Oyaho gozaimasu minna! It just occurred to me (not two seconds ago) that there are two foxes. Kyuubi and Youko. Therefore, I'm going to have a little fun...

AND SO THE INSANENESS ENSUES!! (Cheer for me, cheer for me) silence (Fine, don't, see if I care playful glare)

Kurama in Narutoland

Chapter One:

Kurama sighed as he stared out of his classroom window. Life was VERY boring. Ever since the Dark Tournament, missions had basically ENDED. Just like that. Kapoots. And because of this annoying fact, the youko hadn't had ANY fun for a whole MONTH!

A soft sigh escaped his lips, and he absently wondered what the sensei was talking about. How should he know? He wasn't listening.

"Mr. Minamino, can you please tell me what to much acid in your stomach can cause?" the sensei asked suddenly.

Kurama blinked, and turned his attention away from the window. He wracked his mind for the answer, and found it quick enough. "An ulcer, sensei," he said politely.

The sensei nodded his head with a small smile and began rambling on about the digestive system. Weren't they supposed to have learned this last year? Oh yeah, the sensei said it was a review. Oops.


He looked back to the window and watched as the green leaves swished and swirled, dancing in the wind. His eyes traced the movement, having nothing better to do, and already knowing everything that the sensei was talking about.

'Why can't something exciting happen once in a while? And why has Yusuke been the only one to receive missions lately? If Koenma is trying to get on me and Hiei's good sides by relieving us of some of the load, then he's doing a shitty job of it...'

The shrill sound of the bell blasted through the room. Or rather, it sounded like it blasted because of how sensitive Kurama's ears were.

Kurama stood from his desk and put all his books away. Afterwards, he moved with the rest of the flow of students, all eager to get out of school as soon as possible. All except for Kurama. He couldn't really care when school ended for the day. After all, you had to get up again the next morning to go again. That was no fun. But then again, it was something to do, even if it was a boring something.

Another soft sigh escaped the red haired boy when he arrived outside, only to face his rabid fangirls. THIS he hated even MORE than he hated Koenma (surprisingly).

He hid in the large mass of bodies, trying to hide from the fangirls. Unfortunately, this attempt didn't work (did it ever?), for his bright mop of hair prevented any sort of escape.

He tuned out the "Oh Shuiichi-kun, you're hair is to die for!" and the "I absolutely LOVE your eyes, Shuiichi-kun!" After all, he got the same treatment ever day, so why listen to it? It gets boring once in a while.

"Shuiichi-kun, you are so handsome, would you go out with me?"

Ack! He SWORE he had heard the EXACT SAME SENTENCE from that girl five times this week! Couldn't they AT LEAST come up with different ways to ask the same thing?!

"I'm sorry girls, but I need to run. My mother is expecting me soon, alone, so that I can help her with the groceries. Mata ashita!" With that said, he ran off. Well, jogged off.

When he arrived at home, he called out, "Tadaima!" When he was met with no 'okaeri' in return, he concluded that Okaa-san had gone out for a bit.

Removing his shoes at the genkan, he placed them in the Getabako. He stepped up onto the wooden floor and went upstairs to his room.

Placing his bag on his desk, he then plopped himself down on his bed.

He stared up at the ceiling, trying to think of something to do. Coming up with nothing, and not willing to do his homework any time soon, he got up from his bed with every intention of visiting is best friend...


Locking the house on his way out, Kurama made his way to the nearby park. Since the closest forest was a long walk away, and he was feeling rather lazy, Kurama just went to the park...

The overly crowded park...

The park that, at the moment, was the host of a rather annoying little 'carnival' of sorts...

Kurama walked down the rows of little shops and games, wondering when in the world this carnival had arrived. Why hadn't he heard of it? Oh, wait, something was coming back to him... His mother had told him that a carnival had arrived in town a week ago...

This must be it.


A perfectly good idea ruined by humans.

Uh oh, sounding too much like Hiei for his own good.

Kurama shook the thoughts from his head and slipped through the carnival quick enough, to get the forested part of the park. To his absolute shock, he found a fox sitting in the middle of a small clearing, licking its paws. Didn't it realize how close by human activity was?

"Well, kitsune, what are you doing out here at this time?" Kurama asked with a small smile at his half-kin.

The fox, strangely, only looked at him, then ran off towards the other side of the small clearing. It looked back at him, as if beckoning him to follow.

He did so, intrigued by the animal's strange behaviour.

The fox lead him through the park, which was starting to look more and more like a forest by the second. Kurama didn't pay attention to this though, his curiosity getting the better of him. The fox was leading him to something, and Kurama wanted to know what.

The fox once again stopped, this time, though, he was waiting beside a cave!

Kurama blinked at the cave, thinking, 'I couldn't possibly be in the park anymore...'

The fox ran inside, disappearing within the darkness.

Kurama thought over the pros and cons of following this fox... In the end, he decided it was something to do, and jogged after the mysterious kitsune.

For those who don't know Dictionary:

Ohayo gozaimasu – Good morning

Ohayo – 'Morning (usually used among friends, being less polite)

Minna – Everyone

Sensei – Professor/Teacher

Mata ashita – 'See you tomorrow', literally translated as 'again tomorrow'

Tadaima – Said when one arrives at home (I'm home)

Okaeri – Said to greet one who arrives home (Welcome home)

Okaa-san – Mother

Getabako – A cabinet that the family's shoes are put in.

Genkan - Entrance