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Story: Love in the Darkest Places

Chapter: 7

Chapter Title: A Unique Turn of Events

Recap: "Hatori, get to Weston Bridges Hospital. Ahiro's been in an accident."

Hatori immediately hung up the phone. He got in his car taking Hiro, Kisa, and Momygi with him. As they drove he called Shigure's House.

-ring, ring-

"Hello," Tohru's sweet voice answered.

"Tohru, it's Hatori. Is Shigure there?" he asked.

"Oh Hatori, yes one moment please."

There was a silence for a moment.

"Oh Hari! What a pleasant surprise for you to call! What do I owe the pleasure?"

"Ahiro, she's been in an accident. Akito took her to Weston Bridge Hospital. I'll meet you there."


Shigure slammed the phone down. Tears forming in those hazel eyes of his.

"Umm Shigure..what's wrong?" Tohru asked.

"Ahiro...sh..she's..bee...been i..in an....acc..accident!" Shigure cried.

Tohru gasped and turned the stove off. "Kyo! Yuki! Hurry!" she yelled upstairs.

Kyo and Yuki came scurrying down. Kyo almost fell down the stairs.

"What is it!?" Kyo and Yuki both asked basically cornering Tohru.

"Ahiro's been in an accident."

They both frowned and looked at the crying Shigure.

They all headed out and went on their way to the hospital.

Alley way on Vennette Street

A curled up figure sat shivering leaning against a cold concrete wall. Wet light purple locks fell in front of her face. Her mid back length hair was drenched. Her breath could be seen in the chilly air. A tan duffel bag sat beside her. She slowly stood up. 'Where is Ahiro? Something went wrong.' She thought as she grabbed her bag. She was around 5'4 and had silver dazzling orbs. Her tight hip hugger jeans were soaked, her tight black tank drenched as well.

"Hey, you trespassing again?!" that same familiar gang voice yelled.

"Shut your trap, I was just leaving." She yelled.

"Ya know, you got a mouth for a wench!" he yelled. "I think it's time we taught you some more manners."

A group of about 8 men appeared. She sighed, she knew she was too weak to fight them. She ran off not daring to look back. Although running from a fight was completely out of her nature she did it anyway. After running about half a mile she stopped and looked back. No one was in sight. She sighed and relaxed.

"Hey you!"

She turned around to see a cop. "Oh no!"


She took off again. 'It's not my day.' She thought. She heard the sound of gunfire and men following behind her. 'Why are they shooting at me? That cop felt me up and kneed him in the balls and now look I'm a wanted felon!' As she ran a tall figure walked down the street. He wore a white trenchcoat and stood out in a crowd with his white and black hair. He saw the girl running, blood dripping from her wrist and arm. He also saw the police after her. As she ran by, his foot "accidentally" slipped out and tripped the officers.

"Thankyou so much!" she said running back to him.

"Why are they chasing you?" he asked.

"One of the cops at the airport felt me up and I kneed him in the balls and they said I "wounded" an officer." She replied.

"Your welcome, names' HatsuHaru, call me Haru." He said.

The sounds of sirens could be heard coming around. "Thanks a lot! I owe ya one!" she began to take off.

"I never got your name!" he yelled back.


She disappeared.

"Cali," Haru whispered to himself.


Akito traced back and forth. A doctor finally came out. Akito walked directly up to him. He grabbed the man's shirt. "HOW IS SHE!?" he asked forcefully.

"She's okay, she got a few bruised ribs. A fractured arm, she's gonna be awfully sore, and she sprained her ankle pretty badly." The doctor hesitantly said.

Akito released him and headed straight back for her.

Ahiro lie in a hospital bed the machines beeping giving info. on her life's status. Her eyes began to flutter open and the first thing she saw was Akito.

"A..Akito?" she nervously asked.

'What is this about this girl? Why do I feel so different around her? Oh quit, she's a cat for crying out loud.'


"What..What are you doing here?" she asked.

"You were in a wreck. I brought you here." He bluntly replied.

"Why'd you come after me?" she asked staring amazingly at Akito.


"AHIRO!" Momygi yelled as he ran over to her and hugged her.

"Ahiro," Kisa softly spoke as she hugged her as well.

"Hey, you okay." Hiro asked walking over and almost giving a concerned look.

"Oh my goodness! Thanks Hiro, I'm fine!" she stated while being tackled by children.

She glanced back in the corner and saw that Akito was gone. "Akito," she whispered.

As Akito made his way through the hospital heading for the exit; Shigure, Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki entered. As they walked past him Kyo death glared him, and Akito brushed shoulders with Tohru causing her to jump. Kyo clenched his fist.

"You have a problem, Cat?" Akito asked.

"Yeah, you!" he yelled.

"Hmm...that's something that can't be fixed."

Before Kyo could speak, Tohru grabbed his arm and gave a pleading look.

Kyo sighed and walked on continuing to glare at Akito. 'If it weren't for her, you'd be dead Akito!' Kyo mentally yelled. As Akito left, an urge came to Kyo, something he couldn't resist. As they walked in to see Ahiro, Kyo turned back.

Ahiro lay there talking with the kids when her door burst open.

"AHIRO!" Shigure screamed.

Everyone cringed at the voice. Shigure came running over and tackled Ahiro in a hug.

"Shigure, brother, can't breath!" Ahiro whispered.

"I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Shigure, I think you're killing her." Hatori said prying him off her.

Hatori walked off to talk to a doctor about her condition.


Akito began to walk outside in the cold rain. Behind him came Kyo running out being fueled by an angry adrenaline. He tackled Akito and they both went slamming to the ground. Kyo gave no mercy. His adrenaline and anger was so powerful Akito couldn't react well. Kyo wouldn't stop punching Akito in the face. Blood colored the rain water on the ground. Red began to encircle them. Akito finally hit Kyo. They attacked eachother like two rabid dogs. They clashed like lightning and blood spewed upon the field of battle.

"You will regret ever living you bastard!" Kyo yelled.

Akito's eyes widened he knew the true meaning of that sentence. Kyo knew, and he now knew that Kyo knew.

As they fought Ayame pulled in.

"OH MY GOSH!" Ayame ran over and grabbed Kyo.

Hatori had also heard the commotion and ran outside and restrained Akito. Both boys were bloody and restless. Hatori had never seen such a face on Kyo. Something was up. Tohru ran out and saw the two.

"Oh no!" she broke into tears.

It was a long night to deal with.

-one day later-

Ahiro was released and sent home. It was evening and Hatori, Hiro, Kisa, Momygi, Ahiro, Kureno, Haru, and Shigure were all sitting around in the living area. The young ones were playing as Ahiro watched and laughed. Hatori, Kureno, and Shigure were discussing random matters, and Haru was just kindof there sometimes talking to Ahiro.

As they all sat around the door slid open. It got everyone's attention. They all turned around and saw purple locks, silver eyes, and blood.

"Cali!?" Hatori, Ahiro, Haru, Shigure, and Kureno all said.

"No, it's Bob! Of course it's me." She said.

Hatori and Kureno ran to her aid. She rejected. "I'm fine!" she argued.

"Cali, I'm so sorry!" Ahiro apologized.

"It's okay, I heard. You okay?"

"Yeah, thanks."

She nodded. "Hatori, Hatori, still the same old doctor. Still playing around with those "fun" needles?"

"Cali, you're attitude hasn't changed one bit." He replied.

She smirked. "Haru!?" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, You're a Sohma...?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm the dog. You apparently are the cow." She said she cringed as she stepped forward.

Haru walked up and put his jacket on her wet body. "You really should let Hatori treat you." he said.

"I'll think on it." She winked at him.

"Umm..hello! Who the heck is she?" Hiro butted in.

"Hiro, Momygi, Kisa..This is Calissandra Sohma. Also, Kisa's older sister." Hatori said.

"I hate it when you use my full name stupid sea horse." She sarcastically replied.

"Yo..You're Kisa's older sister?" Hiro surprisingly questioned.

"Yeah, I was in a "hospital" when I heard of her." She replied.

"How come no one knew of her?" Momygi asked.

Hatori sighed he knew that question was coming. "The reason is, when Cali was 6, she was a plague among plagues. She brought chaos. Let's say she and Akito were never on good terms with eachother. One day, Akito yelled at her and he lit a fuse in her. She hit him in the stomach. He beat her, and banished her. That's before we made it clear you couldn't banish anyone but the cat. I still disagree on that. She was beaten, then sent to foster parents. I kept in touch with her, then she vanished. I wrote her about you Kisa. The reason you never knew is because she was supposed to be a "mistake" never here. We were sworn never to speak of her again."

A dead silence fell upon the room. A door opened revealing Akito.


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