Author's notes: This is a poetic approach to the Greek myth of Dionysius birth.

Long story cut short: Semele was a mortal woman. Zeus saw her, desired her, and slept with her. Hera found out, was furious and orchestrated her revenge. She disguised herself as one of Semele handmaidens and tricked her into asking Zeus to appear before her in all his might. Semele died but her son Dionysius survived.

Evoi Evan: A celebrating cry of Dionysius festivals.

The Maenads were his female followers.

From the drinking songs of these festivals, a new art was born: theatre.

Evoi Evan!


Blood burning, heart yearning, like lightning and thunder,

Sweet tease of your loins, it crawls on your skin,

This web of desire, while you're watching in wonder

The mortal for whom you tremble within.

King, swan or golden rain; for a brush of her hand

The nights of lustful fever no more will you stand.

2. Embrace

Lips curling in one perfect curve; and a sigh

Among strokes and kisses and hungry embrace.

Fingers exploring soft breasts, then a thigh,

Low moans demanding to speed up the pace.

And none but the moon has seen the blissful mates,

And sends word of warning to the one who waits.

3. Jealousy.

Fists clenched, face drawn and eyes that glow wild.

How dare he betray me with that mortal whore?

Not only he beds her, he left her with child.

And this newest insult she cannot ignore.

Her words of deceit she weaves with delight.

Whispers in darkness, his wrath to ignite.

4. Wrath.

The First of the Gods; he's lightning and thunder.

Her eyes could not gaze upon his divine face.

Her frail body burns, her soul torn asunder

Once a mortal beloved, now fallen from grace.

Where now the desire and the desperate kiss?

All ashes and dust in a burning abyss.

5. Ashes

Hark! What came alive from this fire and this dust?

The vine and the ivy and clear sounds of laughter,

Young lasses that roam the hills full of lust,

The songs and the tales from now to thereafter

Reciting the deeds of the Gods and of Men.

Evoi Evan! Praise Bacchus now and again!