Aelita's Hero

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Fighting the Emotion of Love

"Aelita? What are you doing?!" Jeremy shouted as he saw her walk out from where Xana's voice had come. "What have you done to Aelita, Xana?" Jeremy shouted to him. He knew that Xana had done something to her.

"This is the last test that I have for you Jeremy. The ability to fight her, and she is the original, not a copy." Xana stated, as he wanted to see if he could lay a hand on her. He had not only affected her with a virus to save his life, but also a virus that could take over her after a long period of time had passed. He also gave her the power of electricity, as well as have her keep her original powers.

"He must be lying. The real Aelita would rather die before becoming one of Xana's puppets." He thought to himself as he got ready to defeat this clone. He kept repeating this in his head as he started to attack her. Getting close to her, he unleashed a quick series of straight punches as well as knife hands. This shocked Xana as he thought that the kid would not harm the real Aelita, his love.

Aelita countered with a palm heel and then gave him a set of punches and kicks. Jeremy was able to block most of her attack, but one punch and one kick got through his defenses and caused him one hundred points of damage.

He was knocked back a bit by her attack and got into a cat stance. When she got close enough to fire another arch of electricity, Jeremy absorbed the blow with his lighting sword, but he had to abandon his stance in order to do so. As Aelita got closer, he got back into his cat stance and did a front snap kick. This had hurt her, but he was holding back, because he didn't want to hurt Aelita, and she knew it.

"You will never defeat me if you hold back Jeremy." Aelita said. She had wanted a fight that would have him at his best, but what she didn't know was that his best would be too much for her.

"Fine, but don't cry when you get defeated." He then went into a series of front snap kicks and crescent kicks, as soon as she was in his reach. However, he would never use his swords to hurt her. His attacks were able to do fifty points of damage each time he was able to connect with his attacks. Xana had changed that as he gave her 600 life points, much more than Jeremy could contain with. However, most of Jeremy's attacks had hit. She was now at four hundred, while Jeremy was at 100. Xana knew that Jeremy would create a character with higher life points than the others, so he increased hers as well.

"I am going to have to finish this quickly. I know that if Xana is telling the truth, then the real Aelita would rather be deleted than to live her life like this." Jeremy thought to himself as he unsheathed his thunder sword. His sword was slipped back into its sheathe after he absorbed the blow and had its attack raised. Aelita tried to punch him with electricity surging through her fist, and countered it with a slash of his thunder sword. This did a total damage of seventy-five, since it transferred half of the absorbed blow to the overall power of the sword. Slashing again and again, he not only had taken off more than half of her health, but also was able to block or counter all of her attacks.

After losing the last of her health, the brainwashing device that had taken control of her mind and body had been destroyed as she crumpled to the ground. Running over to her side as quick as he could, he lowered himself and started to apologize to her.

"Aelita! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" He said as he was holding her dying form in his hands.

"It's okay Jeremy. You know I would have chosen deletion over the fact that I was one of his tools used to hurt you. Don't try to help me, I don't want to remember that I was brainwashed by him." She said, breathing irregularly. " I just want to tell you that I…" Aelita said as she went into an eternal sleep.

"What Aelita? What did you wanted to tell me?" He said, frantic that the only girl that cared about him was dead and would be deleted like an old file. That was exactly what happened as Jeremy heard laughing all around him. "Stop Laughing!" he ordered the program.

Xana was amused and afraid at the fact that he had killed Aelita. His brainwashing device was destroyed after he did the impossible, kill Aelita, so he knew that he was furious and that he was out for blood or the digital code of one person: Xana!


Sword Master Jeff: Please don't kill me. I got the idea from a review that UlrichYumi4ever sent me and he said that I could use it if I wanted to. I talked to Mr. Evil and he liked the idea. He also helped with a couple of other ideas, but I'm not saying.

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Sword Master Jeff: Hakato-Ta-Ken! Anyone else? Good. Now that that's taken care of, the "fic of the week" is none other than Code Lyoko: Shiroi yami no ken by Ginsenshi. Summary: Forces of evil have appeared in France and its up to the Lyoko gang and Aelita to stop them. But Yumi Ishiyami knows a legend that may hold a clue to stopping the forces of evil. The gateway to the Inu-world is opened again but so is the gate to the Rurouni Kenshin world as well.

This is a good story that he has here, having the gangs of InuYasha, Code Lyoko and Rurouni Kenshin as well as the villains. What happens you ask, read and find out!