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Shattered Glass



The Penumbra




If I throw a glass at the wall, or anything breakable for that matter, it will, without any doubt, break into a thousand pieces. And if I repeat the same action with another glass, this glass will break too and so on and so forth I suppose.

So what? It's just the same thing isn't it? Same action, same result. What you'll end up with are many fragments again and again.


Even if I where to repeat the whole thing over for a thousand times, the glass will never break in the same way, nor will the same fragments ever disperse in the same direction.

Each fragment has its own destiny, its own particular position and place. Altering that, there's no knowing what could happen. That's what makes every small action so important. It's uniqueness. Each event in its uniqueness contributes to a whole course of events. There's no doubt about this in our minds. We're all guilty of the " If I hadn't done this or that, this would have happened instead of that," syndrome.

And just to make my point more clear….

If one were to take a piece of coloured glass… with four colours, such as violet, emerald, crimson and gold for instance… and thrown it against the wall, the glass would shatter, and each fragment would end up in a specific place, with a precise role to go with its defined position.


If this was to be repeated and the different pieces end up in different places, what would happen? In this case, one can justly say that "That is the question."

For one can never know. One can only wonder….


Reference to Hamlet (William Shakespeare)