Final Author's Note:

lets out a deep breath it's done!! anyone hate me?? honestly though, i know it's a depressing ending, but happily ever afters can get tiring... maybe it's just me being cynical.. :) haha. i'm sad that this is over. i can't believe i've written over 29,000 words on Microsoft Word. i've never written anything that long before. ever. but i loved every single moment of it. :)

sigh i'm a sucker...i just can't see myself disappointing anyone, just because you all have been so amazing... drumroll please? i'm thinking of starting a sequel to ICS&CC :) it'll take a while, so look out for it around mid-december. :) i hope you'll all be there to watch yet another one of my stories evolve...

thank you one last time for supporting Ice Cream Sundaes and Chocolate Cakes. i never imagined it would end up being this big once everything was said and done. leave me a comment for old times sake, will you? :)