Some things belonging to shadows

By: Sissy Chapter 17

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Yuffie went around the house waking up everybody with the noise of a frying pan.

"Stop making so much noise so early in the morning!" Auron yelled from his room.

"Morning Yuffie." Shadow said as he came out of his and Sora's room wearing long jeans and an open shirt.

"Good mounin Yuffie…" Sora said sleepily as he came out of his room, wearing knee-long pants only, and followed Shadow into the bathroom lazily.

"That was weird." Yuffie thought.

"No kidding." Seifer said as he got out of his room in only boxers and headed downstairs.

"I smell waffles…" Tidus happily came out of Auron's room and went downstairs.

"Traitor!" Yuffie heard Auron yell.

"Did someone say waffles?" Selphie hurried downstairs after Tidus.

"…" Yuffie went to Riku's room and knocked on the door.

"What?" she heard him ask.

"Want to come down?" she asked him.

"In a sec." he answered.

"Okay. I'll see you downstairs later then." Yuffie said sadly and left to return downstairs.

"…Kairi hasn't woken up yet, right?" Soar asked in murmurs to shadow as he laid on the floor of the bathroom door.

"No. I don't sense her awake. Though, you do know that the kid is in there with her, right?" Shadow asked the boy.

"I know…" Sora said sadly and looked over at Shadow, "I want waffles."

"…Then go get some you fool." Shadow looked around boredly at the ceiling.

"But you told me I have to follow you all day today." Sora said in a pout.

"Oh yeah. Especially after Cloud gave us our assignment yesterday." Shadow thought out loud.

"By the way, how long are we supposed to stay here?" Sora asked curiously.

"Oh yeah… Okay let's do this. And don't go screaming at me or about it at all." Shadow told him as he extended his hands to Sora.

"O-okay…" Sora was a little worried as he closed the door again and sat in front of Shadow, holding his hands.

Shadow and Sora closed their eyes and concentrated before Shadow started speaking, "Hear me my minions of the dark. Obey my command. Find me the ones I seek. Find me the ones they wish for. Show me what they want."

The room went black before they were shown what they wanted to know and Sora started vomiting, breaking the spell.

"I think the screaming would have been nicer…and healthier." Shadow said to the boy.

"Sorry Shadow. Can we continue?" Sora asked.

"Only if you're up for it." Shadow told him and Sora nodded.

Sora sat back to how they were before and he focused hard this time.

"Hear me my minions. Obey my command." Shadow started again, "Show me how it all started."

… …

"They've been in there for a while now you know. Should we knock to see if they're okay?" Yuffie wondered as everyone gathered in the living room.

"Don't bother. I knocked and no one answered." Riku said as he came down the stairs, "I'm guessing no more waffles?" he asked.

"Unless you make it yourself." Yuffie smiled at the boy.

"Now that you're down here. Let's get to work." Seifer smiled wickedly.

"It's a good thing you didn't eat, too." Squall said.

"Why's that?" Riku asked.

"You would've vomited." Seifer smirked.

"…" Riku didn't say anymore and followed the two to the back of the house.

"Well, that was entertaining." Yuffie said sarcastically, "Let's go too Selphie."

"Okay!" Selphie happily got up and followed Yuffie out of the house.

'What is Yuffie planning on doing now?' Cloud wondered to himself.

Cloud decided to wait for Sora and Shadow for a while. He waited and waited until it was almost three in the afternoon so he decided to make some lunch for the others.

… …

"Sora and Shadow are still in the bathroom!" Auron asked surprised.

It was a while ago when he and Tidus decided to see Riku get his ass kicked by Squall.

"No. I'm a little worried about them." Cloud said.

"Don't worry too much about them! Though, they might just be getting laid or something." Auron said it loudly, making Riku stop just in time for Squall to send him flying.

"Homerun!" Seifer yelled with amusement as Riku hit a tree.

"That was evil and cunning." Tidus whispered to Auron.

"Thank you." Auron smirked.

"Uh, I'll just leave the food here for you guys." Cloud said as he put the bowls of food on the floor next to Auron and Tidus.

"Oh! Hey, where are the girls?" Auron asked curiously.

"Yuffie took Selphie with her this morning somewhere and they haven't returned. And Kairi… should be awake by now…" Cloud said that last bit lowly so Riku would hear him.

"Oh. Gotcha." Auron nodded to Cloud as the man left to back inside.

"What happened?" Riku asked as he sat up, rubbing his head.

"You did what every other person whishes to do." Auron began as Riku looked at him confused, "You flew."

Seifer started laughing as Tidus snickered and Squall rolled his eyes.

"That's not funny." Riku said.

"Too bad. That was the intention." Auron smirked.

"Come on kid. Don't be lazy. You still got lots of work to do." Squall told Riku, who nodded and got back up.

… …




"…I…I'm sorry…" Cloud apologized as he cleaned up the kitchen after he accidentally let fall some teacups.

"You should have explained the situation better to us!" Shadow yelled, "I only remembered parts of the past, not the whole truth!"

"Cloud…what are we going to do?" Sora asked.

"I'm going to train you so that you don't need to worry about things." Cloud answered.

"Are you even sure that this will work?" Shadow asked him.

"We can only try to do what we can right now." Cloud told him.

"Nnn… What are you guys talking about now?" Kairi emerged into the kitchen to see all of them.

"…Kairi! Are you alright?" Sora made a delayed reaction when he saw Kairi and quickly went to hug her to make up for the mistake.

"Y-yeah…" Kairi blushed slightly.

"…" Shadow hated this. He really did.

Because of this woman, he thought, all our problems have been maximized.


… … …

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