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Title: War

Disclaimer: don't own SeaQuest or the crew.....Oh and I kinda borrowed a phrase or two so if you recognise something- you know why.

Notes: I'll explain everything in the next chapter, be prepared for a major shock, and it's an AU.



They say that night is the darkest before the dawn, when every last degree of the previous day's warmth has disappeared and all hope for a new day seems lost, this is the time that despair is at its greatest.

He looked at his men, despair was great, fear in their eyes, pain in their faces. He felt sorry for them, for every soldier that was in this war. The things that they faced. War was everyone's worst nightmare and to be in it was the worst. He tried to cover his fear, trying to bring hope to his men, but after ten months of fighting hope was running low.

They knew they would never look at the stars in this sky the same way, they knew they would never look at anything the same way again. They were obsessed, tortured, going through one sleepless night to the next wondering what's going to happen next. Wondering if they would survive, wondering if they would ever see their families again.

With every day that passed their hopes, their faith, their souls seemed to drain from their bodies. They had seen and lived so many horrible things. They had seen men fall in such horrible ways that it made them sick just to think about it. Death followed them like their shadows.

The darkness was all around them, they huddled together like frightened little children, waiting for the sun's light to chase the ghosts away. They were cold from fear, cold from the night's breath. They wanted to make a fire to warm their tired, aching bodies but they could not as the fire would attract their enemy. So they huddled even closer together trying to keep warm, to keep safe, waiting for what ever was going to happen.

As they were waiting for the sun their minds began to wonder, looking at the memories that they had received, memories of yesterday.....

'There they were, hiding in that ditch, covered in mud and sweat. They hung onto their guns, as if it were their lives, and then it began.

Bullets flew in the sky covering the morning's light. They raised their guns, and started to fire. Many lives were lost when the enemy finally fell back. The battle was won but the cost was too high. The ground that was once brown now was covered in blood. The sickly scent of blood and death floated in the air as they headed out, leaving their friends behind.

As they were walking they could not hear the enemy. The woods were silent, a little too quiet, not even a cricket's buzz.


They kept on walking knowing if they rested they could die. They kept to the darkness, running from tree to tree, bush to bush trying to survive. After what felt like hours they finally made camp.

They were still breathing heavily as they fell to the ground with exhaustion. They were cold and tried and hungry. They were always on the run, never having enough time to sleep or eat. Even when then they finally had time to eat there was nothing much to eat. They had to eat weeds, sometimes bark, or if they were lucky a rat.....

The main leader was General Bill Nocye who was in charge of everyone on this awful war. He had split the men into different groups. He needed the different groups to take up different places in this battle field. They had to search and destroy any enemy places. Bill had lost half of his men already but he wouldn't accept defeat. He needed a group to scout the place, This is when Nathan came into place. The leader was Captain Nathan Bridger, under his command was Ford, next was Miguel who was good with mines, and explosives. Kirsten, was their medic. Tim was the man who would decipher any codes. Next was Lucas, the master of the communication systems. He could also hack into anything. Katie was chosen because of her ability to handle weapons, and last but not least, Ben who was their supplier. They were chosen because each member was the best in their fields. Together they were the best in the whole army.

Lucas was the youngest of them all, only fourteen years old, and he had a lot of courage, he was always willing to help. He had these blue eyes that could see right through your soul, with blond hair and the smile could melt any girls heart, but now his hair was like everybody else's - dirty, covered in mud and blood. Their bodies were skeletons, not even his eyes were saved, eyes that were once blue and young, now were old and tired.

Katie was only eighteen, she too had lost the spark. Miguel who was also eighteen, had lost the youth that was once there, now the only thing left was this man, who was losing his soul. Ben still had the spirit, he tried to bring laughter, to bring back the spark that would save their lives, but even Ben could not handle ten months of death. Then it was Ford, who had just turned twenty. Tim, who turned sixteen, turned to faith trying to make sense of the waste in life. Kirsten was twenty, she had been studding to be a doctor but was recruited in this team to be a medic. Finally it was the Captain, Nathan Bridger, who's responsibility was to take care of them, and to bring them home. This group has been through a lot, and now it felt like his men had become his soldiers, his brothers, his family...

They had seen the worst that war could throw at them. They had seen their friends blown up. They had seen men die right in front of them, they still had their blood on their clothes. They had seen so many body parts up close than most doctors.

Ben looked at his bag, then a smile began to form. The captain knew this meant trouble, but he would do anything for the hope to return so he gave Ben a quick little nod. Ben grabbed his "back- pack" and started to rumble through it, looking for something. Everyone one else didn't notice, they were just too tired to do anything. Finally Ben took out a silver bottle. He quickly opened it, and took a swig. Then he passed it down the row. Nathan, Ford, Miguel, Kirsten and Katie smiled as it was their time for a drink.

The whisky burned as it went down their throats , but it brought back pleasant memories, memories of their homes, memories of their loved ones.

Even though it was not allowed to drink during a battle, the captain knew they all needed a little bit of hope, a little something to bring hope to their lives.

When it came to Lucas and Tim, they both looked at the container, trying to figure out what could be inside.

They had a quick game of 'rock, paper and scissors' to see who would be first to try the drink.

Lucas won.

Tim carefully raised the container, closed his eyes and opened his mouth. He took one big gulp, followed be some coughing as the whiskey burned his throat. The others laughed.

Lucas knew that the same would happened so he took a smaller amount, but the results were the same.

Everyone laughed and laughed, not because it was that funny, but finally they had a good memories that they could take back. Tim and Lucas looked at them with a little bit of anger, but they knew it was funny so they too started to laugh.

They knew laughing was not that good, especially that it would attract the enemy.

They did not care anymore, they were just too tired of feeling scared. This was the first time in ten months that they had laughed. In a way they laughed as a sign of relief. They laughed because they had reason too, they laughed because they needed too.

After they had finished laughing, the sparks that were once in everyone came back, the fire in their eyes began to burn. A new sense of hope came back into their lives. The Captain could already see the change.

Normally they would just huddle together and try to sleep, sometimes they would cry for their friends, sometimes they would just look into the unknown, but tonight, their pale faces had a bit of colour in them. Hope had returned, bringing energy and strength to fight another day.

Ben started to talk about all the women he was going to see and all the gambling he was going to do. Katie and Kirsten were just shaking their heads.

After awhile Lucas and Ben started to argue about something that no one knew. Miguel started to make bets on who would win. Ford and Tim started to talk about their life after the war. Kirsten and Katie started to talk about their families.

Nathan sat in silence, watching his team, no, his family.

They watched as Lucas and Ben still carried on fighting over some cartoon. Miguel was playing with his cards, by the looks of things Ford was losing everything, but Nathan still had some money. Kirsten and Katie just watched as the game continued.

The morning came, they packed their bags, getting ready for another day's battle. Normally there would be silence, but now you could feel the difference. They all had the strength to make it through today. Their hope was strong, they had energy, almost as if another person had entered their tired aching bodies. Even the woods came alive, now all the animals began to sing.

They headed out into the unknown, but this time they were not wondering if today was their day to die, this time they were thinking of home, of the good times, knowing that they were going to make it.

They headed out, it was like the whole world changed with them. Even the woods became alive. They walked in as soldiers, they left as friends. The darkness of the world had turned into light. The war was still there, but it was not as important as it used to be. It felt as if they had already won the war. They had beaten the darkness.

Suddenly a roar ripped through the sky. They fell to the ground with out even thinking. They grabbed their guns.

"FIRE!!!!!!" Nathan screamed to his men.

The battle started, men were falling every time a gun went off. After only a few minutes, the battle was won.

"Is everyone okay?" Nathan spoke with concern, as he looked into everyone's eyes.

Suddenly all colour drained from his body, as he looked at Lucas lying on the ground.

"Lucas!!!" he screamed as he ran towards the motionless body.

To be continued....

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