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The Love of a Family

Estel, adopted son of Lord Elrond of Imladris, was very excited as his brothers were finally coming home from their hunt today. It was still very early in the morning, not even sunrise, but Estel was far to excited to go back to sleep. Knowing he wouldn't sleep, Estel decided to go see his Ada.
Estel padded through the halls as silently as a little boy of fours year old could in an elven house hold. Coming to Lord Elrond's room, Estel quietly opened the door and went into the room. Seeing that his Ada was still asleep, Estel made a flying leap and landed directly on the Elf Lords chest.
Elrond woke immediately with eyes wide with surprise, looking for what had pounced on him so, only to hear Estel's giggles. Which,more than likely, had been prompted by his reaction to being pounced on.
"Morning Ada!" Estel said happily, beaming his father one of his trademark smiles.
Elrond looked out the window and groaned slightly. "Estel, it is far to early for little boys to be up. Look, the moon has not yet disappeared from the sky, and the stars are still bright," Elrond said.
"Oh but Ada! Dan and Ro are coming his morning!" Estel said, practically jumping with excitement at the prospect of seeing his brothers again.
Elrond could not help but smile at his small child's exuberance, even at this ungodly hour of the morning. "I doubt your brothers are up either tithen pen," Elrond said with wry amusement. His twins were infamous for being late sleepers. They would no more rise at this hour than a warg would go flying by in the sky, unless there was an emergency of course. "Come, let us go back to sleep ion nin," Elrond said, opening his arms to allow Estel into his embrace.
Estel leapt into his Ada's welcome embrace and snuggled deep under the covers. "How long till morning Ada?" Estel asked sleepily now that he was back under the covers. Elrond smiled with gentle amusement. Young ones, he thought. "Not for a while yet Estel. Just close your eyes and before you know it, the sun will have made her appearance," Elrond said softly. Elrond smiled when he saw that Estel had already fallen asleep.
As Estel snuggled under the covers next to him in his sleep, Elrond once again thanked the Valar for bring this child into his life. Estel had brought life back to Imladris as well as to her Lord and his sons. Estel was their hope and he was justly named. With one last silent prayer of thanks, Elrond allowed his eyes to glaze over in elven sleep.

"Ada, wake up Ada! It is morning now!" a voice said rousing Elrond from his sleep. "You see Ada? The sun is up!" Estel said. Looking out the window, Elrond saw that Estel spoke the truth and moved to get up.
"Come Estel, let us dress, and then we shall join Erestor and Glorfindel for breakfast," Elrond said. "All right Ada," Estel said cheerfully.
Elrond helped to change Estel into his day clothes and then proceeded to dress himself and untangle the mop that was Estel's hair. No matter what the Elven Lord did, Estel's hair would just not stay put. The most anyone could do was comb it and even then Estel's hair was unruly. Elrond shook his head in amused exasperation at Estel's hair. He had just brushed it, yet by looking, one would never be able to tell. "Come Estel, breakfast should be done by now," Elrond said.
Estel skipped happily down to breakfast, anxiously awaiting the return of his brothers, with Elrond watching his antics amusedly.
"Morning Glorfy, morning Restor," Estel said to his Ada's two advisors. Glorfindel moaned while Erestor just shook his head in silent laughter.
"It is truly amazing Glorfindel, that Estel came up with the same nick name for you as the twins and Arwen did when they were elflings," Erestor said grinning.
"I shall never be rid of that nickname will I," Glorfindel said to no one in particular. "I'm afraid not mellon nin. All of my children have called you that without fail. I do believe that you are stuck with it," Elrond said, his silver eyes dancing with mirth. "Come, let us eat," Glorfindel said, trying to avoid any more embarrassment from a four year old, his fellow advisor, and his Lord.
"Ada, what time will Dan and Ro get home today?" Estel asked. "I know not ion nin, but I am sure that it will be soon. They have been gone for three weeks after all," Elrond said.
"Okay," Estel said, slightly disappointed that the twins weren't home yet. Elrond seeing this came up with an idea. "Estel, why don't you and I spend the whole morning together, hmmm? I am sure that would make the time pass more quickly," Elrond said.
" Oh yes Ada!" Estel said clapping his hands in delight. Estel's mood lifted, he eagerly dug into his previously untouched breakfast with a vengeance.
Elrond watched Estel eat and laughed silently, sharing a fond look of amusement with his advisors, while proceeding to eat his own breakfast.

After breakfast was over, both Estel and Elrond were in Elrond's office working on various things. While Estel was busy looking at a sheet of paper, Elrond was working on the tedious amount of paperwork that was forever on his desk. Elrond swore he could not remember the last time he had seen the oak surface of his desk.
Elrond decided to see what Estel was busy with and give his eyes a much welcome break from the monotonous paperwork that never seemed to end. "What are you working on Estel?" Elrond asked curiously, seeing many sheets of parchment and colored pencils. Estel blushed and quickly hid what he was working on behind his back.
"Nothing Ada," Estel said innocently, adopting an angelic face that Elrond knew the twins had to have taught Estel. No four year old could look so devious yet angelic at the same time without having been taught by the terrible twosome. Elrond laughed silently. "Only four years old, and already he had been corrupted by the twins", Elrond thought both amused yet terrified by the thought.
"Ada, may I go see Glorfy for awhile?" Estel asked, perhaps somehow sensing that his Ada did not believe him. "I don't see why not, but make sure that you are on time for lunch," Elrond said. "Hannon le Ada. See you later!" Estel said already halfway down the hall leading to Glorfindel's office. Elrond laughed at his son's antics and not for the first time contemplated the mind of a young child and once again, could not find the reasoning to their reasoning. "Oh well, the young will be young," he thought. Turning back to the desk Elrond eyed the paperwork disapprovingly. Seeing no way to avoid the tedious work, Elrond sat down and prepared himself for a long morning of headaches. Really, running Imladris was just not worth it at times with all the paperwork he had to do.