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Now, the final chapter, chapter 35...


Prue sat on the hard wooden bench, staring straight ahead, waiting. On that same bench were her sisters and friends, all waiting in silence. A silence that was only broken by the tap-tap of her younger sister's fingers on the railing in front of them. They were waiting for the jury to come back, for the verdict to come. Well, verdicts. There were a total of 28 counts, not to mention the countless counts of illegal firearm usage and conspiracy. Piper had been wrong about the charges, she missed two. It couldn't be helped though, they hadn't told her about what happened before they got to the lake. She had forgotten the charges of accomplice in an attempted kidnapping and accomplice in an attempted murder. It had been two months since that night at the lake, two months since the defendant was arrested. The defendant was Mr. Connel. They were waiting for the verdict, as he had stupidly chosen the plea of 'not guilty', despite of the wealth of evidence against him. Reminding herself of the trial, Prue smiled.

The trial was probably the weirdest one that any of the officials had ever attended. Not because of the charges, but because of the witnesses. The eight had known that it was serious, and kept themselves under control for the majority of the time. But, sometimes, they couldn't help being the kids and teenagers that they were. Piper had made the majority of the witty comments, but that couldn't be helped. She was the witness on the stands the most, considering she had been the target of nine of the counts, and had witnessed twenty of them. But, that didn't mean that the others were lacking in witty comments.

DA: Ms. Halliwell, I find it hard to believe that you could survive five attempted murders. Piper: Well, I find it hard to believe that you are wearing that tie, but you are, now aren't you? The DA turns to the Judge. DA: Judge L. Der, may you please ask the witness to not insult my fashion sense? Phoebe, from WA: But it's so BAD!

DA: Anyway, Ms. Halliwell, I still don't see how you could survive five attempted murders. Piper: Well, if I didn't, there would be one more count of murder, and I wouldn't be here. I mean, unless you could somehow summon my spirit or something. (she pauses for a moment) That would actually be kind of interesting.

Judge: May the witnesses please stop dancing!

DA: According to you, Ms. Halliwell, your older sister figured out basically everything. How is that possible? Paige: Because she's a freaking genius! She knows EVERYTHING! It is SO not fair! I mean, even if you don't mention that you failed your math test, she just KNOWS! It is so creepy! It's like she has a sixth sense or something! It's n- Piper, from WA: I think he gets the point, Paige!

DA: So, can you tell me why you decided not to go to the police? Glenn: Well, because they would take too long, and they wouldn't believe us anyway. They would say that we were just kidding ourselves, even though we were right. I mean, they are nothing but stuck-up snobs who are to caught up in their own damn selves to see the truth. Oh, but no offense, dad.

DA: Ms. Halliwell, why didn't you fight them when they supposedly attacked you? Piper: Okay, I would think that would be a bit obvious. The first time, it was kind of three-against-one, so I knew it would be useless to fight, and I didn't want to waste my energy. And, they tied me up pretty darn quickly. The second time, they put a gun in my face, drugged me, then tied me up pretty darn quickly. I don't know what you think about it, but I know from personal experience that it is pretty darn hard to fight when you don't have the use of your arms or legs.

DA: How did you survive the second time you were supposedly attacked? Piper: Well, my friends came, and as Billy and Leo were looking for me in the water, the others apparently kicked some serious ass. (she grimaced, then turned towards the judge) Piper: I'm not supposed to cuss in court, am I? Judge: No, you aren't. Piper: Damn. Oh, crap! I mean, grr. (the judge chuckles) Judge: I'll let it slide, just as long as you don't do it again. Billy, from WA: I wouldn't count on that, judge.

DA: You were the aim of many of the attacks, when my client was supposedly stalking your older sister. Can you explain that? Piper: Yes, actually, I can. Your client actually told me right before he almost drowned me. He... Oh, wait! (she turned to Mr. Connel and smiled.) Piper: Divulging.

DA: So, how did you figure out where Ms. Halliwell was? Phoebe: Well, it was kind of easy, since I am Ms. Halliwell. DA: I mean your older sister. Phoebe: Well, she was kind of right there with me. DA (angrily): I mean your sister Piper! Phoebe: Jeezes, all you had to do was be more specific, you don't have to get all angry on me! DA: Well, then how did you figure it out? Phoebe (quickly): Well, it was pretty easy. I mean, I knew immediately who the bad guy was referring to, and figured he must be in the league with the other bad guys. I thought that those bad guys had taken Piper, a good guy, to a place where it would be logical for bad guys to take good guys, which is a place that bad guys would take good guys if the good guy's mom, who was a good guy, got drowned. And, I figured the bad guys would have taken the good guy somewhere that the other good guys wouldn't suspect, although me, though a good guy, suspected it. But, what I didn't suspect was that one of the bad guys would be someone that we thought was a good guy. But, the bad guy/good guy talked to us good guys about the bad guys and how bad the bad guys were to fight good guys. But, the bad guy did talk a lot about the bad guy who we knew was a bad guy, so all us good guys should have suspected it, not just the smartest good guy. I mean, it would so totally set the scale off if the bad guys always sent bad guys to pose as good guys to get the good guys, although that is obviously what the bad guys did to trick the good guys good, right? (There is a moment of silence) Leo, from WA: Was that English?

Prue chuckled. What Phoebe had said had confused everyone, and she had to explain it again in a slower, less guy-ish version of English. Also, thinking back, only she and Andy had really taken everything seriously. Well, they had joined in the dancing, but that was a lot of fun. Paige's music on her iPod was actually really good.

Prue's thoughts were interrupted by the opening of a door. The Deliberation Room door. Prue tensed up as the jury filed in. She was pretty sure that they would find him guilty, but she couldn't be 100% sure. One of the jurors stood up and cleared his throat, while the eight kids were on the edge of their seats. "This jury has found the defendant GUILTY on all charges. We recommend the death sentence." "Recommendation sustained." the judge said, and pounded the gavel.

"And," the juror continued, "I would like to say, on behalf of myself and the other jurors, thank you to the eight child and teenage witnesses. None of us really wanted to have jury duty, but you eight made the trial very entertaining." The eight kids got up and playfully bowed. "Thank you, thank you!" Billy said as they were doing so.


After they left the courthouse, they all piled into Prue's car. "So, where do you all want to go?" Prue asked, looking in her rearview mirror at the seven passengers. "Ice cream!" Glenn and Paige said excitedly. "Okay, Dairy Queen it is!" Prue said, starting the car. "Guys, are you insane?" Andy asked. "It's only March!" "So?" Phoebe asked. "We should still have ice cream." "Yeah, Andy, don't you think we deserve to treat ourselves?" Billy asked. "No, we don't deserve to treat ourselves." Piper said. "Why?" Paige asked. She had never known Piper to turn down ice cream. "Because, I think that Mr. Negative up there," Piper said, pointing to Andy, "should treat us." "I completely agree, honey." Leo said, kissing her on the lips. "Okay, guys, don't make me loose my appetite." Glenn said. "Oh, really?" Piper asked, and then kissed Leo passionately. "Okay, cut it out you two. You are making me loose MY appetite!" Prue said playfully. "Oh, well. That means more ice cream for me." Piper said, having broken the kiss. "Piper..." Leo said, smiling. "Oh, ew! Thank you for creating that image!" Phoebe said, grimacing. "Your welcome!" Piper said, smirking. "Okay, guys, that's enough." Prue said, chuckling. "I guess everything is back to normal." Paige said. "Well, as normal as it can get with us." Phoebe said. They all burst out laughing. 'Yup,' Prue thought 'things are definitely back to normal.'


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