Link moved swiftly, his pace like that of a man concealing great disturbance within himself. As he walked through the great hallway, his steel blue eyes darted to the windows, watching the seemingly endless droplets of rain lash at the windowpanes. Lightning streaked across the sky that lightened the dark circles surrounding his weary gaze within its flash.

What had he done? A rush of guilt flooded though his body like never before, a strange sort of confused feeling that merely left him dubious for answers. Swifter became his pace, and more disturbed was his demeanor while he realized to the fullest extend the words he spoke to princess Zelda. It was as though, deep within him, he felt impatient and almost...violent toward her for no apparent reason. She had done nothing to invoke such repugnance from him, and only responded with simple kindness.

Fretfully the hero of time pressed his hands over his face, before he slid them down his cool cheeks. The castle was dark, silent and almost eerie in appearance, though out of nowhere since he left his chambers he suddenly felt extremely cold. His hands shook repetitively, causing him to shove them into his tunic pockets, and at first he assumed his chill came from a draft somewhere inside his chambers. Even outside his study though, he still felt no warmer, and he wondered if he became even colder if his breath would be seen escaping into the air.

Oddly enough Zelda did not seem bothered by the apparent chilly atmosphere inside the castle. Perhaps it was because he was falling ill with fever? Link considered that thought, until he arrived at his chamber and stood before the door. Almost instinctively he reached for the brass doorknob, but pulled back with a gasp when it reflected within its distorted surface a shadow with glowing crimson eyes. Instantly Link whirled around, his eyes wide with surprise and fear, though there was nothing standing there...

Carefully he inspected every nook and cranny of the area he stood in, which consisted of a small room with two long narrow vertical windows on either side of it. Opposite of him was a wide archway with descending steps, and behind him was the door leading to his study chamber. Due to the rain beyond the castle walls, everything appeared shadowed and darker than usual, which made it impossible for him to find anything mysteriously out of place.

Dismissively Link shook his head, allowing his thoughts to trail once more to Zelda. He knew he had been far too harsh with her, but for some reason he could not summon within him the willingness to make an apology. As he grasped the doorknob of his study chamber once more before slowly opening the door, he began to think of himself as being correct on what he had done. Zelda had been overly interested in his concerns, and far too attentive to him. He was the hero of time, and he needed no one to constantly be bothering him about his well being. Through most of his life he relied on himself to survive, and as a result he had grown stronger. Zelda was trying to weaken him, which was what he concluded to himself, and he would not allow it no matter how much she meant to him...

Eventually Link placed himself in a chair at his oak desk, while his eyes stared with passive interest at the mountains of dusty books he gathered from the castle library. An hour passed consisting of him silently studying his literature regarding the legends of Hyrule, though something continuously tugged him away from his intense concentration. Seemingly automatically he would look away from his books and glance about the room, as if someone was watching him. Link could not help but feel as though there was something else in his presence, but the harder he looked the less believable it seemed.

The dark shadow had vanished, and he had not caught sight of it since he awoke...or had he? The figure reflected in the doorknob looked exactly like the shadow that confronted him earlier. Link was reluctant to believe it, because it seemed ludicrous that a shadow was following him. It might have been some sort of nightmare, or perhaps something he made up in his minds eye as a result of the trauma from the battles he fought. He was merely in a negative mood on such a rainy day, and it had nothing to do with what the shadow told him. At least, that was what he wanted to believe.

In exasperation Link returned to reading once more, and tried with his best efforts not to become distracted again. Within moments the words scrawled on the pages appeared blurred and wavy in his eyes, and for some reason or another everything began to close in on him from all sides. Frightfully the hero of time shoved his chair away from the desk and darted to his feet, before he looked wildly about the room and turned around anxiously. The strange shadow continued to pry its image into his mind, in ebbing itself deep and never ceasing to leave him. His heart pounded faster in his chest, his mind reeled with confusion, and he knew only one person who he could seek comfort from...

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

Zelda leaned back in her chair, as her eyes strayed to the dreary world outside. After Link's sudden outburst, she retreated to the castle's conservatory to be alone. It was a quiet comfortable room, with several large windows lining the left wall that overlooked the emerald green fields beyond. Her chin was delicately cupped in one hand, the other hand rested on the arm of her chair and drummed on it listlessly.

Link was acting strangely, it was evidently clear, though she could not think of a reason as to why. Several suspicions entered her mind, though the only one that bothered her most was the mysterious shadow she thought she saw standing behind him when she tried to urge him to dine with her. What could it have been? Perhaps it was he imagination playing tricks on her, but there had been instances in her life when she had visions or thought she saw things, and as a child no one believed the visions she had about the threats of Hyrule until the land came to the painful realization, but by that time destruction had already taken its toll...

Suddenly a rush of surprise filled her when she felt a hand gracefully touch her shoulder. The princess turned quickly in her chair, her eyes straying upward to find Link staring at her with his piercing gaze. "Zelda..."

His words were quiet, deep and humble as he stood for a moment until seating himself closely next to her. Zelda remained still in her chair, not daring to move out of fear she would offend him as she had earlier. As she looked upon Link's handsome face, his contours were smooth and calm, and his demeanor appeared to have returned to normal. She felt at ease to know he was not like he was before, though behind his gaze another warning filled her that all may not be as it seemed...

"Yes my beloved? Do you wish to sit with me here? I'm afraid we have been denied the beauty of the sunlight today due to the storm, though I shall not try to offend with imprudent questioning."

Her lips pursed for but a moment, and the words she wished to speak to him fell silent in her mind. Link merely shifted restlessly in his chair, while the pale light from the dull gray rainy sky shone upon his face and cloaked part of it in darkness. With a swift yet unnoticed glance upon him, Zelda could see his eyes dim slightly but then lighten when he turned it to look at her fully. An expression of endless guilt reflected within his quivering lips and abyss like eyes, and all at once she felt him take her hands in his while he spoke to her softly.

"I must apologize for my actions this evening. I have not exactly...been myself...these past days. If you so choose not to forgive me then I understand, for what I have done is unforgivable..."

Zelda sighed deeply, unsure how to respond to him. Did he really think she would not have the heart to forgive him? By the way he looked at her, seemingly so genuine in sincerity, she could not help but melt before him with love. Link's actions were so intense, so rash and changing, it was difficult for her to predict what he would do. A silence ensued between them, until Zelda tired of the tension and said meekly.

"Dearest Link, you need not humble yourself. I have been far too attentive in intruding into your affairs. Please, let us forget what has happened so that we may start anew."

"I agree darling, and I shall be the first to make it so."

Yet again he spoke, his words emitted quickly after she finished. Link was behaving unnaturally hasty and evasive, she could see it within his carefully concealed expression than the had other thoughts in mind other than starting anew. A soft gasp escaped her lips, when her eyes caught sight of his strong frame moving toward her as she looked at him, before his lips pressed roughly against hers. Zelda was too surprised to push him away; she could not comprehend what was running though his mind. His lips tasted of wondrous spices, though they were as cold as ice and invoked a dreaded feeling though her.

Her body tingled and shivered beneath his touch, while the once gentle grasp of her hands became firmer, until a feeling of pain shot though her frail body. Link was hurting her, his grasp was too tight, and though she tried to pull away she could not move. Zelda opened her eyes as he kissed her, only to find his eyes staring into hers like a deep ocean distant, dark and mysterious. It frightened her, but she dare not show it on her face and forced herself to wait for him to cease.

Moments later he pulled away, and across his pale lips he wore a slight smile that to Zelda appeared to be more of a smirk. Link's eyes glinted under the dimming light flooding through the windows, till he rose from his chair and towered over her. Desperate, she tried to appear relaxed and unshaken by what he had done, though her hands throbbed with a dull pain from his former grasp around them. The kiss was not pleasant for it had been forced, though her heart was too kind for her to refuse him.

"I must take my leave of you now dear Zelda, and I anticipate seeing you in the morn. Goodnight..."

His last word echoed in her mind, while she sat as still as a statue, her wide eyes watching him as he turned his back to her and disappeared into the shadows of the room. His footsteps could not be heard, his green tunic virtually disappeared with his form, and it was then she knew nothing he said would be of sincerity anymore...

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