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-The lady of Reason


Inside the Hogwart's infirmary the only sound was the soft wind tapping a tree branch against the window outside as Severus Snape observed the young woman on the bed. His leg was over the chair arm, his elbow rested comfortably on the leg and the fist held his chin up as he watched. She was wrapped up and tucked in tightly with a white sheet and truthfully, there wasn't much there to observe. She breathed deeply, as if asleep. Well, she was. It was just a matter of getting her to wake up.

He snorted softly. Why would he want the goddamned, insufferable, know-it- all Gryffindor to wake up? Maybe it was because of the bemoaning that Potter and Weasley seemed to exude every time they came to the castle. Or the constant whining and pleading they made with the Headmaster and Madam Pomfrey not to send her to St. Mungo's incurable magic wing. She was, after all, just asleep. Where did it matter where she was? It didn't. She'd be asleep even if she were in a cave with no one there to watch her.

He narrowed his eyes in thought. She'd sleep... no matter what.

Severus Snape bounded out of the chair, his robes flapping around him as he walked briskly out of the hospital wing and back to his study in the dungeons.

Hermione fell, her knees scrapping painfully along the stone floor. She didn't even voice her pain, she couldn't really feel it anyway, as she was unconscious before her body began its tumble.

The small portrait room off of the Great Hall had become a deadly trap for anyone who dared to enter it searching out the various Death Eaters who'd invaded Hogwarts just hours before. Bellatrix Lestrange knew this and delighted at the pile of students who were laying over one another around the inside of the door. This last girl however, one she'd seen before and knew to be Potter's friend, put up a fight. An impressive fight at that. She threw spell after spell before this last one, a lark of a curse, knocked the girl out.

She walked over to her, still weary, and kicked Hermione with her boot. "Avada...." She raised her wand and was thrown off her balance as arms wrapped around her waist and knocked her to the ground over Hermione's form.

"Why you little..." Bella saw a flash of red hair and growled, "Not another one." She moaned. "Aren't all of you dead yet?!" She still had her wand at least and at this striking distance could easily kill the boy without the killing curse.

It was not to be however as Ron bit down on Bella's hand, causing her to screech. Oh, that was a nasty little trick! She pushed him, forcing him up and staggering away, her wand hand came up and she began to speak again, "Cru.." not even making it that far as Ron cried out, "Expelliarmus," her wand flying out of her hand and landing behind her somewhere.

Bellatrix grumbled something under her breath and found her only defense was to jump behind a pillar of stone, "Damn you, boy!"

"Damn you, Bellatrix!" Ron shouted back, "You can't hide behind there forever! Accio wand!" As Lestrange's wand flew past her she made a grab for it, but missed, the wand landing neatly in Ron's hand.

She chanced a look around the pillar. He was bloodied and hurt, she saw from her quick glance. Several cuts ran down his cheek and one side of his clothing hung from his body like rags. Someone hand dragged him over stones maybe before he'd gotten the best of them. Crabb likely. He loved to drag people around. A small smile crossed her lips. Wonder what happened? She thought to herself.

The dark eyes of the Death Eater darted around the portrait room. The figures in the paintings had of course had long departed, for fear of a miscast spell tearing their canvas. She then saw it- a mirror. She made a leap for it, grabbing its frame and pulling hard. Ron gasped; surprised Lestrange would make a bold move out into the open. He aimed, "Stuptify!" Just as Bellatrix turned. The spell hit the mirror and dissipated across the surface.

"Hah! Accio Wand!" Her wand flew from Ron's hands and as soon as it was in her grasps, "Crucio!"

Ron fell to the cold stone floor. He knew it was cold distantly as he tried to block out the spell. His blue eyes clenched shut as his teeth ground to keep him from screaming out. Groans did come through though and the next thing he recalled was looking up at the dark, almost serine face of Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Foolish boy. For being a pureblood, you're awfully dumb. Sure your mother didn't have an affair with a Muggle?" She laughed and held up her wand again, "It is unfortunate I can't play with you. I would so love to watch you writhe like the mudblood lover you are." She pointed the wand directly at Ron's face and he clenched his eyes shut. This is it. I'm dead...

"Avada Kadavara!"

Ron's eyes opened to a green light filling the room, but no pain. He frowned as Lestrange's body fell heavily over his and he gaped as she stared at him. Shock laced the heavily lidded eyes and they no longer bared arrogance, but death.

"Oohh, Bloody HELL!" Ron pushed her off of him and scrambled away, scooting on his sore rump away from the body. His eyes widen as he swallowed. Slowly, he looked up to find Severus Snape standing in the doorway, his wand still raised, pointed at the body of Bellatrix. He lowered it slowly and then blinked, looking over at Ron. "There are advantages of playing both sides." He explained, and walked into the room the rest of the way. His eyes scanning the floor for life from the other students piled around the door.

"Hermione," Ron pointed, "She's still alive."

Snape's dark eyes landed on the Gryffindor and walked over to her, crouching next to her form, "Ennervate." He pointed his wand, but the girl didn't wake. He checked her pulse, strong and steady. Though he was sure he cast the right spell he tried again, "Ennervate." Nothing.

"I don't think she was stunned, Professor," Ron crawled the short distance to where Snape kneeled next to Hermione.

"I'm afraid you're right, Weasley."