Until Angels Close My Eyes

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"Serenity, we need to talk."
Serenity Wheeler turned off the television and gave her full attention to her mom. "What's up?" She knew something must be wrong because her mom seemed to be very nervous and secretive. Most of the time, she is very talkative and outspoken, but the last few days have been unlike herself. When Serenity came home from school that day, the house had been empty which is very rare because Joey was always there rummaging through the fridge for something to eat. Instead there was a note saying that Mom and Joey would be back later because she had to take him to the Turtle Game Shop which Yugi's grandpa owns and she had a meeting with an old friend plus they would be home before supper.
Her mother sat down on the end of the sofa. "I'm sure you've noticed that things haven't been normal lately."
"Are you and Joey having problems again?" Serenity asked, fearing that Joey would have to move again back with their abusive dad. You see Joey and Serenity were separated when their mother and father got a divorced. Her mother got Serenity and their father got Joey. Before they found out that Joey was being abused they had thought that since Joey was in a street gang that was where Joey was getting a lot of those scars and bruises. They would have never thought it was their own dad beating Joey up. One night Joey was beaten up pretty badly and he went to the hospital. They took some test and found out that Joey had bone cancer, but now he had recovered from it. From that time on he has been living with his mom and sister.
"Yes, we're having problems," her mother said.
"What's wrong?" Serenity's heart sank.
Her mother stood, wrung her hands, and began to pace the living room floor. "Joey had a doctor's appointment last week. Then, today, we went back for a consultation."
"Where is Joey anyway?" All at once Serenity realized that Joey was not in the house.
"He's been checked into the hosptial."
"What?" Serenity's heart began to thud. "Is he sick? What's happened?" She knew a lot about being sick. Almost the year before, Serenity had been diagnosed with a disease that made her almost blind and she had to have surgery on them. Joey had went to Duelist Kingdom, so he could try and win the amount of money for his sister's surgery, but he ended up getting 2nd place. Joey's friend, Yugi had gotten 1st place and gave the reward money to Joey for Serenity's surgery.
"I-I never told you that Joey still has a chance of getting cancer again even though he is in remission." Said her mother.
Serenity thought she might scream, waiting for her mother to get to the point.
"When your brother and I started talking again he told me that he might have a serious medical condition, but we weren't for sure, so I had him tested to see if he had cancer again. My brother, your uncle, had kidney cancer and there is a possibility that your brother Joey can get that, so we went to get him checked and they found out he does have kidney cancer in one of his kidneys.
"Cancer? Joey has cancer? What are you telling me?" Serenity's voice was trembling and her lips were quivering in fear. "Calm down, Serenity, please. The affected kidney was removed and he went through chemotherapy to destory any lingering malignant cells. He's never had another problem. So, I just assumed he was cured. You know how doctors are."
Serenity was unable to absorb all the emotions that were shooting through her. "You're telling me that Joey Wheeler, my brother, has had cancer? Why didn't you ever tell me? I should have been told, Mother. Especially with my condition."
"We were going to tell you. But the timing was just never right. We were going to tell you when you got back from school. We had to go to America to get the treatment done and the procedure had costed us a lot of money. We just didn't want you to be worried about your brother, so we said that we were visiting one of our friends from America. That was a week before Joey had done his quest in Duelist Kingdom and then you ended up in the hospital, so they could prep you up for surgery on your eyes."
"My stay there in that hospital was very traumatic because I wouldn't go through the surgery until I knew that Joey was there waiting for me. I was just so scary because I had a chance that I would never see again." said Serenity.
"We just didn't want to burden you because we wanted you to recover while Joey was getting chemo done, but now it seems as if it is coming back with vengence." said Mother.
By now Serenity was on her feet. "Burden me? How can you say such a thing? Even if Joey didn't want to tell me, you should have told me, Mom. It was your place to tell me!" I know that you guys want to shelter me, but I am almost a woman now and I can handle it no matter what the consequences are." She looked fearfully at her mother now and said "So why is Joey in the hospital?"
Her mother's response was "Because it appears as if it has came back."
Serenity moved around her bedroom as if in a trance, preparing to go with her mother to the hospital to see Joey even knowing that he wouldn't want his sister seeing him in this condition. She could hear that her mother was crying in room which is down the hall. This can't be happening, she kept telling herself and she knew that Joey would be strong and determined to beat this thing.
She stopped and looked over the City of Domino and into the cloudless sky with all the stars shining brightly. She could easily see that the sun was slowly rising in the west to reveal the skyscrapers of the inner city of Domino which was glistening. But she thought about how her and her brother used to play with the cherry blossoms when they began to fall. She just thought silently about what she was going to do and how she was going to get through this all together. She thought who could help her get the treatment that her brother needed. Then she thought about asking Seto Kaiba and maybe he might help her.
You see after Serenity was leaving the hospital for her check up to make sure her eyes were ok. She ran right into someone and she was mumbling a sorry when she looked up to see Seto Kaiba looking down upon her. She was terriblely frightened because her brother always told her to stay away from Kaiba and never let him touch her.
Kaiba who thought Wheeler's little was cute just looked down to see her staring right into his eyes and thinking what is he going to do with this little girl for not watching where she was going.
"Wheeler, You need to watch where you are going" said Kaiba.

"S-Sorry, I was just trying to get home because today is My brother's birthday and I need to go home and make him a cake."

"Well, you should have paided attention on where you were going because now you are costing me time away from Mokuba. Today is his birthday also and he is getting a cast on his arm because he fell out a tree while hanging with friends. Well, I am in a generous mood (AN: Sorry if he is a little OOC.) and if you would like you and the mutt can have dinner with me and Mokuba." Besides I think Serenity I mean Wheeler is kinda cute, but her brother is always hovering over her 24/7 like a guard dog.
"Well, Kaiba, I would have to think about it and I would have to talk with Joey."

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