Note, Summary, and Disclaimer: Abduction of A Princess

Note: This is an AU fic. Paris did not go to Sparta with Hector and so, Troy is now allies to both Sparta and Mycenae. Helen is still with Menelaus. This is, of course, a Briseis and Achilles fic. If you're wishing for the Homeric view and are going to do nothing but criticize then don't bother reading because this fic is both different from the movie as well as the Illiad. I did, however, decide to kinda keep the same character personalities as the movie. Patroclus and Achilles are cousins in this fic also (like the movie), not lovers as they were in Homer's story.

Full Summary: Priam brings Briseis and Hector with him to the wedding celebration of Agamemnon's eldest daughter (his intentions are to find eligible suitors for his niece). But what happens when she is abducted from Mycenae and forced into slavery?

Disclaimer: The main characters of the story are not mine, but are being borrowed for this fic... and... well, Homer's dead anyway so I don't think he's going to come back from the dead and sue little ol me. LOL.