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Title:The Cricket Club

Naturally, being a high school student is going to suck - but when you're a reincarnated Kitsune-demon with a fan club composed wholly of crickets... it's going to suck a whole lot more.

Meet Uzamaki Naruto, a reincarnated fox-demon with a fan club of crickets. No, it's not a joke. Naruto is a social outcast, not by choice, but by popular demand. Although, when you think of his general description: blond, blue eyes, rather short... you don't think "social outcast" but more "not the brightest crayon in the box". When you think of his character traits: loud, annoying, and no sense of self discipline, you think "dear gods help us all, the moron with crickets is about to attack - again".

This was the general result and thought process of anybody who knew those basic facts about Uzamaki Naruto.

He has no parents; they had died not too long after he turned six. He has no family; they had died about that time as well. What he does have... it an overprotective "adopted older-brother-slash-father-figure", who would keep a name-collar on the poor kid at all times if the law didn't forbid it. Iruka-sensei was also a counselor at the school that Naruto attended, so that he could keep an even closer eye on his charge.

There were few people that Naruto held the respect for... all of them were adults. There was Iruka-sensei of course. And his History teacher, Kakashi-sensei... actually, those were the two people that Naruto actually respected. He feared plenty of people, and he annoyed pretty much everybody – but he respected very few.

And in return, very few people respected Naruto.

And there was, of course, the quartet of crickets that followed Naruto around because of the lack of anything better to do with their pathetically short life spans. They generally liked to make uncomfortable silences even more uncomfortable with their "wow, this is uncomfortable, maybe we'll chirp now" chirping. Naturally, having these crickets wasn't something that Naruto bragged about, and for the life of him he couldn't understand why the crickets had decided to follow him around and not somebody who actually interacted with people.

Like... Uhiha Sasuke. Probably the most popular boy in Konoha High. Not by choice, of course, but because he happened to be the most sought after boyfriend. Of course, with his dark hair, and dark eyes, and even darker personality... who wouldn't want to date him? His current poster girlfriend was Hanaru Sakura - who, for some strange reason, dyed her hair pink - was the most popular girl in school.

Both, in Naruto's opinion, were rather stuck-up, as in: there were a few sticks stuck up each of their... well, you get the idea. Their general dislike of him, added to the fact that he had some rather interesting dirt on them kept the three at least one hundred feet from each other at all times.

So, now that you've met Uzamaki Naruto, let's work with the rest of the story. For starters, how Naruto first came to realize that he had a fan club of crickets. Of course, to understand this, you're going to need a little bit more of Naruto's high school history.

[Enter typical flash-back mode]

It all started about half-way through sophomore year, when Naruto first transferred to Konoha High. Because of reasons not yet printable, he was kicked out of his old school and Iruka-sensei had no choice but to get a new job in a new town in order to get away from the shame that Naruto had put upon the two of them.

No, I already said that what he did wasn't ready for print, so I'm not going to tell you what happened until later on.

Naruto, as was typical, didn't really want to change schools... but as he didn't really have a choice he threw multiple tantrums and used the ultimate teenage weapon – door slamming. However, nothing managed to change Iruka-sensei's mind and the poor blond kid was forced to, not only move towns, but also leave behind all of the friends that he didn't really have. Because hey, being an outcast follows you no matter where you go.

The very first appearance of the crickets was the moment that Naruto stepped into the office and had the classic "crap I'm late... oh, was that the most feared person in the school that I just knocked down?" moment.

Chirp. Chirrrrrrrrrp.

"Eh... gomen," Naruto attempted to say, but his words kind of got stuck in his throat upon realizing that the person he had just knocked over was, not only the most feared person in the school... but also had a very large gourd strapped to his back.

Chirp. Chirrrrrrrrrrrp.

Upon a second and third look, Naruto also noticed that his eyes seemed to be outlined in a heavy layer of kohl and had no eyebrows, though he did have a funky red "ai" tattoo on his forehead. Oh, and the small blond also realized that this boy was staring at him with the strangest look of surprise on his features. He didn't actually look particularly scary until his green eyes narrowed in anger and he stalked out of the office without so much as a: "here, let me help you get back on your feet because this is obviously your first day here and you don't yet know that you're supposed to fear me" type of gesture. And so Naruto was left pouting on the floor until the ever so kind secretary glanced at him with a slightly nervous, but mostly annoyed expression. It was one of those "oh help us all, this kid as a fan club of crickets" look.

Chirp. Chirrrrrrrrp.

"Mr. Uzamaki?" She said after another cricket filled pause of uncomfortableness.

Naruto quickly got to his feet and nodded, the boy with the gourd forgotten as though he had suddenly been "poofed" out of existence. Poof, just like that.

The lady tossed a poorly stapled packet of papers at him; half of the sheaf's not making it further than her desk. "This is your class schedule, locker assignment, and the list of the schools rules. I suggest that you don't bother wasting your time breaking them."

And she had then kicked him out of the office to arrive late for his first period. After, of course, he ran up and down three or so hallways searching for his locker.

That had been where he met Uhiha Sasuke. Well, that was where he had met Sasuke and a strange white-eyed boy he later learned to be named Hyuuga Neji.

That was also where he had gained some interesting dirt on the boy he would later come to hate.

Chirp. Chirrrrrrrrp.

That was the sound of frantic crickets both trying to catch up to the running Naruto... and their response to the scene in front of them. And what a scene it had been.

Classes on that first day of a new high school had been typically bad. Most things about Naruto's life were rather typical – besides the fact that he was a reincarnated fox-demon and had a fan club of crickets. But the real good stuff had started a lunch. By that time, he had already been labeled a social reject, so finding somebody to eat lunch with was pretty much one of those hit and run things. You know, find a table to pathetic looking people and sit down with them until you're chased off for insulting their ways. That was how he found himself standing in front of Gaara (the boy with the gourd) in a silent lunch room.

"Eh... can I sit here?" Naruto had asked amid the chirping of his crickets.

At that point, even the crickets had nothing to say, for they were also shocked. The general thought at this point was: "somebody is actually talking to Gaara... and he hasn't eaten them yet!"

Gaara stared up at him from his empty table with a facial expression that was similar to that he had worn when Naruto had knocked him over earlier that morning. Kohl lined green eyes wide, mouth slightly open, but not much. And his forehead had crinkled, causing his "ai"tattoo to wrinkle slightly. Gaara then turned his head slightly to stare at the empty table he was sitting at before looking back up at Naruto. Empty table, Naruto. Empty table, Naruto.


Chirp. Chirrrrrrrrrrrp.

"Unless you'd rather eat alone... because that's cool too. I don't want you to eat me or anything, you know, because I just wanted to sit down and eat my lunch in the cafeteria and not in the bathroom or something because that would be really lame. And you were just sitting here all alone and I mean... I'll go eat in the bathroom then."

Gaara's left eye began twitching due to the fast pace that the words were flowing out of Naruto's mouth. "Stop." He said, startling everybody in the cafeteria. "Sit." He muttered before returning his attention to his lunch.

And that was how Naruto became a permanent social outcast... and met his best friend.

[End cheesy flash-back mode]

So it came to be that Naruto had some rather interesting dirt on Uhiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji [both of whom avoided all contact with him] and befriended the most feared student in Konoha High School.

Iruka-sensei was so proud of him.

And his life became pretty routine, until that day maybe a year and a half later, during the hottest part of the summer; well it was actually about three in the morning, when Gaara called his house. For you see, Gaara was an insomniac and the "kohl" that lined his eyes was actually just the result of spending about ten years not sleeping.

"Naruto, meet me at the park in ten minutes." The red haired boy with a gourd had said. "I have something to show you."

"Muhhhhhhhh." Naruto had replied. This translated, roughly, to: "Gaara, you might be an insomniac, but I happen to sleep at three in the morning. And you might be my really scary and over protective stalker-type-friend, but meeting you at the park at three in the morning really isn't one of my favorite things to do."

Chirp. Chirrrrrrrrrrrp.

"If you don't meet me in ten minutes, I'll stomp on all of you crickets." Gaara threatened after he had finally managed to decode his friend's moan of protest.

And thus, Naruto was up, dressed and in the park ten minutes later.





Did anybody understand any of that? Is there actually a point to this? Is Gaara inviting Naruto to the park to reveal to the blond of his undying love? Well, probably not – on all of those accounts.

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