Back to You

Part One - The Creeping Shadows

Six year old Harry Potter crouched in his cupboard, the shadows creeping across his floor, trying to sink it's talons into him. Arms were wrapped tightly around his legs, forehead resting upon knees so that he couldn't see what was around him. Tears fell from unusual bright green eyes, mingling with the dirt upon his cheeks and falling to land upon too-large clothes.

He hated it here, he hated this place. The dark after all these years still frightened him, he always dreamt of green fire devouring him as the light dimmed away. He'd learned to cry quietly, to not make a sound, it would only earn him more punishment. He raised his head, and wiped at his eyes leaning against the wall.

A bruise swept over a dirtied cheek, the beginnings of blue seeping through the brown. Eyelids fell over his eyes, eyebrows drawing together in concentration as around him a few things lifted from their spots. This was how he kept himself occupied over the years, this odd ability to lift things, or create things and at times he could retreat to becoming an animal. He'd found that another's perspective could be entertaining. He'd been doing it since he could remember.

Sighing, the objects fell quietly, and his eyes opened. He could hear Aunt Petunia rummaging around upstairs. He knawed on his lip, closing eyes once again tightly, fingers curling into his palm and into fists. His heart ached, his breathing seemed hard in coming. And he wished with all his might that he had someone who loved him, who would tuck him in at night, and leave the light on.

Tears fell down his cheek once more and as the first one dropped, a light grew, brighter and brighter enveloping the small child and then as quickly as it came, it left taking a green eyed, lightning-scarred boy away.

In the forbidden forest, a white stag and black dog ran through the trees, splitting ways but always returning to one another. The dog barked and sat down on it's haunches, tail moving acrossed the leaves behind it. The stag looked down at the unlikely companion with an expression of long suffering in it's brown gaze. Both animals however looked up as a flash of white light went off in the forest.

The dog looked up, and if it could have , it would have frowned to see no sign of a dark cloud in the night sky. Which meant that, that light couldn't have been lightning. He looked back to his companion who nodded and with another bark the dog bounded forward.

Harry looked up from where he'd landed, frightened green eyes peering around. How'd he gotten here? It appeared to be a forest. . but there were no forests in his cupboard. He trembled, his uncle would be so angry. His gaze moved over to the right as he heard a bark. What if it was some animal. . what if it was going to eat him!? He shivered.

Licking suddenly dry lips, he tried to swallow past a dry throat. He had to concentrate otherwise he'd lose it. And just as an over grown dog appeared, so did a small scruffy looking puppy, it's tail between it's legs, ears perched backward upon it's head.

Sirius blinked at the puppy that sat in the middle of the clearing, and moving forward watched as it hunkered lower as if afraid. How had it gotten all the way out here? True there were odd things in the forest, and all sorts of animals lived there. .

Giving a shake of his canine head he stood infront of it. The puppy turned over on it's back showing it's stomach in submission. Sirius nudged him with his muzzle and the puppy licked at it. Sirius snorted and backed up and upon second glance saw a distortion of the black fur, in what appeared to be a lightning shaped in lighter tones of gray.

The puppy rolled back over on it's stomach and once it's eyes fell upon James, it yipped. Harry stared up at the large animal in fright, frozen for a moment. He couldn't understand why these two seemed so familiar, they were animals after all. However, as the stag moved forward, his own animal sense told him to hightail it, and that he did running behind the more familiar animal of the two.

If James could have laughed he would have, which soon rang out in the forest as he became his own human form. "Looks like you got a friend there, Padfoot." He chuckled. The dog growled before transforming himself.

"Yeah well at least I don't scare the living daylights out of it." he said, picking up the now struggling ball of fluff.

"Where do you think he came from? It's kind of odd for a dog of all things to be out here." James said moving closer to look over the puppy.

Sirius gave a shrug of his shoulders, long fingers scratching and petting the puppy, before tracing the gray mark. "Do you think we can keep him?"

James shook his head. "Dogs aren't allowed. . it's only cats, birds, and toads."

"Stupid rule, really." Sirius said, with a sigh of his own. True. . they broke quite a lot of said rules, but he doubted even HE could keep a dog under wraps. The puppy seemed to just melt against him though, looking up at him with tired green eyes. Now that he thought about it, green eyes were a little odd for a dog, weren't they? Perhaps it was a magical animal that they'd not yet discovered. . which meant it could be dangerous.

"Besides maybe it's mother is around here somewhere. You better put it down Padfoot, and we should get back to Hogwarts, if Lily catches us she'll have both of our heads." James said, giving a roll of his eyes as he mentioned the girl that had been the bane of existence for the past five or so years.

"I guess you're right," Sirius said, and reluctantly put the puppy down on the soft grass, and turning away began to walk through the forest, James beside him.

"Too bad Pete didn't join us though," James said.

"Yeah well it's not like he could have kept up with u-" Sirius started, but cut off suddenly, tilting his head slightly. "Did you hear that?"

James frown and stopped to listen as well.

Moments before as Sirius had set Harry down, he'd watched them go. The seemed safe enough. . he didn't want to stay here forever, and they were like him! He raced after them, yipping rather than barking, and as they turned toward the noise he quickly transformed and flung himself around the one who had been a dog's leg.

"Don't leave me here please! I don't want to be eaten!" he cried, burrying his face in the other's robes.

James and Sirius looked up at one another, stunned, and unsure of what they were to do now.

"He just. .didn't he?" Sirius asked.

James nodded, just as dumbfounded. What was going on here? He looked at the small boy who was trembling, holding onto his friends robes with a grip that looked like it could not be broken.

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