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Chapter 12

Harry closed his eyes and clenched his hand. The one that had held onto that precious git for who knows how long. Visions danced behind his eyelids. He had not wanted to leave but if he had stayed he would have done something he would have regretted for the rest of his life. His knees bent and he slid down the hallway wall.

'This can't be happening. Damn Seamus and his ideas. If it hadn't been for that stupid voting thing I would never have felt this.' Harry conveniently forgot that it had been him that uttered those fateful words, "Last one there has to kiss Malfoy!" Seamus was a good one to blame since the boy always blew things way out of proportion.

His mind darted around the events of the past couple of days. The race that started it all, the voting, coming out to Ron. Although, he later found out that Ron had already been smashed before the redhead visited him in the Owlrey. The next morning had been priceless as the conversation dawned on his best friend. Thankfully Ron had not ended up hating him.

The Weasley just wanted to make it clear that nothing would ever happen between him and Harry. Harry's mind drifted once again and he found himself remembering those odd moments where it seemed that Malfoy did not hate him completely. Then as if his thoughts were magnets and last night was a giant piece of metal his brain choose to remember that awful feeling as he witnessed…No he was not going to go there.

'It was strange how angry I got. I never believed I would be able to use the Killing Curse so effectively. I must have hated Voldemort more than I knew.' Harry's mental meanderings came to a close as he heard soft footsteps making the journey down the hall. Quickly he rose from his position on the floor and retreated to the Gryffindor tower. On the way he met the other two thirds of his Golden Trio and the insuppressible Seamus.

"Harry! Where have you been?" Hermione's voice cut over the greetings supplied by the two boys with her.

"I was saving Malfoy."

"Why would you want to do that?" Ron's voice took on a suspicious tone before Harry was saved by Seamus grabbing their arms and telling him that they had to hurry to breakfast.

"Hermione and I finished the votes. You both have to be there in case you win. Or lose. Depending on how you look at it." Hermione rolled her eyes as Ron's attention was diverted and he spent all his puppy dog eyes trying to wring the answer out of her. The Great Hall was filled to bursting as usual.

The noise would deafen anyone not contributing to it. As the four students of Gryffindor rounded the edge of the doorway silence reigned. Harry glanced around and noticed with surprise that Malfoy sat in his usual throne at the Slytherin table. 'It must have been his footsteps that I heard earlier.'

"Good morning everyone!" Seamus called from the doorway waving at the whole student population in enthusiastic bursts of movement. Several good mornings could be heard in answer to his greeting.

"Tell us who won!" Finally a brave young Ravenclaw yelled. His outburst was supported by many assenting noises and movements from those amassed.

"I thought I would wait until after we ate." Seamus ducked as biscuits, buttered and not, came flying his way. "Fine! Fine I…" Hermione jabbed him with her elbow. "Erm,... We will now announce the winner of our little contest!"

"Would Draco Malfoy please join us?" Hermione's polite request had the place stunned. Draco glanced at the four standing in front of the door warily. Curious whispers streamed through the tables. Slowly the Slytherin stood and sauntered over to the group. His silver eyes gazed calmly at the instigators of this inane competition.

"Get on with it." Draco's voice cut through the room like quicksilver.

"It was a close running. Hermione and I counted the votes twice just to make sure our numbers were correct."

"The winner, who gets the prestigious spot of second place, is…Harry Potter!" Again Hermione's statement had an enormous effect on those gathered. The crowd went crazy and only Draco, Harry and Hermione noticed Ron go very pale.

"The loser, Ron Weasley, now is obligated to…kiss Draco Malfoy!" Finally Seamus got to announce something shocking. Absolute silence. Draco's eyes widened until you could see the white around the gray.

"Kiss me? That is what this is all about?" Angry murmurs ran through the students as they realized that most of them voted for Harry wanting him to win which made them realize that they just missed the chance of a lifetime to make Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy kiss.


A sickening sound in the best of situations was even worse now as Ron's skull came in contact with the cold stone of the floor. Hermione was with him in an instant levitating him and rushing him to the hospital wing.

"Well I guess that means Harry has to kiss Malfoy!" An anonymous shout had the students smiling with delight. A slow steady chant of, "Kiss him." Became the only sound heard in the Great Hall. Harry's eyes locked with Draco's and both boys were pushed closer together.

As if in a dream Harry reached out and stroked the blonde's pale cheek stopping his fingers at Draco's chin tilting his head up. Harry inched closer to the pale pink of Draco's mouth. A hushed silence calmed the crowd. Draco flicked his tongue over his lips unable to tear his eyes away from the emerald they were drowning in.

Five inches, four, three, two. One. Harry was almost there. He summoned up the dregs of his Gryffindor courage. A slight hesitation before the fiercest determination swamped his eyes. He closed the distance between Slytherin and Gryffindor in one swift movement. Harry had intended it to be a quick swipe of lip upon lip.

Unfortunately things don't happen as we intend them. He could not think of one good reason why he should remove his lips from Draco's. His soul was joined. He was content. Harry felt arms wrap around him and he responded in kind. Neither Harry nor Draco noticed the raucous cheering and flashings from cameras and image capturing spells. The last coherent thought he had was simply, "What took us so long?"

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