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Lilly thought this vacation was so not the good idea, but she could not spoil her best friend Samantha's fun. Samantha had convinced Lilly that a trip to Florida was the perfect way regroup and forget all of her problems, at least for a little while. On top of the beautiful Florida sunshine they had tickets to three WWE events that were being held in the area. Sam thought the prospect of seeing all those beautiful men would cure anything.

Lilly was convinced that nothing could be further from the truth, but Sam just would not listen. Lilly had lost her job, her fianc' and the home that she thought that she would spend the rest of her life in. Lilly had always led a structured life, and had planned her future down to the last detail, and she did not know what to do now that all of her plans had been blown out of the water, so to speak. Unable to enjoy the sunshine on the way to the hotel, all Lilly could do was reflect on everything that had led up to her coming to Florida with Sam.


Lilly had been the youngest Sr. Director of Human Resources in the history of Brewer Consulting Company and she loved her job. Unfortunately the company had been having problems recently and the executive board had made an announcement that job cuts would have to be made in order for the company to survive. Lilly was comfortable in her job security, so she was surprised when her boss called her into his office that Thursday afternoon and told her that her job was being eliminated. She was asked to stay on for a week to wrap up loose ends and then she would be given a generous severance package. After the meeting Lilly needed some time to clear her thoughts, so she took the rest of the afternoon off.

All Lilly wanted to do was go home and gather her thoughts and plan what to do next. As she pulled into the driveway, Lilly saw her fiancé Robert's car. She had not expected Rob to be home at this time of day, but Lilly was glad that he was. She knew Robert would be able to reassure her that everything would be ok.

Lilly walked into the house expecting to see Rob setting in the living room watching TV or playing on the computer, but he wasn't there. Lilly could sense that something was not right, but she could not put her finger on what it was. She went in search of Rob and found him in the bedroom setting on the bed surrounded by a number of bags.

"Hey baby, what are you doing? Do you have a business trip?"

Robert looked up shocked to see Lilly standing in the doorway. "Lilly, what are you doing home? I wasn't expecting you to be here this early!"

"I..I was notified today that my job is being eliminated as of next week, so I came home to clear my head. Oh Rob what am I going to do?" Lilly asked as she set down next to Rob on the bed.

"Lilly, I've met someone else. I'm leaving." Rob said as he began gathering his bags.

"What! Just like that?" Lilly asked as she let all of the anger she felt wash over her. "What were you going to do? Leave me a note or a message on the answering machine!"

"Uh! I don't know... I just did not know what to say."

Lilly saw red. She grabbed her purse, "No Rob, you stay here, I'll leave. There is no way that I am going to stay in this house now. Consider it a present to you and your new love. Coward!" Lilly turned and left the house and drove to her friend Samantha's apartment. It was the only place Lilly could think to go.

End Flashback

Lilly came back to the present and realized that Samantha was waiting for her to get out of the cab. The girls gathered their bags and hurried into the lobby of the hotel anxious to check in and get down to the pool for some fun in the sun.

Mark had been looking forward to the shows in Florida for weeks. Good things always happened when he was in Florida. Maybe it was all of the sunshine and beaches—who knows? One thing Mark knew was that he needed something good to happen in his life. The past few years had been spiraling out of control. First he had been somewhat injury prone and had not been able to work on a very consistent basis, then when he did work, he felt like he was lost in the shuffle. Because he had not been able to work consistently, the writers did not develop a solid story line for him, and as a result Mark felt like he was floundering around in no man's land professionally. Luckily, that had changed recently with the return of the Deadman and Paul Bearer.

The thing that had sent him to his lowest though, was the end of his marriage. He had loved Sara with all of his heart. Sure there had been an age difference between him and Sara, but they had connected so well or so he thought. He had learned a couple of weeks ago that he was wrong. As he was preparing to leave home for this latest tour, Sarah was not pleased. Then again, it seemed she was angry all the time now. First, she had been unhappy about his being home and underfoot all the time, now, she was unhappy that he was leaving. She had warned him that if he had left this time, he better not come back. Of course she had made threats before, but had never followed through, so Mark didn't really take her threats seriously this time either. He was shocked a few days ago, when his lawyer called him to let him know that divorce papers from Sara had been delivered to the office. In his heart, if he was honest with himself, Mark knew that part of him was relieved. The tension that had built up in the marriage over the past few months had been unbearable. He was just sad to say that he had failed at marriage for a second time.

Mark was pulled out of his thoughts when the clerk behind the desk handed him a hotel key card. "Here you are Mr. Calloway. Enjoy your stay in Florida." Mark accepted the key and turned around heading toward the elevators. When he turned around he accidentally bumped into a woman who had been standing behind him. He looked up at her and was mesmerized by a pair of hazel eyes. When he looked closely though, he could see sadness in the depths of them that tugged at his soul.

"I'm sorry ma'am." Mark apologized as he snapped out of his reverie. He quickly made his way to the elevator bank.

"Oh my God Lil! That was the Undertaker! We are staying in the same hotel as the Undertaker!" Samantha gushed excitedly. "Hmm. I wonder if we could accidently run into him again later tonight!" Samantha continued to gush.

Lilly was not paying much attention to Samantha at the moment. She was recalling the look in the eyes that she had just stared into. There was something familiar about it. She was overwhelmed by the pull she felt to that man, and it had nothing to do with who he was. Yes she was impressed with that, but the pull she felt had more to do with what she saw communicated in those eyes. Whatever she felt had a strange new effect on her. Suddenly she had a calm feeling, like she was no longer alone in the world. Lilly had no idea whether she would ever see Mr. Undertaker ever again, but she knew that her stay in Florida was going to send her life in a direction that she had never expected. She felt it in her bones.