that she loves you dearly, and nothing will change that…" Severus was surprised, though he gave no outward proof of the feeling- James never admitted or wanted to anyways, that Lily was in love with him, Snape supposed that it was the house prejudice getting in the way always.

Severus regained his breath and just paused for a moment. It looked to every one else that he was thinking deeply, but he knew that his mind was already made up… he just simply needed a moment to calm his head

"Yes," He said sighing and looking everyone in the eye in turn, "it's the only way to keep them both safe- both her and little Harry." He looked at the baby lovingly; the simple sight of the babe calmed his troubled mind, assuring him that he was in the right.

Stirring his tea slightly more he just gave up on the abhorrent drink, the taste had not improved in the sitting. He set it down on the coffee table, it giving a slight clink as it went down.

James looked in turmoil, as if not sure how to continue.

"So… I am to… adopt Harry, and Lily will be my 'wife'?" Even though they had gone over the plan repeatedly James still seemed confused almost. "This will of course only be a temporary situation, but am I to adopt him with full name and rights?"

Severus gave a bored look at James, and twitched his nose slightly then nodded.

"Yes… I suppose that that would be best, do away with any suspicions for those wondering how a baby came out of no where." Snape's gaze remained glassy.

"And you will visit? Right?" Lily spoke for the first time… though her voice was not at all that strong, there was no stutter.

Severus nodded in what the other two took as akin to gratefulness, nothing would stop him from seeing his heir.

His son was only six months old, he wanted to be there for everything that he could. His first word, first birthday, everything. Though he knew that because of his spy job he would miss a lot of that.

James slumped down and dragged his hand sluggishly across his face, lightly massaging the small crevices around his eyes. Pausing but not even opening his eyes he reached down to the floor and the briefcase lying next to the chair. Lifting up the carrier with a sluggish and passive rate he set it down on the table disrupting the tea sending it to clink around. Severus clenched his eyes at the sound wanting to groan as it dug into his mind.

When he finally did open his eyes again James had reopened his and was filing through the opened case. He lifted out a small stack of papers, some bent at the edges from deliberate mishandling.

James dropped the stack onto the table, the sound seemed louder then it would normally, echoing almost with foreboding. Severus reached over and plucked the pile from the table and tried to focus his eyes enough so as to read the small printing of the documents.

"Just picked them up today, said they were for a friend." James chuckled at some unseen joke in the matter. "No one knows that it is for me to adopt, they all think that Lily just had a baby." Severus looked up sharply at that.

"And how did you go on making them believe that?"

"I just started the rumor today, we hung out a lot in Hogwarts. It won't be all that hard for them to believe that we ran off and got secretly hitched or something. They haven't seen her for a year maybe… it's… believable. Sirius and Remus both know of course… couldn't get a hold of Peter… but I needed someone to be able to say that this was all true, back up I suppose…"

Severus groaned and pulled slightly on his hair.

"And… and what of the werewolf being the 'spy', is it prudent to give this information to a possible spy?"

Instead of James answering Lily took over, now glaring at him. "I know that he is not the spy." She said no more, and they didn't need it.

Nodding slightly the Slytherin turned back to the papers in his hand, signing them all.

It was all final now…

Severus gave one last little hug to his s... no Potter's son, then he handed him back to Lily.

Swiftly walking out the door not willing any of the tears he held tightly to fall. He hadn't cried for years, his parents didn't want that, in a sense his family was like the Malfoys, any type of feeling was said to be a weakness, so he learned to keep every thing in.

Now back sitting on an old plush couch was the newly married Lily and James Potter, and in their arms was the newly christened Harold James Potter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A year later, October 31, 1981

Severus stood apart from the scene before him, flames and destruction were everywhere. He refused to even look at what lay on the ground before him instead choosing to stare at the sky. Floating embers splashed around the deep abyss above him. If he had not known what caused them he would call it beautiful. The red fire seemed to fit so well on this night, clouds covered the sky save for a large not yet full moon sitting in the only opening. No stars could be seen… not that they were needed the moon and the embers covered the needed light. They created a grotesque albeit slightly surreal picture in the sky… red and black combining in a dampened heart where life itself seemed of little importance.

One Remus Lupin stood next to him, silent tears escaping his eyes and running down his face. He did not even look at Severus or the sky… choosing the morbid sight in front of him.

The flaming Hollow… an incongruous scene of bright orange flames lighting up the surrounding area. The once magnificent house, now in shambles, fire eating at its core. One really could not describe it… it was sad, yes, but majestic, daunting, and glorious all at once… but only one with a pessimistic out look would see it as such.

Off toward the burning house you could see Sirius Black running around franticly, crying like a baby, staring at the dead faces of his best friends.

It almost made Severus sick, the man was making a fool of himself.

"You're not going to go down and see her?"

Severus didn't need to turn around to know who was speaking; Remus however, spun fast and for some reason was surprised by the appearance of the Headmaster. The twinkle was gone from normally infuriating blue eyes. And even though it was a…sad?... event he still wore brightly coloured robes.

Severus gazed down at the house taking in the aurors speaking in quiet terms to each other.


Dumbledore nodded as if he understood, then Remus spoke for the first time there.

"Do they blame Sirius?"

"Yes, but some seem so sure of his innocence, and taking in how he is acting now there will be a full trial to see."

Remus nodded at Albus' response.

Severus could not help but feel guilty for the entire thing. He was the Order's spy, he was the undercover death eater, it was his job to find out about these kinds of things. But no, now the only woman he ever loved was gone because of his stupidity. He lost the Dark Lord's trust and never found any thing out about the attack.

Well at least he was now free of the Dark Lord, at the cost of Lily he thought bitterly.

He was so surprised when he had found out that Harry had lived, how a tiny little baby could 'defeat' the greatest dark lord of the century was beyond him.

Not even looking at the two behind him he started walking towards the house. As he walked the aurors pulled out wands and pointed them at him. His stride did not break, he had nothing to fear, even Dumbledore was on his side. He walked towards where Black was holding his son. The man looked broken… crumpled on the ground seeing nothing more than the little thing in his arms.

Walking so that he was equally footed with Black's form he stared down at his son.

He reached down and slowly plucked Harry from Sirius' immobile arms.

The little boy was sound asleep; his thick black mop of hair was slightly sweaty. On top of his forehead was a small perfectly cut bolt of lightning. Other then that he looked to have been in no trouble at all this night, but he stared at the once bloody cut on his forehead.

Staring at it for a moment, he knew that his son would have that scar forever, a curse scar, one of the only ones ever to be recorded. Loosening one of his arms he brought his hand slowly to the baby's head, tracing a finger down the length of the scar.

Suddenly the young boy in his arms started to stir, opening his tiny eyes, the small orbs of emerald showed through.

Severus looked at those eyes, memories of his beloved flooded back to him. He now found looking into these eyes to be painful. It really hurt… the boy was a constant reminder of what he had now lost, it was then he made a rather rash decision.

It was then and there he knew that he couldn't keep Harry. He wouldn't make him happy; the poor boy would grow up unloved. He wouldn't be able to look into those eyes at all with out getting resentful. The boy would be much happier with Lupin or even Black, better that and never know where his real father was. Hell maybe the boy would be happier if he thought that James Potter was his father.

Not being able to take it any longer he shoved the boy back into Black's arms and stalked off.

Lupin made to follow him but a hand upon his shoulder stopped him.

"Let him go, he isn't ready to face this yet. The boy will go to his relatives; Lily does have a sister whom he can go to." Giving a sad smile Dumbledore took the child gently in his arms and apparated away.

Sirius looked at the spot that Dumbledore had just previously stood in, in anger, he then turned to Lupin.

"How dare Snape do- do that! Bloody Hell I mean I never liked him the greasy git! This is his son; I'm in no position to deny it! Damn it Lily hated her sister, and they hated her, how exactly do you think poor Harry will grow up? I'm his Godfather for God's sake!"

Once Sirius was done with his little rant Remus gently patted his shoulder giving him a sad smile doubling Dumbledore's.

"You can't take him- not yet anyways, you have to go through the trial. Besides that I don't think that any of us are in the condition to handle this right now… though I loathe to say it I think Dumbledore may be right in what to do. And I am sure that he has a good reason, he won't stick Harry in any kind of danger."

"Not consciously anyways," Sirius added on with a soft sigh.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back at number four Privet Drive a young Harry Potter/Snape sat upon the door step of one Petunia and Vernon Dursley. Unaware of what would happen to him, what his childhood would be like, nothing will be as it should for this poor little raven.

In the darkest dungeon of Hogwarts Severus Snape was pacing back and forth contemplating whether what he did was for the best. In the end deciding that it was, when the boy came to Hogwarts he would make sure every thing went the right way for his son.

But no one, not Dumbledore, not Sirius, not Lupin or Snape knew what would happen to the poor young Potter/Snape within the next few traumatizing years of his childhood.

Even with the looming future that looked before them across Britain Witches and Wizards alike raised their glasses and their hats to the sky, each thinking the same thing.

"To Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kiss me while I'm still alive,

kiss me whilst I kiss the sky.

Let me die on my own terms,

let me live and let me learn.

As I follow my own way,

I'll live another damn damn day.

For my freedom there's sacrifice,

Remember now this was my life.


Never loved in my childhood,

alone and brave is how I stood.

No one there at the end of the day,

to wash my blood and tears away.

I stood alone with out a friend,

I was this way until the end.

You were my friend but I was wrong,

you were betraying me all along.


You treated me like I was your tool,

for you to command and for you to rule.

I was the weapon nothing more,

used until I was needed no more.

You ruled me hard with out consent,

you betrayed me so I went.

My life was never easy more like it was ruff,

I'm telling you now that I've suffered enough


They tell you when sad, remember a happier time,

what if I had none to truly call mine?

I try to hold on with all of my might,

even though I have a heart more blacker then night.

I'm losing control as I try to hold on,

but there's no point in living when your happiness is gone.

You never realized just what was at steak,

with all of this pressure I know that I'll break.


But I will hold I wont let you win,

why give the satisfaction 'cause I simply gave in?

Why give you the pleasure of knowing you won,

but this battle we fight is not yet quite done.

From you I was judged from what of my name,

with 1 thing I did you put me to shame

I go through the hard times, the hurt and the pain,

but still my sprit is one you won't tame.


You tangled me in a web of lies,

pushing me till I soon would die.

I realized too soon I'd always be alone,

as the glitter once my eyes hardened to stone.

Before my defeat I was real nice,

until my warm heart froze into ice.

I'm not the same person that I once was,

Learning that life's not all happiness and fuzz


I want to leave this place and never look back,

I know I'm a coward from the courage I lack.

I look onto God as he holds out his hand,

I know I'll be lead into the Promised Land.

I'm tired of the stress that you put onto me,

I left and intend to remain free.

In this damn world this damn day,

I hate it here so I ran away.


You never cared for me from what you have shown,

you stuck me high on a pedestal and left me alone.

I may look weak and I may not look strong,

but you pushed me around and it's gone on too long.

You punished me longer then I can allow,

I won't kneel to you and I know I won't bow.

But I still keep fighting what ever comes through.

Becuase you are my demon and I'll defeat you.


So kiss me while I'm still alive,

kiss me whilst I kiss the sky.

Let me die on my own terms,

let me live and let me learn.

As I follow my own way,

I'll live another damn damn day.

For my freedom come sacrifice,

remember now this was my life.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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