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Just to warn those of a sensitive disposition - this is a same-sex romance story - female/female - between Kasumi and Ayane. And yes, I KNOW they're sisters (half-sisters, actually, which makes it okay in my view, so there!), so if that offends you, don't read this! I don't want you ignoring the warning, reading this, then flaming me, okay??. Note - this is rated R for language - it is NOT explicit, sexually ( I may work up an NC-17 version in due course ....)

This is set during DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, just so you know.

Sunlight and Shadow - part 1

"A whole fortnight of doing nothing but playing beach volleyball? No fighting, no dodging assassins? Wow! Even if it IS Zack behind all this, I'm going to enjoy myself for once!" With that, Kasumi grabbed her suitcase and happily trotted towards the hotel suite where they would all be staying. The orange-haired ninja bore a wide smile as she trotted up the stairs to her room, not bothering with the elevator - after all, she was fit enough to manage without assistance. It felt a little odd, she had to admit - there weren't any of the men on the island apart from Zack. She'd really been looking forward to seeing Hayate again. But at least this little unexpected vacation could turn out to be just the thing to recharge her batteries.

I wonder what my brother is doing right now. Probably something which involves the affairs of the clan. And Ryu, he's probably shadowing my brother. Ryu ..... Why am I thinking about you right now? We're only friends right now, aren't we? Once I thought we might become something more, but that was before you met Irene, before she ... died ..... before you cut yourself off from any contact beyond friendship.

Oh, this is the place. I wonder who I'll be sharing with? Though Zack had intended every girl to have their own room, one of the rooms had been damaged when a palm tree fell, and Kasumi would have to share with the girl who would have been staying in the damaged room.

She threw her suitcase onto the bed, and began unpacking. The sun was warm, and she was tempted to just leave things on the bed and go out and sunbathe. But she felt that if she did, she wouldn't find the time later in the evening and she'd still have unpacking to do tomorrow. She stripped off her normal blue ninja outfit and pulled out a red sun dress, just long enough to reach halfway down her thighs, and open-backed. Hmm, sandals or barefoot? Sandals, I think. She was folding her clothes away in the chest of drawers when the door opened and she turned, expecting to see the face of her roommate. Her mouth fell open. "Oh no, I'm sharing with you?!"

The lavender-haired girl in the doorway shook herself. "I'm going to kill Zack later - the bastard! He set this up deliberately!" Ayane stalked over to the other bed, swung her backpack from the shoulder of her purple jumpsuit, then turned to face her older sister. "Okay, before we start, let's get one thing clear - I'm not going to try to kill you, either while we're here or when we leave. You have my word on that." The expression on the younger girl's face was as hard to read as it ever was, the red eyes unemotional, but the older kunoichi could hear truth in the cool tones.

Kasumi blinked in surprise. When they'd met in the second Dead or Alive tournament, her sibling had been trying to assassinate her. She could remember the hate on the girl's face when she talked to Kasumi, the anger burning in her eyes. So what had changed? "Why not? The kill order is still outstanding, isn't it?"

"I have my reasons," Ayane growled, "and that's all I'm going to say about it." She opened her pack and dumped the contents, sparse as they were, onto her bed. Weapons and costumes predominated - katana, shuriken, kunai, even a bow and arrows, black ninja clothing, black, white and purple gis, a few pairs of shorts and tee-shirts, but nothing else. The only luxuries that Kasumi could see were a small number of bottles of purple nail polish, cosmetics and perfume - no books or CDs or anything similar. Unlike Kasumi's traveling collection, which included plenty of luxuries, lingerie, books, CDs, magazines, sweets, chocolate, and so on. Then expressive brown eyes watched as her sister brought out a purple crystal butterfly, its wings catching the light, and set it on the bedside table. She smiled. That had been in Ayane's possession for years, ever since her ninth birthday, in fact. Kasumi's smile faded, That had been about the last time they'd been at all civil to one another, and even then, their former bond had all but disappeared. She sighed, remembering the happy times so many years ago when the two of them had played together.

Before Ayane had begun to hate.

I wish I hadn't listened to the adults back then. Who knows what might have happened, how she might have turned out, if I had carried on treating her like a beloved younger sister. Now, I might never manage to patch things up.

That bastard! I'm going to rip his balls off and stuff them down his throat till he chokes! Ayane was silently fuming as she stalked out of the room she shared with Kasumi. That green-haired idiot has signed his own death warrant! Of all the people to be rooming with, it had to be her sister! Okay, it could've been marginally worse - Helena, for instance - but it wasn't going to be a comfortable time.

She'd changed into a white tee-shirt and shorts, the temperature being too great to wear the jumpsuit any longer. Genra's bandana was wrapped around her head as usual. Her bare feet made no noise on the tiled floor as she strode down towards the common area.

She marched up to the bar and ordered a beer from the bartender, before slumping down into a chair at one of the tables. The bar was deserted other than her, the other women still unpacking and settling in. It suited the purple-haired kunoichi to be alone, she really wasn't in the mood for companionship. Then again, she'd been a loner as long as she could recall - ever since that fucking shit Raidou came into my life, I hope the bastard's burning in Hell - so she was used to being alone. Even more so now that Genra was gone.


The name echoed in the hollowness of her heart. He'd been the only person to accept her for who she was, ignoring the whispers about her heritage. About her being tainted from birth by the madness of her father. About the futility of rearing a half-breed bastard child. He had taken her into his home and his life, taught her the skills of Hajin-Mon ninjutsu - had become the father she'd never had before.

And she had repaid him by killing him.

She had had no choice, she knew - by the time the scientists at DOATEC had finished, there was nothing of her beloved father-figure in Omega, whom she had fought and killed. She had burned the body on a funeral pyre, and walked away - alone.

Always alone. Always the one on the outside, looking in. Always the one whom no-one else would even try to reach out to, the one who kept all others at arms length. She thought of herself and her half-siblings - Hayate and Kasumi were like the lions, proud and noble, the social predators, where she was the leopard, the solitary stalker in darkness, Yin to their Yang, shadow to their sunshine.

Her wandering thoughts were interrupted by noise from the doorway, and she scanned the newcomers out of the corner of her eye - she always kept her eyes open, it was what had kept her alive. She relaxed a little when she saw Hitomi and Lei Fang - of all the girls on the island, those two were amongst those she trusted the most - at least as far as she trusted anyone. Neither of them had a grudge against her, unlike Helena, or more personal reasons for disliking her, like Kasumi. At least someone's having fun already. Her eyebrow rose when she saw Hitomi grab Lei's hand and pull her outside, keeping a tight grip as she did so. Hmmm. Wonder if they're more than just friends ..... Not that I give a damn, either way. But I bet Hayate would go crazy if either of his precious sisters were to 'come out'.

She really wasn't feeling very generous to Hayate just then. She took a swig of her beer, and made a face.

She'd admired her half-brother for years, even had a crush on him, yet she'd finally had to accept that he would never feel the same way about her. He'd made that clear to her after the most recent Dead or Alive tournament. The memory still burnt within her. Hayate would never accept her, no matter how hard she tried.

She slumped down onto the table, lay her head on her arms, and began drawing traces on the cool marble with her finger. A sudden spark from one of the nearby electrified lights spelt the demise of a mosquito, but she ignored it, lost in her thoughts.

"Jeez Kas, you mean you gotta share with your psycho sister?? I'd kill Zack for that! Hey, you wanna swap with me, get Christie to share with her?"

"Thanks, Tina, but I can live with it. I mean, it doesn't seem as if she's after me, not at the moment, anyway." Kasumi sat back and looked over at her half-sister. The rest of the women were sitting around the pool, drinks at hand, enjoying the last of the sun as it slipped below the horizon, amber light scattering from the surface of the sea. Even Christie was there, though sitting on the opposite side of the group from Helena. Only Ayane hadn't joined them. The girl was sitting a few tables away, nursing her drink and staring out to sea, her face expressionless. Kasumi wondered what she was thinking about.

"For now." Helena didn't trust the purple-haired bitch any more than she absolutely had to. She still felt certain that the girl had killed her mother - after all, she hadn't denied it when they fought, and had even been hired by Donovan to try to kill her. Ayane and Christie were the two people on the island that she didn't trust one bit. The Frenchwoman might not be overly friendly with Kasumi, the fact that they'd previously only ever met when they were due to fight made friendship difficult, but she didn't want the sweet-natured girl being taken advantage of, or hurt, by her evil sister. "But anyway, what teams are we playing first thing tomorrow?" She looked round at the others, waiting for a response.

"Well, teams are flexible, you can partner whoever you want." Lisa smiled at her roommate. "But how about we start off with whoever is in the room opposite yours, and see how things work out. That means Tina and Christie, Hitomi and Lei Fang, Kasumi and Ayane, and you and I. Does anyone object?"

Nobody demurred, so the women agreed that they would start with those pairings and see how things went. Helena was glad that she didn't have to partner either of the two assassins, and felt that Tina and Kasumi could look after themselves in the event of trouble. She sipped her champagne from its fluted glass. "Well, I'm turning in, see y'all tomorrow!" Tina grinned at the rest of them as she finished her beer, then got up and headed for her room. The others finished their drinks and followed suit. Kasumi turned to glance back. Ayane hadn't moved, hadn't even seemed to register the conversation going on nearby. She just kept looking at the sea, running a thin strip of purple fabric through her fingers.

Listen to me, Ayane. Just because people have always rejected you until now, that does not mean that they always will. I did not, and never will reject you, you know this. Trust me, daughter. You will learn to feel again, to find friendship ..... to love.

A single tear slid down a pale cheek.

If only it were that easy, Genra-sama. If only I could believe you ........

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