helping hand

chapter 1:thunder struck

mind comunication

Principle Kelly: "Attention teachers and students, there will be a talent
show coming up soon whoever would like to try out see me in the
auditorium Wednesday after school. Thank you and that will be all."

As the last bell of the day rang to let the students out of school
Rogue walked to her locker took out the permission slip to be in the talent
show, stuffed it in her pocket, stuffed her books in her locker and shut
her locker, then left the school.

Outside Rogue saw Scott's car and started waling in the
other direction until then Scott said,

Scott: Hey Rogue, ya need a ride back to the institute?
Rogue: Nah, Ah'll walk home thanks though .
Scott: Ok see you back at the institute. Rogue are y............

She was already gone before he even finished his sentence.

10 minutes later Rogue was halfway home when it started raining.
Deciding to get out of the rain she ran to hide under a tree. Bad idea.
Lighting struck the tree and her body was thrown several feet away. She knew
was dying and with that she fainted. A few hours later Rogue woke up.

Rogue: "Oh mah gwad, how can Ah be alive? Ah was just hit by lightning! "
she said to herself, sounding shock

Professor X: Rogue where are you?
Rogue: Professor is that you?
Professor X: Yes Rogue it is. Are you alright? Every one's worried about
you. It's been 8 hours since school got out. Where are you?
Rogue:No Ah'm not alright. Ah was hit by lightning Ah was unconscious too,
and also Ah'm still alive! Ah'm suppose to be dead Professor! Ah'm about 40
minutes away from the institute in a park with a fountain. Can you come pick
meh up?

Professor X: I'm sending Logan to come get you. Don't move ok Rogue?

At the institute

Logan: So Chuck, where is she?
Professor X:" She's 40 minute from the institute in the Bayville park.
Something's happened to her, she was struck by lightning and is still alive.
She's scared and doesn't know how she survived."

Professor X: Logan, I want you to go get her. Ok?
Logan: Fine. She's in the park right?
Professor X: Yes, I told her to stay still, bring her a jacket she doesn't
have one.

With that Logan got her jacket got on his motorcycle and went to pick her
up. 20 minutes later he saw his daughter sitting on a swing
shivering to death he silently cursing that he had taken too long.

Logan: Strips what happened?
Rogue: I don't know! Ah got hit by lightning and now Ah can control my
powers! Ah can touch things!

Rogue said, as she touched Logan with her bare hand. When nothing
happened Logan looked at her, shocked clear on his face.

Logan: How is that even possible darlin'?
Rogue: Ah don't know. Ah have a theory but ah don't know, Ah think ah
absorbed the lightning and it messed with mah powers.
Logan: Put the jacket on kid, you might get sick.
Rogue: Fine. Can we go back to the institute? Ah think ah might pass out any
And with that she did pass out.
Logan caught her before she could hit the ground and took her back to the
institute. Logan carried her into the instituted and was instantly
surrounded by worried students.

Kurt: Oh vy god! Is zhe alright?
Logan: She's fine elf, she just passed out.
Scott: What happened to her? Why was she gone so long?
Professor X: She was hit by lightning on her way home and was knocked

Everyone : WHAT?!?!?!
Jean: How is she still alive, Professor?
Professor X: I don't know Jean, I don't know.
Kurt: But she'll be alvight, vight?
Professor X: Yes. That much I know.
Logan: She said she had a theory but wasn't sure. She said she might have
absorbed the lightning and it messed with her powers. Charles, she can
touch. She touched me, she has control of it.

logan carried his little girl up stairs and set her on her bed and covered her up and left.

The next morning Rogue woke up and took a shower and got dressed in hip-huggers and a red sappgetii strap shrit it went to her belly button sealed with a choker . she was first on up out of the kids and went downstairs . she saw logan downstairs and she said

Rogue : hey logan mornin

logan: mornin stripes .....................what are you wearing ?

Rogue: clothes ah hope, what ah look normal like a normal 16 year old don't ah.

logan: yeah and it is scarey

rogue: watch it wolvie ah still can zap ya .ah gotta go

logan: ya gonna eat somethin stripes

rogue: no time got to do somethin before school

logan: what ?

rogue: noneya see you later

logan: get back here or double danger sessions with me

rogue: bye logan

logan:bye and you got double sessions with me tonight

he said but she didn't hear him and just kept walken, she got to school and went to the auditorium and signed up for the talent show and she also tried out and she got in too, she left the auditorium and saw 4 fermiler people, pietro , lance, todd, and fred all standing there looking at her and todd said

todd: god rogue who brought fat and ugly back in style oh wait that is how you look everyday ,

fred: yeah i agree don't you lance, pietro.

pietro: yeah fat and ugly

lance: yep i think more fat than ugly no i just don't know.

without faceing them she just walked away and ignored them,

pietro: rogue we were just joking

he said but she wasn't listening to him at all, rogue got complements how she looked that day but she wasn't listening by lunch time she's just sat there stareing at the wall not eating anything .

scott: rogue why aren't you eating

rogue: not hungray why

scott: oh no reason just asking ,you look great to day kurt is about to kill anyone that looks at you in the wrong way today and he will scold you about the clothes you ar wearing to day back at home.see ya

rogue: yeah see ya ah'm a pig ,ah eat to much ,the one ah'm in love with agreed that ah was fat and ugly

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