Title: Daydream Generation

Author: Slytherin Prince

Genre: Romance/Humor

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Warning: Some words aren't appropriate for 13 and below. Rated T.

Summary: In Hinata's birthday party, Sakura wanted to have fun. But she got bored and roamed around the house. She ended in the library and got sucked by a book. To be able to get out, she needed to play Cinderella's part. Marry the prince, Hyuuga Neji! SakuNeji




Neji groaned in distress when he sat up. He blinked several times before his eyes adjusted to the light of the room. Where was he? The last thing he knew was that he was engulfed inside a bright red light...

And whose room was this?

He didn't remember a single room that looked like this inside the Hyuuga Mansion. The bed was so ancient looking, though it was not old and rusty. Red carpets were all around the room and he could see the different maps that were hanged on the wall.

Someone knocked and it caught his attention immediately. The door opened slowly and a strange looking man that wore equally eccentric looking clothes entered the room.

"Young prince," The man with dark hair said and Neji narrowed his eyes to get a better view. Neji saw that hair style before.

"Uchiha Sasuke?"

"Yes, young prince?" Sasuke padded across the room and at the side of Neji. Neji looked at Sasuke weirdly. Why was Sasuke calling him young prince? Had he finally gone mad?

"Where is Orochimaru?" Neji demanded as he glared at the Uchiha traitor. He was not friends with him. So if ever Uchiha would be punished with death sentence, he would not care.

"I know not of this Orochimaru." Confusion grazed Sasuke's handsome face. Neji frowned a little more. Maybe he was dreaming a nightmare with the Uchiha brat.

It was the entire book's fault! And the girl's fault too!

But why was Sasuke denying Orochimaru? Wasn't Orochimaru his teacher?

Neji knew something was not right.

"Sasuke, why are you here?" Neji asked tightly. He just wanted the dream to end!

Seeing Sasuke's face was giving him the so much repulsion.

And to add to his dismay, Sasuke pulled out a glassy and fragile shoes. Neji lifted his right hand and massaged his temple.

What was wrong with him? And why was he carrying a single glassy shoe with him?

Neji did not want to question the real gender of Sasuke, so he let him continue with the motion of his hand.

"This was the shoe of your soon to be bride, young prince. Do you not remember?"

Even Sasuke's talking changed.

Neji truly wished to go back to the real world.




Haruno Sakura sat up from her sleep. She was lying against a hard floor, she knew. For her back hurt a lot.

She frowned at her surroundings once she was fully awake.

Where was she? And what was with the well?

Sakura eyed the well strangely. She never saw that well before. It was kind of huge for her not to notice.

The well was covered with weeds and there were several pails of water around it.

Sakura rubbed her face gingerly. All she knew was that she was gulped down by a big red book and here she was.

Slowly she stood up and looked around. She found a slightly average-size house. And she found a glaring Ino looking at her hard.

Sakura frowned because she didn't remember doing anything bad against her.

What was with her? And with her clothes also?

She was already thinking funny insult to throw to Ino. She walked towards her cautiously because she was afraid of what Ino might do to her. Ino's glare intensified.

"Ino-pig, what's wr-" She wasn't able to finish off her sentence when suddenly Ino growled at her.

"Dad!!! Sakura called me Ino-pig!" Ino ranted before she marched inside the house. Sakura stared at her back and followed her.

When she entered the house, she almost had a heart attack. There in the hallway, was Ino hugging a Orochimaru while pointing accusingly at her person.

She gasped in horror. Oh no!

"Orochimaru!" Sakura said with venom. She clenched her fists and she prepared to punch him square on his face.

But the next thing Sakura heard made her drop all the things she wanted to say.

"How dare you call my baby Ino-pig!"

Sakura stared at him with her mouth hanging.