One Of Us

"If you don't get your eyes off the lady's cleavage, you're not gonna live to enjoy it, bub."

Gambit started and jumped back, only barely keeping from landing on his butt. Rogue, however, was not so lucky. She fell forward, Gambit's quick reflexes keeping her from hitting the floor – and instead, landing in his arms.

"Lo-Logan," Rogue squeaked, trying in vain to retain some modicum of dignity as she disentangled herself from her boyfriend's embrace. Failing at that, she settled for straightening her clothes and not meeting Logan's eyes.

"Yep, that's my name, Stripes," Logan growled. "What did you think you were doin' in here – and with him?" he asked, gesturing to Gambit with his right hand, claws extended.

Gambit gulped inaudibly. "Gambit was jus' visitin' his chere, mon amie."

Eyebrows drawing together in a frown, Logan said, "I ain't your friend, Gumbo, and I ain't about to let you try and weasel your way into the Institute by usin' Rogue."

"Now wait just a goddamn minute, Logan," Rogue said, giving a pretty good imitation of Logan's own growl. "The Professor's been tryin' ta get the Acolytes ta join up fer months now; who are ya ta tell 'im ta leave?"

Logan blinked. "You mean to tell me that Magneto's little band of merry men are actually willing to join up? And the Prof wants this joker here?"

"Oui, Monsieur Logan," Gambit confirmed. "Magneto's plans been getting' a bit…brutal de last few months, and we want out. It would be folly ta try and defect on our own, and de Professor has offered us his protection."

Logan snorted, but retracted his claws. "Why wasn't I informed of this?"

Rogue shrugged. "How should Ah know? The Prof had 'em all in a meetin' for hours this mornin' and Remy only just got out."

"Remy, huh?" Logan asked suspiciously. "And just how long has this been goin' on? You two were wrapped around each other like ya were tryin't ta share the same skin, fer Christ's sakes."

Thankful that her Goth makeup hid her blush, Rogue mumbled, "Awhile."

"Awhile, huh?" Logan said, his lips twitching in either a smile or a grimace – Rogue wasn't sure which.

She nodded. "And the Prof already knows, so ya can't stop us!" she burst out, cuddling closer to Remy, who pressed a kiss on top of her head before turning to beard the Wolverine in the living room.

"Remy not gonna hurt de chere, Monsieur Logan, Ah promise. And dere be no tricks; moi and de others want ta find a better way ta fight foh mutant rights. We gonna be X-Men now, homme."

Logan fumed for a few minutes, giving Remy a measuring look before finally sighing. Giving them a curt nod, he said, "All right. But you better not break your promise, Gumbo, or I'll gut you like the spineless worm you are." With that, he turned on his booted heel and stalked away, muttering under his breath about 'kids these days'.

Exchanging a bemused look with his girlfriend, Remy said, "What was dat about, ma belle?"

Rogue chuckled and said, "Ah think he likes ya, Swamp Rat. That's the same warnin' he gave Kurt when he started goin' out wit' Kitty. You're one of us now."

Remy rolled his red-on-black eyes and sighed resignedly. "Suppose it's nice ta be accepted as part of da family."

Rogue just giggled.