Synopsis: The love Zelda and Link share is unbreakable, though as their bond grows stronger frightening aspects develop within Link's personality. Not only could the shadow of Link's evil side destroy their love, but also jeopardize the life of the princess he holds dear.LinkXZelda

The sky was dark and ominous, as sheets of rain poured across the land and drenched the large windowpane. Beyond the window was a small dimly lit room, and within it was a figure crouched over a finely made oak desk. Anxiously he scribbled notes using a sharp quill pen, his golden hair falling slightly in front of his face while his green hat slid nearly off his head. So intent he was in writing, that he did not hear someone making a soft rapping noise on his chamber door.

It didn't matter – he was in the middle of something very important. Lightning flashed in the dim gray sky outside, before a rumbling thunder filled the air and shook the young man's concentration. In disarray he straightened in his chair, his crystal blue eyes glancing wearily through out the room. Though he was exhausted, he would have to set his work aside...for now.

The young man was none other than the hero of time – Link. The title of which people addressed him perplexed him greatly, for he did not wish to be held in such high regards. The overthrow of Ganon and restoration of Hyrule was something that needed to be done, and as a young boy he was merely the chosen one for such a destiny. Although the battles he fought hardened his heart, it softened just enough for him to capture the attention and deep love of the princess Zelda.

He was not at ease however, and he would never frighten his beloved to tell her what was on his mind during the past weeks. Link's eyes darted wildly through out the room, until falling upon a shadowy figure sanding in the corner. If he had not intended to look for such a figure, it would have been impossible to sight it within the darkened room. Anger overwhelmed him, before he stood up abruptly, his brow furrowed and teeth clenched. The words he spoke were quiet though intensely enraged, but his eyes reflected a dim hint of surprise.

"I thought I told you I want nothing to do with you. Leave at once, or you will regret disobeying me..."

The shadow moved closer to him now, its red eyes appearing suddenly and glowing of a dim hatred burning within is dark frame. Its face and body was unrecognizable, while Link stepped back carefully to avoid gazing into its piercing red orbs. The hero of time placed a hand upon the corner of his desk to stable himself better, though his body tensed of a realization beyond words. The shadow moved into full view with silent sweeping steps, and although little difference was made in sighting its featureless dark body, it reflected the darkness dwelling within Link - the side of which he tried to conceal.

"You cannot send me away forever...I will always return. No matter how much you try to love, you cannot resist the temptation of the evil within you...a temptation I will help you uncover."

The shadow spoke in a voice as dark as its appearance, horrifying Link beyond words. Hastily he reached for his sword, though the moment his hand clasped the blade's long handle, the blackened figure stepped away and disappeared within the shadows of the room. With widened eyes, Link wished to go about his chamber searching for it, but he knew he was not strong enough to withstand its evil any longer. The battle with Ganondorf had weakened him, and he was not prepared to take on a more sinister enemy besides the King of Evil – himself.

The rapping upon his door sounded once again, until he heard Zelda's muffled voice calling to him on the other side. For a moment he stood in the center of his chamber, his eyes glancing at the pouring rain beyond the window, until he regained his senses. He should not keep his beloved waiting, though when a burst of thunder echoed in the dark gray sky, he felt himself cringe from the suddenness of the sound.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Zelda looked upon Link's closed door, her azure blue eyes glinting faintly in worry. The princess stood solemnly before it, knowing she should leave but her heart tugged within her to stay and wait. Something was dreadfully wrong with Link, almost as if he was troubled greatly by an unseen force. Quietly she reached for the brass doorknob, seeing her faint reflection within its shiny brass covering, but when she attempted to turn it the door would not open.

The sunlit locks of her hair fell gently around her cheeks, as she lowered her head to dwell within her thoughts. With pursed crimson lips, she felt her hands mechanically fall to her side in saddened desperation. Had he not heard her rapping upon his door? She waited for what felt like eternity for him to open and admit her, but in response she merely heard quiet shuffling of footsteps upon the stone floor inside.

Perhaps Link was far too busy to see her? In recent days, he spent hours within the tower chamber, working on things that he kept closely guarded to himself. It was indeed none of her business to pry into his world, though she longed to sit by the fire with him and feel his soft smooth touch on such a dreary afternoon. Her eyes dulled slightly in disappointment, as she had not spent a moment such as that with him in a long while due to his constant disappearances and claims of being labored by his studies and sword practice.

Then, suddenly the doorknob turned. Zelda's eyes brightened at the sight, to hear the creaking frame of the door as it pulled backward into the room and revealed Link standing on the other side. He stood rigidly, his eyes reflecting a hint of horror behind his serious unbothered face. She could see though him clearly, she could see his pain...his torment. Why? Her lips parted slightly, her gleaming white dress sweeping as she took a hesitant step forward, until her soft comforting voice filled the air in concern.

"Link! What is the matter, what bothers you so? Please tell me, I do not wish to see you this way."

A tint of surprise overtook his horror, and the princess' eyes fell to his hands, which were noticeably trembling. Link appeared to have realized she had taken notice of his evasive expression, and quickly hid his hand behind his back as if it meant nothing. Zelda was about to inquire further, her mind conjuring the words she wished to say, though he spoke before she could even move her lips.

"N-nothing is wrong...I am just tired, that is all. Do not burden yourself over me, I will be fine."

He paused; seeming unsure of the honesty he was using in those words, but appeared to be confident in them enough to satisfy her. Zelda could hear the nervousness in his voice, such tension he never used when addressing her. Something was definitely amiss, though her wise intuition hinted she would not receive an answer from him due to his shaken state. As if reading her thoughts, Link spoke once more in a low quieted voice that seemed to be wishing of her leave as soon as possible.

"Please Zelda, do not fret over me. I will be along in a few moments, however there is something I must tend to first."

She did not know why she complied with his request, but felt it best not to ask for the time being. Slowly her elegant face turned away from him, and with softened words she said soothingly.

"As you wish Link. I hope you will come in time for dinner, you have not joined me in quite some time and I am beginning to feel forlorn without you..."

A silence ensured, and Zelda looked at him from the corner of her eye. Link stood with the same rigid form for a long moment, until a quiet sigh escaped his lips. The princess was truly at a loss in regards to his strange demeanor, especially when she hard the subtle click of the door and realized he had closed it and disappeared from sight beyond its solid wooden surface. Within, she could hear more muffled footsteps, though that was not the center of her thoughts now.

Zelda wished to think she was irrational or mistaken, but she could not deny that when she looked at Link, beyond him within the darkness of his chamber she thought she saw a dark shadowy figure standing behind him. Perhaps she had imagined it, though the figure resembled Link himself. Was it merely his shadow reflecting on the floor? could not be, as the figure was standing in the same manner as one would stand normally, and it seemed somehow different from the other shadows in the room...

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