New Girl

Chapter 9

Matt led Sora inside for the dance. He went to the back with his band mates and started setting up the equipment. When the finished, everyone was waiting for them to start the music. So, they did.
Tai was danced with Sora 5 times before the band had an intermission. Matt told everyone that the DJ will do the music for the rest of the night. Matt ran to Sora. Sora was sitting down having a nice talk with Tai. Matt finally reached her. He bowed. "Can I have this dance?" he asked.

Sora giggled. "Yes, you may." She said as she took the hand that was offered to her. Matt led Sora to the dance floor. Sora placed her hands on Matt's shoulders while Matt put his around her waist. The song was slow and romantic. Sora placed her head on his shoulder. Matt smiled at her.
Around 10.

Matt and Sora were sitting with Mimi and Izzy. They were just having a fun time talking to each other about things. Suddenly the announcer spoke up. "Excuse Me, can I have everyone's attention. The last dance will be starting right now. After this dance we will be closing for today... Thank you."

Izzy smiled at Mimi. "Care to dance?" he said.

Mimi grinned. "Of course!" she said.

Mimi and Izzy both went to the dance floor.

Matt looked at Sora. "May I have this dance?" he asked.

Sora giggled. "Sure." She said.

Matt led Sora to the dance floor. Once again the song was slow and peaceful. Matt had his hands around Sora's waist while Sora had her arms around his neck. Sora had her head on his chest. Meanwhile, they were being watched by Tai. Tai just smiled at them. "They look so perfect together." He said as he sighed. Then he walked home.
After the Dance

Matt drove Sora home. Before Sora left, she gave Matt a slow and passionate kiss on the lips. Then she went inside. Matt went home smiling to himself.

The Next Day

Matt drove over to Sora's house 10 minutes early. He was smiling. He rang the doorbell. Sora answered the door 5 seconds later. She had her backpack on her back with a rice krispies in her hand. She smiled. "Hey Matt! What are you doing here so early?" she said.

Matt grinned. "I wanted to come over early."

"Oh, sure come in." she said as she offered him to come in.

Matt came in and sat on the sofa.

After School (Sorry I skip a lot, but all they do is go to their classes.)

Matt drove Sora home. "Sora?" he asked.


"There is something I have got to tell you."

"Oh, ok tell me."

"Um..." he said nervously.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"I...I-I love you." He said quietly.

"Pardon me? I didn't quite hear you. Can you say it again?"

Matt cleared his throat. "I-I love you." He said loudly and clearly.

Sora leaned in and gave him a very passionate kiss, and this time she added her tongue. Matt placed his arms around her while Sora's arms are around his neck. Matt's arms were going up and down on her back gently. Sora let out a groan, which made Matt kiss her neck. After a while... they stopped because they needed to breathe.

"I Love You..." Sora said.

And they both leaned in for another kiss...


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