Back to You

Part 3 - Of Transfigurations and Relatives

Obviously the secret wasn't going to last for very long, for just as Lily climbed the steps for bed, Remus turned a penetrating gaze on James.

"Nu uh, point that look somewhere else," he said pointing at Sirius. "It was his idea."

"Thanks James." Sirius said, rolling his eyes.

Remus' gaze turned inquisitive as he looked from the small dog and back to the other two. "Did you transfigure this? I must say. . well done."

James and Sirius exchanged glances.

"Though the green eyes were probably a bit much."

Peter nodded in agreement looking at the puppy that sat in the middle of the common room, tongue lolling as it panted. Feeling sorry for the animal, even if it were transfigured he placed a glass of water down on the floor for it. "Thirsty?" he asked quietly and jumped startled and shock as the animal quickly became a human instead, a little boy who nodded and reached for the glass.

Peter squeaked, reminiscent of his animagus form, and Remus eyes widened, while Sirius and James just groaned. Harry paused in raising the glass to his lips, afraid he'd done something wrong. His hands began to shake and the water sloshed against the rim.

Remus looked from the child to the two boys, "What. .did. you do? Where'd he come from?"

"We don't know really Moony, we found him in the forest." James explained.

"Yeah, can we keep him?" Sirius whined trying to divert the building tension. It didn't seem to work though because Remus' gaze only narrowed.

"And you didn't think to go to Dumbledore about him?" his voice raised to an angry and lethal whisper, unable to yell for fear of waking the whole House.

Harry trembled at the look in the brown haired boys eyes and crept near James and slipped his hand into the others, hiding his face in the his leg. James looked downward and placed a comforting hand on the child's back. "Remus that's enough, you're scaring him. We'll talk to Dumbledore tomorrow."

Sirius sighed. "Wonderful, I guess I should start clearing my schedule now, I don't need to be a seer to predict the detentions in my future."

"I'm sorry," a small voice followed the diatribe, green eyes looking up at Sirius woefully.

Sirius buckled under the sad gaze. "it's not your fault Harry, we probably would have been caught at some point anyway." The child still looked unsure and Sirius tried to give him what he hoped looked like a reassuring grin. Those green eyes turned away from him though as Peter began to speak.

"So your name is Harry? I'm Peter." The rat animagus introduced himself, over his shock finally.

"Like the pumpkin eater." Harry murmured to himself, trying to think of ways he could remember all these names. Curious eyes landed on the brown haired boy, his hand relaxing in James' own.

"I'm Remus," there was a pause as he looked from the little boy to James. There was a resemblance there, a large one, and if he hadn't known better he'd think Harry was the other's younger brother. Perhaps he was an unknown cousins of James, and then their problem would be solved before it began. "Harry. . what's your last name?"

Harry's grip once again tightened, as he debated whether he should tell them or not. Finally though he answered, "Potter. . I'm Harry Potter."

"Well that makes everything easier, he must be a relative of yours James. . he does look a lot like you now that I think about it." Sirius said, remembering his thoughts from earlier.

James stared down at the child before shaking his head. "As far as I know, I don't have any more relatives with my last name, my father was an only child, but then I'm not sure about my grandfather. I suppose I could write to Dad and see if he knows anything."

The other's nodded, and Harry yawned, leaning against the other a little more. "I think for right now though we should get to bed before Lily decides to come back down and have our heads." Remus said as he made his way to the stairs, the other's following.

The next morning found James waking up with a small body curled up against him for warmth. It took him a few moments to remember everything from yesterday, and mentally groaned. Knowing Remus, the first thing they'd be doing this morning would be going to Dumbledore. While Remus was just as much a Marauder as the rest of their group, when something got serious he made sure things were taken care of.

James layed there for a few moments as Harry curled in closer to him, and a swell of protectiveness rose within him. He wondered idly if this was what one felt for a younger sibling, before Sirius threw the curtains aside, causing his arm to raise and block out the sun.

"Time to rise and shine." The boy otherwise known as Padfoot said.

"yeah I'll rise, but I'm not going to shine," James grumbled before rolling out of bed, reaching over to wake Harry up only to find sleepy green eyes already open and looking around slightly disoriented before landing on James.

It was only about half an hour later that they were headed toward the gargoyle that guarded the entrance to the Headmaster's office, Harry hidden beneath James' cloak. Each of them wondering what would happen once they got there.