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Well, I never thought that I would get that last chapter ever done, but I couldn't think of anything else to write. I will try and make this longer than I usually would because of my absence of this fic. Also, I would have wrote sooner, but one of my friends died a week ago and this last Saturday was his funeral. I was his first friend over at my high school and I am writing a poem for him and I am going to put it on fiction press sometime soon.

Well on with the story and I hope you guys like it.

Well, today was the first day that Joey was going to be released, so Dr. Kajuki told Joey to be careful and not do anything that could seriously drain his energy.

"Hey,doc, do you think that it is okay if I go to a party tonight?" asked Joey hoping that the response would be good.

"Yes, but don't do anything that could hurt you okay?" said Dr. Kajuki who was smiling sweetly and thinking 'I think he is going to be okay, but I really don't know why he became so weak all of sudden.'

"Okay,doc, thanks for everything." said Joey who was cautiously thinking 'I need to see if Mai is here to pick me up.'

"You're welcome Joey, just don't be getting into any trouble." said Dr. Kajuki who was thinking .'I think he is going to be okay, but I really don't know why he became so weak all of a sudden. "Aww...Doc,I will see ya in a week. Later" said Joey as he was waving until he reached the exit of the door.

Joey walked outside of the hospital to be meet up with Mai. She saw Joey and ran over to him, then gave him a huge hug. Joey said "Aww..Mai I'm okay just I hafta be careful." "Oh Joey, I am glad that you are okay. Well we better get a move on and get outta here" said Mai with a wink. "Oh, I better call Serene and tell her that I don't need a ride." said Joey.

Joey called Serenity and said "Hey, sis, I thought that I would tell ya that I am coming home today and I am catching a ride with Mai, so don't worry about me. If you need anything just call me on my cell. I love ya, sis, bye."

Well, Serenity was at work when all of a sudden her cell began to vibrate. She sees that Joey had called and left her a message. He was with Mai and she didn't have to worry. Her boss saw that she had her phone in her hand said "Ms. Wheeler, no cell phones are suppose to be used on work time, so put it away until you're break." "Yes, Mr. Dublin." said Serenity as she bowed her head with shame.

- Now to Seto and Mokuba -

"Hey, Seto, Aren't you glad that Joey is going to be coming home today and tonight he is going to be hanging out with us at the party?" said Mokuba who was overjoyed that his brother was letting Joey and his friends come over especially Serenity.

"Oh, Mokuba, I am overjoyed that the mutt and his little groupies are coming over to my house tonight." said Seto with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

"Come on, Seto, you don't have to be sarcastic!" said Mokuba who was a little angered by his older brother's voice.

"Okay, but if that mutt comes within 20 feet of me, I can throw him and his groupies off the premises." said Seto.

"Ugh..big brother." said Mokuba rolling his eyes. Seto just chuckled and rustled his hands through his younger brother's hair. Seto was thinking 'Mokuba, what I do for you. I know that I want you to have a better life than what I had. Maybe I will confess my feelings for a certain auburned hair girl tonight'

- Now to Yugi and the others -

"Hey, guys, what do you think we should bring to Mokuba's party?"said Tea who was debating whether she should buy something for Joey or just add her name to Yugi's present. In a way, Tea has a little crush on Joey and a major crush on Bakura. She knew that Joey was with Mai, but if it wouldn't work out, then she would always be there for Joey. She cares that much for him, but she totally thinks that Bakura is a hot guy because he is so mellow and down to earth.

"I don't know, but I will probably get him a Blue Eyes White Dragon plushie and Joey a Red Eyes Black Dragon plushie." said Yugi who was thinking about how he believed Tea was so hot and how he wished she would feel the same way for him as he does for her.

"Well, I am bringing Mokuba and Joey a free pass to my shop." said Duke, grinning.

"Well, I am giving Mokuba some spins on my motorcycle and I am going to let Joey ride my motorcycle -now top that Devlin." said Tristan.

"Whatever Taylor! You'll never outdo me." said Duke.

"Shut up guys." said Tea who smacked the guys over the head.

"Well, I am giving Joey some money to spend on anything he wants and I am giving some homemade coupons where Mokuba can call me up and I will take him anywhere he wants." said Bakura.

"Hey, Bakura, if that's what you want to do , want to say it was from both of us?" said Tea who was smiling very sweetly.

Suddenly,. Mai walked into Kame Game Shop where everyone was at. She asked what they were talking about before she came in. "Oh we're talking about what we are going to get Joey and Mokuba for the party tonight." said Yugi.

"Oh, well, I am getting Mokuba and Joey something that they would like, so I will probably get them each a DDR and it will be from me and Serenity. Serenity doesn't know that I bought Joey and Mokuba the DDRs. Also, the reason why I didn't bring Joey with me is because he wanted to be home when Serenity got home." said Mai.

- Now to Joey and Serenity and it is later that afternoon -

"Ugh...I need a new job." said Serenity. She had been working for Mr. Dublin since she turned 16 this last year. She has been a secretary at his company since it started and luckily it has been good against Kaiba Corp. 'But I don't what to leave Mr. Dublin because he is generous enough to let me have weekends off and he is a really nice guy, but he is a little hardheaded like my big brother. hee hee.' thought Serenity as she was driving home from work.

Joey who was at home was making something to eat when the doorbell rang and he saw that it was his sister.

She couldn't find her key and she hoped that Joey was home. Suddenly, Joey opened the door and greeted his sister with a huge hug. "Oh, Joey, I can't believe that you're home and I've missed you so much. "Sis, it has been only..uh...man I didn't realize that I was in the hospital for a week." said Joey. "Oh, thats okay, Joey. I still love ya, big brother." said Serenity, smiling.

"Uh..Joey...What are we going to get for Mokuba? Because tonight's the party!" said Serenity.
Well, that is where I am going to stop, but I will be writing the party parts soon. What do you think Joey and Serenity should give Mokie for his birthday party? I am drawing a blank on this part. Well, I will be writing on actual party sometime within the month. I hope you guys had a great Labor Day weekend. Plz R&R and no flames plz. Thanks and I love ya guys.