TITLE: Looks

AUTHOR: Mara Jade

EMAIL: marajade764yahoo.co.uk



SUMMARY: They used to look at him with respect, fear… friendship and love

SPOILERS: Fragile Balance

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Drabble for the word(s) 'Moving Day', from Jackfic. My first ever drabble. And its 100 words exactly…grin.

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Strange looks.

Envious looks.

Indifferent looks.

The looks had never been the same.

Not since the day he'd dubbed 'moving day'.

People had stopped looking at him the same since that day.

They used to look at him with respect, fear… friendship and love.

Now all he got was looks that told him he was nothing. No-one. Unimportant.

He hadn't realised just how much he could hate them.

The innocents.

It wasn't like they knew.

Would the looks change if they knew?

If they could see the scars?

But then, who'd believe a fifteen year old could be 50.

What do you think? Never done a drabble before.