Dealing With A Daughter

Chapter 4: Bodyguard

"It all started long ago when I met her mother, Niako. Truth be told detective, Niako and I had know each other since we were very young. It would probably have surprised others if we had not fallen in love. Yes. We fell in love. Niako was very beautiful. She had long, shining black hair, much like mine but with a natural wave to it. And the sweetest brown eyes I'd ever seen. Come to think of it, I've never seen a pair even close to hers to date." D began. He was describing the woman he loved and he had to be careful about it. In all truth, Niako had bright, sweet, orange eyes. Feline eyes. And feline appendages as well but he could not convey those characteristics to Leon.

"She was very fair skinned. She hated that fact actually, because whenever she tried to tan, she got burned instead and then went right back to white." D laughed a bit at that memory. "Akono…came along when we were in our late teenage years. He was new to our neighborhood," D chose his words carefully. "He had a bad record, a bad temper and a superiority complex. Now Niako and I were together then, not married but close to it and he took an interest in her. He could not see why she chose to continue loving me over himself. He who was always making trouble, overly jealous, abusive to former lovers, had quite the temper and violent tendencies and was all around a rather dark man. He eventually got fed up with everything in our little corner of the world and left. Or so we thought." D sighed deeply and set his teacup down gently.

"Detective, I have not seen my daughter or my wife for years. When I had to leave to come and work for my grandfather I felt they would be safer back home. I have sent letters and gifts and received the same and the last few letters have mentioned Akono returning and while harassing them slightly, it being nothing to worry about. So imagine my surprise when my daughter collapses in front of this shop battered, broken and exhausted. Imagine the horror that must have struck me when I learned who'd done this to her, and even worse, that her mother, my wife, was dead. Murdered by the same jealous man who'd harassed us years before and who'd nearly killed Katarra less than 24 hours earlier. Detective, this man is very dangerous, very powerful, extremely determined and after the one thing that matter's most to me besides my pets." D finished, looking into Leon's eyes as he spoke.

Leon had never seen D more serious.

D had never been more serious in his entire life.

Leon sat their stark still. During the explanation, he'd pulled out another cigarette and went to light it, but the lighter never finished the journey. It was held halfway up because as D had started in on the last little paragraph, it had caught him off guard. This was not something to be expected from the eccentric Pet Shop Proprietor.

"And your daughter…?" Leon asked hesitantly. It was an open-ended question, leaving D enough room to answer as vaguely or as detailed as he so chose.

"My daughter is barely 13 years old and has very recently witnessed her mothers brutal death and barely escaped a confrontation with the murderer with her life in tact. She looks a lot like me but share's her mother's personality. Her name is Katarra and she is in very real danger."

As if on cue, to an extent, a sleepy looking girl of about 4'10 walked out of the back of the store. She was bandaged from chest to toe, limping heavily and using the wall for support. Her long dark hair did look just like D's but she had one brown eye (at least brown to Leon.) and one eye that was oddly colored and hidden behind half of her long bangs. The light robe she wore was wide open, which made it easy to see the many bandages that came from under the light fabric of the cloth shorts and tank top she was in.

Leon was speechless.

The weakened girl stumbled forward, trying to make it to the chair closest to the doorway but not succeeding very well. The Tea was wearing off little by little and as mentioned before, she was rather weak. "Ah!" She stepped down on the wrong leg and fell forward, landing once again in the arms of her father. "Hi…daddy." She mumbled quietly, a bit embarrassed at her clumsiness. She yawned again as she was half carried to the chair and set down gingerly, while a cup of tea was set in her hands.

"Katarra you really should have stayed in bed. It will be some time before you are completely healed." D reprimanded gently.

"I…was curious."

"Well I was about to bring the detective here in to meet you."

"Oh. Ooopsy…" She mumbled.

Quite frankly the pain was returning, she was weak, tired and slightly frightened. Paranoid actually, but wouldn't anyone who'd just seen their mother murdered and then nearly been murdered by the same person, be paranoid?

"Let's get you back to bed Katty, then proper introductions will be made." D decided. He picked her up like had last night and carried the wincing girl off to the bed again, Leon following closely.

Once the girl was comfortably in bed with a tray of food and tea in front of her, introductions were made.

"Katarra, this is Detective Leon Orcot. He will be watching over us until Akono is caught." D noticed a visible shudder from her when he said the name Akono. He made note to keep from mentioning the bastard as much as possible. "Detective, this is my daughter, Katarra."

"Morning Detective Orcot. Nice to meet you." The young girl replied, digging into the cinnamon bun.

"Mornin'" He replied. Not really sure of what to say. The girl seemed very fragile, very timid and god did she ever look like D! "I'll uh…do my best to keep you safe." His try at reassurance kind of fell short. It certainly didn't sound convincing to him.

Realization dawned on Leon suddenly; he'd just been turned into a bodyguard.

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