Summary: Akito summons Tohru again, but this time no others were with her. Akito did something, Kyo finds out. Kyo is furious with Akito and feels for a time of vengeance, yet Tohru acts perfectly normal. Kyo doesn't understand, but when she needs comforting will Kyo be there? Will romance blossom through all this chaos? Kyouru.

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Ch. 1

No Arguments

Tohru hummed along to a beat that her mother had sung to her when she was just a little girl, she washed the dishes that they had just gotten done eating off of. Yuki stepped in his raven hair swaying in the movements of his body. He approached Tohru and began to dry the dishes for her.

"Oh, Yuki, you don't have to do that." Tohru said.

"Miss. Honda it's only appropriate that I do so." Yuki replied.


"No buts about it, besides we can have some fun." Yuki said grabbing a handful of soap bubbles and tossing them on Tohru.

Tohru laughed and responded back with throwing bubbles on Yuki. They all played along until interrupted by Kyo. Kyo walked in and slipped falling down on his butt. He grunted.

"You damn rat!" Kyo yelled.

"What, you should have been alert, you stupid cat." Yuki replied.

"Oh, really come on lets go, today's the day rat!" Kyo yelled.

"OH, it's not like I haven't heard that saying before." Yuki stated putting the rag down and raising his fists.

Kyo jumped up and both boys lunged at eachother but only to fall and both land on their butts. They both moaned and began to get up again but slipped again. Then they took notice to the socks on their feet....they were sopping wet. Through this all their butts had absorbed some of the water. Tohru stood there cracking up at the two. They both frowned and cautiously got up. They both shot daggers at eachother and headed to their rooms to change pants. Tohru sighed and wiped up the rest of the water so no one could get seriously hurt. After drying the floor she finished up her dishes and walked into Shigure's room.

"Umm..Shigure, do you need anything before I go to bed?" Tohru asked sweetly to the typing Shigure.

"No, Tohru but thankyou for asking." Shigure said.

Tohru bowed respectfully. "Goodnight Shigure,"

"Goodnight Tohru," Shigure replied waving.

Tohru slid his door shut and walked upstairs, only to find Kyo in a towl. She blushed heavily.

"Sorry Kyo," she replied looking at the ground noticing how dusty her shoes were.

"It's fine, you going to bed?" Kyo asked.

"Yes," she replied.

"Night," Kyo replied.

"Goodnight Kyo," Tohru said.

Kyo stepped in his room and gave out a big relieving sigh. 'Dang I thought I was going to blow.' Kyo thought.

Tohru stepped into her room, removed her shoes and changed into a baby blue silk tank, and a pair of violet gym pants. She lay down and heard Yuki come in.

"Good night, Miss. Honda," Yuki replied.

"Goodnight Yuki," Tohru replied.

She smiled and Yuki shut her door. 'Kyo has some abs, and a great body,' Tohru thought, 'wait what am I thinking, this is Kyo, no go to sleep'.

Main House

Hatori stood in Akito's presence. "I want to see her again, and see what I want to do with her," Akito's sharp voice said.

"Akito, you've seen her twice and at one time, I don't think it's such a good idea," Hatori pleaded.

"HATORI! Don't argue with me! I'm going to see her whether you like it or not, and I will see her alone!" Akito replied harshly.

Hatori knew he couldn't win, Hatori bowed respectfully and left. He headed to his room to alert Shigure. 'Why does Akito want to see her alone?' Hatori thought.


Why does Akito want to see her alone? Is their a romance stirring? How will Tohru react with the summoning? How will everyone react? Plz review.