Abduction of A Princess
By: Sheiado

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Chapter Seventeen: Attraction and Opposition

The sound of clinking metal rang out loudly in distant echo over the stillness of Achilles' tent, following in perfect rhythm with the limbs and blades that circled and swayed in defensive opposition. Bodies dodged and danced, shifting and swinging, as two sides fought over dominance.

Defense and offense shifted, moving from one side to another as sword hands and light blows were exchanged in rhythm of the dance that their agile bodies and footwork initiated. Their eyes locked, a clash of two serene colors that evoked more apprehension in the deciphered movements of either side; they were yin and yang, dark and light, opposites that completed a whole.

A twinkle of amusement lit the cerulean blue eyes of the aggressor. "Someone has taught you skill," he noted with astonished pleasure, side-stepping his opponent with ease as another blow came hurtling toward his direction.

"Yes," Briseis breathed, deflecting her opponent's next strike. "Long ago."

"That long?" Achilles questioned, his eyes displaying the clouded doubt that his face lacked in expression. "It would seem," he continued offhandedly, "that you can handle yourself quite efficiently with a sword. Perhaps, it wasn't too long ago?"

"I'm a quick learner," Briseis countered, a fleeting smile touching her lips.

"And was learning defensive skills your cousin's doing?"


In truth, it had been long ago since Briseis had last picked up a blade or shield in her small, dainty hands. She had neither fought nor sparred with anyone since she was presented to her Uncle's court as an available maiden. Hector, courtesy of another one of Paris' mischievous pranks gone wrong, had taught both her and Paris swordplay in result of the horrifying aftermath that occurred.

Paris had not really taken much to it, having far more interest in archery than in swordplay. Briseis, however, refused to be defenseless and learning had most certainly been an enlightening experience for her. She told herself that she would learn, but she assuredly had no intention of ever mortally wounding or taking the life of another human being. She was far from being a warrior and bloodshed was most certainly something that she, without any reservation, absolutely detested.

Narrowly missing her opponent's strike, Briseis pivoted her body, twirling her blade easily downward with accuracy, as she sliced through the air in a low, graceful arc.

Achilles quirked an eyebrow, his face remaining neutral despite his ever-growing appreciation of her skill. She was quite good for a woman and his curiosity was most certainly piqued. Her cousin had to be a soldier, a skilled one, at that.

He smirked inwardly at how she had phrased her answer to his previous inquiry. "What is there to know other than the sharp end is supposed to go into the other man attacking me?"

She knew far more than she let on.

He was pleased, however, that this digression kept her thoughts clear and out of inner turmoil. It allowed her a small fraction of liberation, away from the pain and reality of earlier.

"You seem to be relentless in surprising me, Briseis," He amended, his eyes locking purposefully toward hers, "Are you tiring yet?"

Briseis, panting heavily, narrowed her eyes in stubborn defiance. "No."

An amused smile touched the far corners of his lips, his eyes almost mocking her as he advanced forward.

She reared back, startled, as he quickly lunged, narrowly missing her sword, to grasp her firmly against him. The sword, once clutched firmly between the crooks of her nimble fingers, fumbled out from within her grasp.

She inhaled sharply, feeling a sudden jolt of energy ripple and sear through every limb of her body upon contact. A blade found itself against her throat, hovering over her like a taunting enemy.

She closed her eyes, her body trembling, as a deep voice breathed heavily against her ear, "Do you surrender?"

Defiant and stubborn to the end, Briseis spoke in a faltering whisper, "And if I do not?"

She felt the arrogant smirk grace across his features, could practically picture it in her mind, as he grasped her firmly to him, the dagger still held in place under her chin. "Perhaps," he replied smoothly, "You will need a bit of convincing?"

The blade dropped and Briseis found herself being twirled around, her deep brown eyes clashing in startlement with his serene blue ones. The clear appearance of them, so bright and calm, left her mesmerized. They shined adoringly at her, something that left Briseis both incoherent and utterly speechless.

No one had ever looked at her so... and with such forceful emotion that it nearly took her breath away.

She knew that adoring gaze. It was one that Hector bestowed only upon his beloved wife, Andromache, and his son. Was it possible that the same warmth and affection, the same vivid emotions, were being reflected back at her presently? That the warrior at her side felt the same semblance of love toward her as Hector did toward Andromache?

' Hector... '

He would not come. And she, a princess of Troy, was no more.

This sobered her thoughts immensly, making her see from the haze of hope toward reality.

Shaking her head absently, Briseis broke the contact, no longer able to hold the deep, pentrating gaze above her. It was madness letting herself succumb toward this spell, this false trap of hope that she was setting herself up to fall into.

She was wishing for something outside her grasp, outside the cruel reality that she was relentlessly thrown into. She could not let herself fall... could not let herself go...


Who would she become were she to let herself be taken by heart and mind? Especially by one who could easily crush what she held. Her spirit, her fire and heart, were all that she had left of herself.

She tried to draw back, but the grasp, firm around her arms, prevented her from moving.


But why her...?

And what in Apollo was this unquencheable fire that she felt coursing through her? Why was it only this man that made her feel it? Made her feel some semblance of being real and in touch with the world?

She felt a whirl of emotions being in the presence of this man, the one who now held her in his grasp with such tenderness. He cared for her. She felt a sense of relief and longing grip her, constricting her heart at the realization.

And herself?

Gazing intensely into his eyes, lost and enthralled, Briseis realized that she cared for him deeply. But... what was she to him?

A hand grazed her cheek softly and Briseis closed her eyes in brief contentment against the soothing touch. His voice brought her back to reality, whispering her name in an almost soft-spoken question.

Her eyes slowly opened, drawn to his gaze, as his lips lowered upon hers.

The searing energy engulfed her again, throwing all sense and reason out of the far corners of her mind, as she melted into his arms. A whimper escaped her throat, just as she felt herself being lifted effortlessly off her feet.

Their tongues duelled, battling for dominance just as their weapons once had, but this time... this time, the surrender would be much sweeter.

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