If you've played eternal darkness before then this will be easy to understand if not...I hope it will be easy to understand!
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An eternal yearning
For the freedom I am earning
I claw and scratch at my humiliating prison
Always wanting to free my endless vision.

To see into the souls of humanity itself
To flay their minds in upon themselves
To feast on their sanity and perceptions of reality
For I am xelotath the queen of insanity.

But my way is hindered, by a keeper most foul
The corpse god himself, the messiah of darkness.
He keeps us contained
Behind a wall most profane
His will is what limits our strength
And cages are immortal hate.

We watched as humanity rose
Our anger and rage burning unknown
For humans lived in blissful ignorance
They could now see beyond the veil of complacentness

Hidden in a black and white sketch
Hiding from the paintbrushes of reality
Me and my brothers, the scourge of the galaxy
The great destroyers of all known realities.

But my plan soon comes to fruition
My agent has already prepared my entrance
A most delicious feast is ready at my awakening
A banquet of flesh and bone
Of human sorrows and human woe.

So fear ye pitiful mortals
The darkness is coming
And I'm bringing the fear of god back to you.
For I am xelotath
And I will be your doom...