Wind Of My Heart

She's like the wind.

Truly, she is. She blew into my life like a whirlwind, running circles around me until finally I ran her to ground and caught her…just like she wanted me to, even though she wouldn't admit it to herself.

She was so different from anyone I'd ever known; a contradiction in terms. She loved speed – running, motorcycles – and yet she also loved playing the piano. She had such a delicate touch upon the keys, in contrast to how reckless she could be when she was racing. She was so confident when it came to competing in the athletic arena, but when it came to emotions she was so unsure.

I have always been like water, going with the flow. I could make my own way in the world, not needing anybody. Even still, it was a lonely existence…until I met Amara.

She guided me through learning how to allow myself to let go and enjoy life…and I guided her through learning how to understand and express her feelings.

People think Amara is the assertive one in our relationship, the one who is in charge and always sure, but it's not true. From the moment I first met her, I saw the scared little girl inside, the lonely child who had never fit in, yet managed to carve a place for herself in the world nonetheless. She comes off as fearless, but she's really not.

She wasn't afraid of the responsibility of becoming a Sailor Scout, but rather, being in life and death situations…with me. The one thing that has frightened her from the moment we met, even before we became lovers, is the thought of me being in danger. She tried to separate herself from her destiny so she wouldn't have to the face the fact, up close and personal, that I could die.

But it didn't work. In the end, her fear for my life led her to take up the mantle of Sailor Uranus. And like the wind, she didn't falter in the face of danger, just kept blowing around it, defeating it, on her way through life.

On her way through my life.

I won't say anything as cliché as that being Sailor Scouts, fighting by each other's sides, brought us closer together; it didn't, really. Sometimes it even felt like it pushed us farther apart. But our relationship was strengthened by what we went through; save the world a couple of times and suddenly, petty problems don't seem to matter that much anymore.

And through it all, she was the wind. Sometimes gusting strong, so confident, so sure; sometimes just a gentle breeze, timid and uncertain.

And no matter what, I am there to support her, like the ocean at her feet.

She teases me about being a mermaid; my love of the water has always been a bit of an enigma to her. She loves the wind in her hair; I love the water flowing around my body. They are so similar, really – a force of nature buoying you up above the world around you, supporting you, as we support each other – which is why we understand each other so well.

She is the wind, and I am the wave. We support each other. And together, we'll make it through.