-Chapter 1- The Arrival

Matt, Tai, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Kari, Tk, Davis, Ken, Yolie, and Cody were having a picnic at the park. Suddenly Tai's phone rang. Everyone looked at him. After a couple of minutes Tai hung up the phone screaming "She's here!!!!" He went to his car and drove away. Everyone was confused. Matt was the first one to speak.

"Who's back?"

"No Idea." Izzy stated.

At the airport A girl with red hair and shining red eyes was looking for an old friend of hers. Suddenly a guy picks her up and twirls her around. He had brown hair, and brown eyes. It was Tai.

"Taichi Kamiya!! You scared me have to death!"

"Sora!!! I cannot believe that you are back!"

"Let's go shall we?"


So they went back to the park where the confused people are. Tai waved at them."Hey!!!" Matt looked at him. "What happened to you?!!"

"I went to pick up my friend at the airport."

"Who is your friend?"

Kari gasped. "TAI! WHERE IS SHE????"

"It's a she??" Matt said.

"She's in the car, sleeping after that long drive." Tai answered.

Kari ran to the car to meet her long time friend. Kari woke up Sora. Sora looked at Kari and smiled. "Hey Kari!!" They Hugged.

Kari spoke up first. "How are you?"

"I am fine, you?"

"Fine as always!!"

They went out of the car to join the others. Sora behind very happy Kari. Matt, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Tk, Davis, Ken, Yolie, and Cody were all surprised by the new girl, but Matt was the only one that was out of breath by her. 'Who is that girl' he thought.