Aelita's Hero

Sword Master Jeff: I guess everyone liked that last cliffhanger that I gave everyone, especially Mr. Evil. I'll try to make more evil cliffhangers just like that one. Also, sapphire2008 has told me via e-mail that her Internet is screwed to kingdom come or hearts for that matter and won't be able to update for a while.


"Aelita, Aelita where are you?" Jeremy asked frantically since he hadn't heard from her in the last five minutes. However, a guy in a gray t-shirt and brown pants and the Xana symbol on his forehead came on to the computer instead.

"Hello Jeremy, I've heard such great things about you from Aelita." Xana started, but was interrupted by Jeremy. "What have you done to her, you monster?" he asked with an icy tone. He hated Xana more than ever now that he had created a virus to keep his beloved princess in Lyoko.

"If you would let me finish, she's safe for now at least. However, she could be destroyed by what you decide." "What do you mean Xana?" Jeremy asked, once again interrupting him. "WILL YOU STOP INTERRUPTING ME?" Xana exploded, waiting to tell the boy genius what he meant. Jeremy just gulped and nodded. "Fine. Here's the deal. I know how often your friends rely on you to get to Lyoko. But does anyone else recognize your talents? I don't think so. I can help you with your talents, make them evolve. It's either that, or I activate the Kill Switch virus and make you watch as your "princess" slowly dies right in front of your eyes." He finished.

"How about double or nothing Xana?" Jeremy asked the computer virus that plagued his love life. He knew he was taking a big risk at countering Xana's offer with an offer of his own. Not letting Xana to get a word in, he continued. "A fight, one-on-one, no monsters, no friends. What do you say?" he finished letting Xana think it over for a second.

"Fine. The rules are that if your friends interfere, you automatically lose and have to join me as well as see Aelita die. If you win…" he was cut short as Jeremy filled that part in for him. "You'll leave Aelita alone from now on, as well as remove that virus from her system. Also, if any monsters of yours come along, you will automatically lose." Jeremy finished for him and gave him a rule of his own.

"Fine. I'll let you have one week to get ready for your fight, but if you are anything like the other children in your Lyoko form, then don't plan on showing up at all." Xana said, making sure that Jeremy got the point, either to live up to what Aelita said, or be destroyed slowly and painfully.

Jeremy knew that he was going to have to get help from the others before the week was up, and it was the only thing that kept him too busy so that he couldn't think of his princess. Otherwise, he would have been swallowed by self-pity. However, he couldn't concentrate on his studies since Aelita's life rested in the balance.

He told Ulrich what had happened and asked if he could help him train, but Ulrich knew that he couldn't go into Lyoko. He had already tried once, but was almost deleted. However, he decided to teach him anyways in the art of karate. After school, Ulrich and Yumi taught him how to fight. Ulrich taught him offensive and Yumi taught him defensive. Ulrich had told her what Jeremy told him and she was so mad that Xana would stoop so low in order to get Jeremy to join him like that. Odd was the last one to know, but he was able to help also by teaching him how to evade attacks.

It was then Saturday, the day to face Xana and win Aelita's freedom!


Sword Master Jeff: I know that this is a small and boring chapter, but this is the main ingredient to this story. I know that in the first episode, Odd calls Aelita "Princess." I thought it was cute, so I decided that was Jeremy's nickname for her. Another person has probably thought of this, as she had made them a couple in her own story, which is Angel Rising by Hieisgirl-90. Summary: This is a sequel to When Love Takes It's Course. Please read that one first so it makes sense. OK, Ulrich's life was taken in the last one, but then Alrich comes to town. But he's bad news. And what does X.A.N.A. have to do with his behavior?

She has a good story here and has a different type of coupling, Odd/Aelita. I actually like the idea, and I think she got it because of the whole "princess" thing in the first episode. That's all I'm, saying about this wonderful story, so if you could, please read and review it!