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Boys are Crazy

Chapter 1

Draco rolled out of bed and landed on the floor with a thump. He groaned as his body heat quickly left him and escaped into the icy air. 'Why we can't have decent heating down here is beyond me.' He thought while trying to shake away the last bit of his grogginess. He managed to get himself to his feet with the help of his four poster bed frame. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror to the left of his closet.

"I look like hell." He muttered to himself as he staggered to the bathroom. He carefully placed his toiletries on the sink counter and proceeded to undress. Draco turned towards the shower stall and twisted the knobs until the heat was just right. He sighed as he stepped into the cascading water. He reached for his shampoo and inhaled its smooth vanilla and mint scent.

Feeling slightly more revived he vigorously scrubbed his pale blonde hair until it looked like he had a mushroom hat on his head. Draco tipped his head back into the water and shivered slightly as the shampoo traced down his back and legs like a lover's touch. He picked up his soap and worked it into a thick lather. His mind started to wander as he cleansed his body of his nighttime exploits.

'I can't wait until this Friday. Finally I get a night without someone clogging up my bed whimpering for a show of my extraordinary sexual talents.' He smiled lazily his lips curling in a way that would have any girl and many guys sigh with anticipation.

Draco swirled the soap on his chest loving the way it slipped past his fingers onto his groin teasing him. No matter how many partners he had he was never sated. He reached down slowly running his fingers in the soap's path.

'Who shall I think about this time?' He wondered as he idly stroked his fingers back and forth over the head of his cock. Green eyes and kissable lips rose in his imagination and he felt the blood start draining into his loins. He did not even bother to add more to the face.

'I will keep this as a mystery it will give me more excitement.' His erection soon swelled up to its maximum size. Draco moaned as he felt his orgasm creeping up on him. He tossed his head back and allowed the water to slosh over him and give him added heat as it caressed his nipples and rained onto his cock.

Draco was reveling in this slow pleasure building attitude that seemed to make his hand have a mind of its own. He stopped thinking as his hips started to jerk and the orgasm seemed to come. But it refused to surface. Draco was stuck at this moment of almost climax yet he was denied the last pinnacle of pleasure.

He started pumping his hand faster and all it accomplished was heightening his want for release. He growled as he heard the other's start awakening and realized that he no longer had time for this since he had to get to class.

Annoyance streaming off him in almost tangible waves Draco stuffed himself into his clothes positioning his robes so his erection did not become school knowledge. He hurriedly brushed his teeth and combed his hair. 'Damnit! I don't have time to gel it.' He shrugged his shoulders deciding to go without gel today. Draco gave himself one last look in the reflective glass of the mirror and sauntered into the common room to gather his minions for another breakfast in the Great Hall.

"Is something wrong Drackie darling?" Pansy was about to get slapped and she was too dense to notice.

"Pansy." Draco started in a calm measured voice. "If you don't shut the fuck up I am not going to sleep with you for a month." The threat was enough to keep her quiet all the way to the Great Hall. It was mostly empty still as Draco made it a habit that all seventh year Slytherins entered first so that they would have the upper hand on whomever entered into the Hall after them.

Draco seated himself in the center of the long table and the others arranged themselves around them, the Ice Prince's court arraying themselves for a morning feast. Draco waited while Pansy filled his plate and buttered a biscuit for him. He was doing all he could to ignore his erection that refused to go away. All he needed now was either someone to notice or to have to go to the Infirmary before he got seriously damaged from maintaining an erection for too long.

Draco took a sip of his pumpkin juice wishing it was coffee. 'It isn't as if you can get a decent cup from those lazy house elves anyway.' Draco rolled back his shoulders trying to ease the strain on his groin as he shifted in his seat. Pansy took this as a clue that he wanted his neck massaged and immediately wiped her hands on a napkin and started to palm his neck and shoulders.

"Don't touch me." Draco said in an almost inaudible voice. Pansy whipped her hands off him as if she had been burned.

"Fine then." She turned to her left and started up a conversation with Crabbe. She tried to anyway.

Draco was starting to feel pain. He couldn't stand this anymore. Other students were filtering into the Great Hall making the chance of him slipping away unnoticed roll down to zero. He shifted his hips and accidentally rubbed his thigh against his cock and it took all of his willpower not to moan.

No one seemed to notice that he was not eating at all. Draco gulped down some more juice and tried to concentrate on the Daily Prophet that he had acquired from a third year seated opposite of him. His eyes roved over the articles looking for something interesting besides all the crap they had been publishing for the past few weeks.

The Great Hall was now full with the exception of the Golden Trio. 'How like them to procrastinate and attempt to be fashionably late. Didn't they hear that being early is the new trend?' He sighed softly as he turned the page still feeling a sort of pity for the fools.

One of the Great Hall's huge doors creaked open and Hermoine scrambled in flushed and gasping for breath. As she slid through the crack in the door she took a deep breath and adjusted her robes. She walked to the Gryffindor table smoothing down her hair and smiling energetically.

No sooner than she sat down the door opened wider with considerably more force than she had opened it with and Harry and Ron ran through not bothering to try and regain dignity. They collapsed into their seats and started chugging down their pumpkin juice.

'They have no sense of decorum.' Draco shook his head as he watched the whole table erupt into laughter. Harry looked up as Draco's eyes were moving past him and caused Draco to pause on him longer than normal. Harry flashed him a big grin and turned to Ron who had pulled on his sleeve.

Suddenly Draco felt an enormous relief and to his horror something hot, sticky and wet sliding down his leg.

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