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Harry sat up at the head table shaking slightly and twisting the end of his robe in uncertain fingers. Due to the size of the wooden chair they hat set him on his trainer clad feet dangled openly off the floor, so small that the table looked to swallow him up. Most of the teachers sat up there on both sides of him, chatting lowly about things ranging from the latest Quidditch outcome to the upcoming classes. Harry noted absently that the McGonagle lady was absent. His father had leaned over when he asked about it telling him that she was fetching the students.

His father seemed so collected about it all, something Harry doubted he could accomplish at the moment. Why, he even looked bored, where as Harry was a fidgeting mess. His new friends Padfoot and Moony looked as if over a few hundred students were not just about to walk in. He wondered why he couldn't act like that.

Every one at been running around like mad today getting everything ready. The little boy wondered why they were so worried if they got everything done with magic… it shouldn't take long at all.

Regardless of all the earlier worrying the whole of Hogwarts' staff had gotten everything done in time for the students' arrival.

A creaking sound disrupted all the conversation previously going on at the only occupied table. The large oak doors in the front center of the room opened steadily allowing the flow of hundreds of students to walk in. All now were upperclassmen, knowing which table to sit at, and moving there accordingly. The large engraved doors slowly closed behind them. As the teachers were before the students spoke in a good sized murmur about their summers. Conversation of little importance, but was the leading topic on most of the students' lips.

Up at the head table, Harry tried to make himself even smaller in the hard backed wooden chair. The fear he was experiencing from both the sudden amount of noise emitted, and the sudden addition to the family of Hogwarts overwhelmed him.

Looking down at his son Severus stared at his suddenly terrified son, unsure of how to handle such a fear. Trying something relatively universal he stretched his arm over across Harry's back gripping the upper arm just below the shoulder gently. Applying just enough pressure to prod Harry to lean slightly towards him. As soon as he saw twin pairs of bright emeralds lift up into his own obsidian gems he turned his face back towards the hall clearing the emotion and putting up a screen.

As the chatter began to die the doors opened again this time by some one who did not frighten Harry. Minerva walked briskly in, marching strait to the small rickety stool placed ahead of the teachers' table. On it sat an old bitter worn hat, the fabric frayed, and the once black thread tearing and giving way to gray. Behind Minerva about thirty young, although older then Harry, children followed, each looking lost in their own right. Some tried to hide it, holding their heads up high the fear only show in their irises. But most were positively trembling looking around as if they were waiting for the monster to pop out and eat them. As all the students huddled closer in a tight nit mesh the small amount of chatter going on ceased as the hat broke out into song.

Almost jumping at the sudden sound Harry gave an incredulous look towards the worn material. The song emitted reminded Harry of the nursery rhymes that his Aunt used to sing to Dudley, almost primitive but soothing, strait to the point. The, at one time, pointed hat described each of the four houses of Hogwarts with their qualities. It was similar to how his father had done so… though the hat didn't seem to hate the Gryffindor house like his father.

After the song was ended Harry watched as Minerva called the students names and each walked tensely up to the simple stool. When they sat she placed the old singing hat on their head, with each student it slipped down past their eyes making them look really funny in Harry's opinion. It reminded him of playing dress up in your mommy's and daddy's clothes, they never fit and made you look as a clown. It gave the little boy quite a start when the hat suddenly opened its mouth again and shout out one of the houses… He watched as the same happened to each student, and afterwards as they walked to their newly given table and sit.

Harry had yet to notice some of the stares he had been receiving since the students had stepped into the great room. Mainly from the female populous, most gazes simply held curiosity, but many of the elder girls turning towards their girl friends muttering about how cute the little boy trapped at the head table was. Severus however did notice them and simply rolled his eyes at the teenagers, he was still unsure as to why he became a teacher as the simple idiotic tendencies running through so many of them drove him insane.

Startled at a sudden shifting on his right Harry leant over the table and turned his head to see Albus pushing his chair back and standing up while dusting his robes. Shaking his fingers he brought the battered digits up towards his mouth and gave a clear cough, serving both to clear his throat and to gain the room's attention.

"As with every year there are things in desperate need to be said, but those things now can wait, as I am sure you would like to get some food in you so I let you with 'MATER MEMENTO MORI.'"

With that Albus swept his hand slowly across the hall and food appeared on every table, ending with the teachers'. All at once hundreds of hungry hands streaked out desperately clambering for a speck of the never ending food. Some of the students ate quite sickeningly in Harry's opinion, making him hunch back his shoulders and squint his nose and eyes slightly.

He stared at his own plate in morbid confusion, unsure of what to do.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw his father finishing adorning his own plate before grabbing some more of the turkey looking meat and setting it down on his plate. Using the knife in his right hand he loosened the meat sections to make cutting it later on easier. Then his father set down a minimal amount of potatoes and carrots. Then the utensils left his plate diving into his own to begin eating.

He slowly started picking at the meat, cutting it up into small pieces never really putting them into his mouth. Until, that is, his father placed his knife on his fork stopping the unnecessary movement a sign that he had better stop playing with his food.

By the end Harry had eating the majority of his food, but not enough to really warrant dessert, as such he was pleasantly surprised when his father set a small piece of carrot cake on top of the remains of his other food. He continued eating until Albus stood up once again and rapped his spoon against the side of his goblet, slowing the hall's eating, and drawing in every one's gaze once again.

"Welcome dear students to another, if not your first, year at Hogwarts, it is lovely to see you all."

What ever students had not been listening at that point had now turned their head for the rest.

"The same rules apply as in all years past; no magic in the hallways any rejection of said rule warrants anything between suspension and simple point deduction. Also see that the forbidden forest on the outskirts of the castle remain as such. Any Quidditch trials needed for each house will take place in two weeks time.

"As many whom have been her before have noticed… we have a new addition to our Hogwarts family, young Harry Potter here with his father. He will be here for the duration of the year, and if you see him in the hallways, give him a wave."

Many of the students stared in wonder at the little boy, who suddenly looked down in utter embarrassment. But Dumbledore continued drawing the attention away from Harry.

"And now every one stand for the school song, choose or own tool and follow along."

Chuckling slightly he lifted his hand and a ribbon appeared flowing in front of the students slowly sifting and twisting into words.

'Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts
Teach us something please
Whether we be old and bald or young with scabby knees
Our heads could do with filling with some interesting stuff
For now they're bare and full of air
Dead flies and bits of fluff
So teach us things worth knowing
Bring back what we've forgot
Just do your best we'll do the rest and learn until our brains all rot...'

Harry cocked his head a little as most of the students, and teachers, began singing. Some in tunes that even he knew… none of which really fit the words that had unraveled. He thought it rather silly that it did not have a set tune like most songs, many of the students sounded horrid. Looking up at his father he saw the grimace on his face and knew that he agreed.

Slowly every one finished, some were much longer and drawn out.

Closing his eyes and smiling Dumbledore waved his had in dismissal to the students shouting, "Off with you!"

The students slowly filed off, the Hall emptying.

Severus gripped his son's shoulder lightly and drew him away from the table as the food was magic'd away. Harry yawned, thinking with slight apprehension of tomorrow in his father's class.

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