IT ALL HAPPENED IN MOMENTS. The sound was horrendous. It stung her ears, as she clung onto a cold metal bar of a seat, for her life, unable to cover her ears.

The roar of the moving earthquake, that seemed to relentlessly try and shake off the pestering city upon its skin.

It mixed with the screech of the sparking metal of the bus Selene was on, that now was upon its side slowly coming to a stop as it slid along the ground after hitting a parked vehicle.

For the first time in her life, she admitting to herself she was afraid, for her and her unborn child.

She opened her eyes briefly to see out the front window five rows away, an intersection where a truck had stopped, and with the bus still travelling at some speed form the weight of the bus she knew there was no hope in the bus coming to a stop, nor was the option jumping from the moving bus. There was the chance of being hit by falling debris or moving obstacles was to high, let alone land on a moving ground.

Her pregnancy had made things more difficult, she was now six months.

She was weaker, it was harder to manoeuvre and run, she had managed to escape Death dealers and Lycans time and time again but this was the last thing she would have thought to take her down.

Bracing the seat to soften the impact, she slammed her eyes shut just as the front of the bus collided with the truck, she was flung harder into the seat as it was ripped out of place sending her flinging forward, along with everyone else, she never even knew what she hit, just heard the sound of crumpling metal, roar of the ground and screams of her fellow passengers.

It was the last thing she heard.

The rest went black.