Just tell me what you think. I've got a bit of the writers block and so I thought I'd write this to get back in shape. If any of you guys have read my other WOT fic, "A Man Could Weep", I have to say the next chapter may be out later than I expected. I can't seem to think up any way for Tuon to go along with Mat's plan. If any of you could give me a few tips on how she could actually lose a fight with Mat, then I'd love to know.

Please tell me if this is touchy feeling crap, I really don't like all the dramatic emotions and I hope this isn't too sickening.

Farewell To You

Farewell to you, I'm on my way. Toss the dice and begin the day.

Life's a gamble, life's a try, watch me now as I begin to fly.

Or maybe pulled and pushed or tugged by strings, but this game isn't going to end just yet.

So farewell to you, I've gone away Show the dice and start your day.

Grin and wink at your awaiting noose, death is a dance and the game is loose.

A hero's fate has left me cold, the cards are down and I've bet gold.

A cuddle and a kiss is not enough to temp lady luck and time's run out when I need it most.

So farewell to you, minutes make the day, cast these dice and renew your day.

Oh burn me now or blind me dead but I'm still grinning even through this mess.

So strike me down as I recall and I'll remember not at all,

'Cause Jak's on my side and it is through the shadows that he creeps.

Or maybe buys the time that keeps me alive, and does he grin before the dive?

So farewell to you, death I'll delay, spin the dice and end the day.

Who can say when time runs out, to be spun in and out

Of a pattern that weaves us all, but shows no mercy in the plunge before the fall.

I tell you true when I say I am winning a losing battle.

So farewell to you, I'll not dismay, pitch your dice and conclude the day.

A risk, a stake, a hazardous chance could very well be your last when luck is your only hope.

I can see through the time that has failed to finish me off.

It is said that I am hard to kill but it is not at death that I scoff.

So farewell to you, please stay away, rattle the dice and flee the day.

Please count me out and tell me no more,

I've had all I can take, light, shut the door.

My life's my own, no matter how many I seem to have had,

So leave me now and I'll decide whether I am still sane or mad.

So farewell to you, it's the pattern I sway, let fly the dice and create your day.

And so it is that I'll let go,

And live a life not of my own.

I can feel the push and pull,

And there is nothing I can do.

So farewell to you, I've worn my stay, you'll know me by the dice that whirl through my lives and day.