A Daughter

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Chapter 1: A New Home

"Thanks again!" Count D waved cheerfully as another person carried away a nice pet from his shop. Cheerful that is until a teenaged girl ran, stumbling and exhausted, 1 foot past the front door to his shop and collapsed unconscious. D caught her before even a hair even hit the ground.

By the time he'd set her down on the couch in his parlor set up, she'd already began to revert. The sweet scent of the incense helping the weakened girls state of transformation to quicken.

The ears underneath the mop of black, once silken and red striped hair warped. First they became elongated, and pointed. And then, the ears shifted completely and moved to the top of her head, fuzzy, black. The ears of a cat. Her nails shaprenened from the pointed nails, to slightly dulled, but long claws.

D just couldn't help himself. He stood over her and began to reach for her cute ears.

The moment his finger brushed her furry ear, she bolted upright with a hiss. And on instinct began digging her claws into D's wrist so hard she drew blood and D cringed. Her orange and gold cat eyes locked onto his own multicolored orbs and both beings could have sworn that at that moment each heart stopped for a few short seconds that felt like an eternity.

Recognition in D's eyes, and immense realization of something he wasn't quite sure of.

But in her eyes, recognition was joined by pain, confusion.


"...D...? She choked out hesitantly before transforming totally into a 3-month- old kitten, defensive instinct. The kitten was completely black, save for two white 'wing spots' patches on her back and a white starburst on her forehead. And this little kitten bolted again, over the table spilling tea and cakes, and underneath the cushions of the chair that lied across from the couch. By now of course, the other pets had become quite interested.

"A new pet??" One whispered.

"She's a cat!?" Another exclaimed in a hushed voice.

"Quiet! She's so scared!" Another hissed, promptly shutting the others up.

They all watched.

D shook his head to remove the daze that had just moved in and walked over to the chair, paying no mind to the scratches on his wrist. He gently removed all the pillows and cushions to reveal the slightly shaking kitten.

"Please K-Chan, don't be scared." He coaxed the kitten out gently with a strawberry and scooped her up gently into his arms. He stroked her back and scratched her behind the ears affectionately. She finally relaxed and began to take her humanoid form; he set her down and took a step back.

And there she stood, the image from a beautiful dream ...gone terribly awry.

Orange and gold cat eyes stared out from under long tresses of dark brown and red striped hair. Hair once so silky and well kept that was now stained and matted with blood and mud and sweat. Black furry cat ears on top of her head, and a black tail still swinging in agitation and fear behind her. Her claws painted blood red, or more stained with blood, as mud and blood was caked underneath them. And two angelic wings were folded as far as she could fold them, on her back, which wasn't much. One was twisted, bloody and broken, the other just bloody, numerous bloody wounds were obvious in between tufts of feathers, while feathers continued to fall off with every shudder she made.

She wore and outfit similar to one to the more simple ones D owned, embroidered in silver rose petals, on a dark violet background, red skintight pants and red calf high boots that had black laces. Or that's what it would have looked like had it how been bloody and shredded all to hell while only the boots were still in tact, but even they were worn and ripped. Bruises and cuts adorned her skin. And she collapsed to the ground in exhaustion and pain. The shredded clothing falling from her shoulders with the slight yet heavy movement and a few blood splatters from her wings and body, staining the carpet.

"Oh My!" D quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped it lightly about the young girls shoulders. He knelt in front of her, taking both her bloody and bruised hands into his own. "Look at me Kat-Chan." He gently commanded.

She did so hesitantly. Tears were making a visible trail down her dirty cheeks and she didn't want even him to see her crying. She'd kept up such a tough image for so long.

"What's happened?" D asked her. Offering the scared confused girl a reassuring and warm smile. She took a deep breath to steady a voice she was sure would be shaking and spoke in a voice almost to low for even him to hear. Almost.

"She's dead. Mother is dead..."

"Niako?? Niako is dead??"

The girl only nodded sullenly.

"Oh Katarra...I'm so sorry."

D then hugged his daughter tightly as she began full on sobs into his chest.