"You feel young, do you, Faith? You're looking pretty worn out to me." Yeah, well, what the hell does he know? He's gonna be dead soon. Fucking bastard. Then Wesley's not there anymore, and Angel, kicked me away from where he's fallen.

Grabbing at the wood on floor, I and lunge at Angel, but somehow the bastard's gotten it out of my hand, and has me flying toward the couch. But it's nothing.

"Is that all you got, vampire? Get in the game."

Kicking the glass coffee table at his face, broken glass flying everywhere, I jump him, wrapping my legs around his waist, holding on as tight as I can, and slam him against the wall, hard. Pounding on him, we fall on the floor, me on top. No matter what, I'm always gonna be on top.

"Come on, Angel!" I thought you were bad!"

Grabbing my wrist so hard that he'll leave a bruise, he throws me off of him. Grabbing hold of a lamp, I swing it, but he ducks. Tripping him, I toss him across the room. This is way too easy. Going to where he lays, I smash a vase over his back, then slam him into the ceiling. He tries to get up, but he's in wicked face, and all the pain I've ever felt comes rushing back at me.

"You can't take me! No one can take me!" Finally knocking me off of him, and right toward the stake I had before.

Lunging at him, he take a step back, but I pin him to the wall, the wood directly over his heart.

"You're gonna die."

And then...


And I have Wesley all to my self.

I thing I'll go back to sharp.

Maybe go for his eyes.

He was my watcher.

Can't watch if you're blind.