Aelita's Hero

Sword Master Jeff: Since all of my other stories are on writer block status for now, I thought of this great idea. Please go easy in your reviews, since this is my first Code Lyoko story. Also, do you think that you can ask the founders of this website to make a part for Case Closed, or as known in Japan, Detective Conan?


"Odd, you better be careful, you only have 20 life points left." Jeremy said. Jeremy was worried that Odd would be de-virtualized like the others were, and Aelita was close to the infected tower, but there were two crabs there. He hoped that Odd could protect Aelita since he couldn't get to Lyoko in the first place. Odd was able to get rid of the two crabs, and Aelita ran into the infected tower.

Her name came up and then code, Aelita typed in LYOKO, and the tower shut down on itself. The problem had been stopped, and now they were going to return to the past, where Xana wouldn't strike.

Xana was mad again. He knew that he was living on borrowed time, thanks to the virus he implanted into Aelita during her materialization process. He was also mad at the kids that were able to stop him time after time again. "Wait a second, if it wasn't for Aelita in the first place, then the kids couldn't stop him no matter how hard they tried." Xana said to himself. "If I was to kidnap her, those kids couldn't do anything about my attacks. It's perfect." He finished. He was going to start his plan as soon as the little genius would fall asleep, so that his plan wouldn't be stopped.

"I don't believe how hard it is to protect Aelita nowadays. It seems as if Xana has upped his attack in order to destroy her. I hope that doesn't happen to her." Jeremy thought to himself as he was creating a character card in order to go to Lyoko if everyone else had been de-virtualized and Xana's monsters were trying to destroy her. He had almost succeeded that one time when he used a Guardian on her, but now it was as if he was trying to kill her instead of trying to hurt us. As he was thinking of his love and the reason why he didn't shut down Lyoko, she came up.

"Hi Aelita." Jeremy said to the girl that was in the computer.

"Hello Jeremy. What are you doing?" she asked. Usually he worked on trying to materialize her, but since he already finished that, he was working on two things, the anti-virus and a character so he could help her if he was needed.

"I'm working on creating a character to go into Lyoko. Just in case the guys are all de-virtualized before you make it towards the tower, then Yumi can do all the programming and scanning so that I can help, which is why I'm trying to make my life points higher than all of the others. Then I'll work on the anti-virus after I finish this." Jeremy said to his love that didn't even know about his love.

Oh, all right then, I'll leave you to your work then Jeremy. Bye." Aelita said, disappearing from his computer all together. He had already materialized her once, but she couldn't stay because of the virus that Xana gave her. It ticked him off to no ends that he was able to stay alive by doing something so low as to put a virus in Aelita's programming. He should have known that Xana would try to attack while he was scanning Aelita to the real world.


Sword Master Jeff: Hopefully you guys will go easy on me when you review since this is my first Code Lyoko story. This week's "Fic of the Week" is none other than New Friend, New Fiend by Sapphire2008. Summary: There's another tower activated, Aelita is reunited with an old friends, and Xana has a new partner. What else could go on for the Code Lyoko gang?

She has a great story that she has here so far, but she needs one more review in order to write another chapter of her fantastic story. I'm not telling you anything except for two things, Aelita's friend is Sapphire and in the real world she has physic powers. Xana also has a friend in her story, but to see whom he is, please read her story.