I Pray My Lord

I'm laying on the ground before Him, shaking. My Lord often uses pain to teach me. "I'm sorry, Lord," I weep pitifully, "I'll get him next time, I promise..."
"If you are consistently this inept, I promise you there will be no next time. Crucio!"

Now I lay me down to sleep

My entire world exploded in a fiery haze of pain. I tried to scream, but it came out as only a squeak as I twitched helplessly before Him. Animagus form taking over, I guess. "Please," I choked through tears that burnt saline trails down my cheeks, "Next time... I promise..."

I pray my Lord my soul to keep

He sneered. "Do you honestly think that you are of any use to me? Do you think you aren't completely and utterly worthless?" He finally releases me from the affliction his wand wreaks upon my body. "N-n-no, sir, I am worthless and inept. I am truly sorry... I will not fail you next time..."

If I should die before I wake

"Next time?" he yells, outraged. "Did I not tell you, Wormtail, that there will not be a next time?" "Y-yes, sir. I mean, n-no sir. How foolish of me... No next time..." He smiled. I must have missed the sadistic gleam in his eyes, because I thought it meant he felt like toying with me and being merciful today. "Thank you, Master, thank..." "Avada Kedavra!" ...Thank you...

I pray my Lord my soul to take...