My Brother's Keeper

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Mike dragged his feet tiredly as he walked down the hall. It had been a tough day and all he wanted to do was relax, eat pizza, and sleep. Opening the door to the room he shared with his brother, there was a soft groan to Mike's left as he walked in. Leo sat up tiredly.

"Oh good, you're home."

"Sorry, bro. Did I wake you?" Mike asked. His brother's color had been off lately, and he had been sleeping a lot, so he was beginning to worry. Walking around, he sat down next to his brother, who was rubbing sleep out of his eyes. Leo shook his head. Mike frowned. "Buddy, you sure you're ok? You've been really pale recently." He reached a hand out to feel Leo's temperature, but his brother flinched away.

"I'm fine, Mike. It's just been a really demanding week. Monsters seem to be springing up everywhere!" Leo said, somewhat groggily, rubbing a hand tiredly over his face. The older Corbett knew that this was true. The Rangers had been on call almost 24/7 the last couple weeks, and none of them had gotten much shut eye. But the others didn't look as bad as Leo either. Mike shrugged, then got up to fix dinner.

"You want anything, Leo?" he asked. The party in question shook his head and then promptly flopped down and went back to sleep. Frowning, Mike refrained from pestering his younger brother, but made a mental note to keep an eye on him tomorrow. With that, he ate his dinner in silence.

During the night, Mike was rudely awoken by something moaning. Turning over on his bed to look across the room, he saw Leo on the couch, thrashing and groaning, seemingly in pain. Hurriedly getting up, he ran over to his brother and dropped to his knees beside him. Reaching out to feel the younger teen's forehead, he was shocked to find it hot. Mike shook Leo, who opened his eyes after to few seconds. His face was drenched in sweat.


"Yeah buddy, it's me. Look, I need to get you to the infirmary, you're sick."

"No…no, I'm okay. It was just a bad dream." Mike was not convinced. "I promise I'm fine." Mike took a seat next to him.

"Fine. But let me get a wet rag to put on your head." Leo grinned impishly, if not tiredly.

"Yes, mother." His older brother cuffed him lightly. Going into the kitchen section of their room on Terra Venture, Mike took a dishtowel down from its perch and ran it under cold water. Walking back into the living section, he went back to the couch and sat down on the edge. He gently wiped his brother's sweaty face, then placed the towel on the teen's head. Leo looked up at him, eyes wide and innocent.



"Don't tell the others about this, ok?" Mike frowned.

"Why not?"

"Because they'll worry, like you. We have too much to do right now for them to stress over me. Ok?" His brother sighed, still not liking the idea.

"All right. But if you feel bad, tell me, deal?"

"Deal." After saying goodnight, both of them went back to bed.

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