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Let's Stick Together

William Woodruff, or Woodruff as he normally liked to be called, watched with a smile as the greying anthro dog kissed a middle-aged female Black Labrador. Behind him, light claps were heard. Woodruff nudged the younger Black Labrador next to him.

"Congratulations", he hissed in her ear. "You are now officially my step- sister".

The Labrador smiled and shoved him playfully. "You better behave, big brother, or I'll set our Dad on you!"

Woodruff grinned. It was a beautiful sunny day in late April and he was standing outside a chapel in Scotland. The man who was now lacing his arm through the Black Labrador's own was Woodruff's own father, now just married and the Black Labradors in question were Freya Weatherfield, now Weatherfield-Woodruff, and her daughter Stella. As both families had Scottish blood, the wedding had been decided to take place in Scotland.

Woodruff grinned even more at Stella as he laced his own arm through his new step-sister and followed their parents down the aisle on the white carpet that had been set out on the lawn. His new step-sister was a bit chubby in the middle, but she had straight black hair tied back in a bun and the blue dress she wore slimmed her down. Two years younger than her step-brother, she was almost as daring as he was and was one of the few who knew about his position in the agency.

"I bet Mum's boiling in that dress!" she hissed, as the photographers started to gather. "And Dad looks like he's sweating".

"Mum. Dad". Woodruff smiled. "I like that".
In London, England, things were looking, as usual, busy. And the occupants of the red pillar-box on the corner of Baker Street were no exception.

In his private library, a white mouse with a curious black patch covering his left amber eye was working at his laptop. But he was having a few problems – mainly being that so little had happened the last two months that Danger Mouse, the world's greatest secret agent and the heart-throb of so many women, wondered what he could write in his monthly agent report to try and make it look interesting.

The sun was sweltering hot and was shining through the windows. The mouse mopped his brow. He cast one look at the pitiful half-page he had written.

"I give up!" he cried, getting to his feet. "I've had enough for the moment!"

Marching out of the door, DM slammed it rather forcefully behind him. The heat was making him slightly bad-tempered, although he generally tried to keep his cool. But how could Danger Mouse do that when he had a lovable but clumsy first assistant, villains popping up everywhere he turned and then everything going quiet so DM was always fidgeting waiting for something new to turn up about his enemies.

It seems whenever a case ends I'm glad about it, but then when everything goes too quiet I'M too jumpy, thought the agent.

He wanted some NEWS, something to DO with his time. Penfold, his first assistant, wasn't too keen on going on dangerous missions, but still, danger was Danger Mouse's LIFE – quite literally, seeing as it was his name.

"Hot, isn't it?"

A female voice made DM jump. He looked around to see a pretty female redhead mouse coming down the stairs the right-hand side of the lounge.

DM smiled. Now here was someone who could brush away all bad feelings with just one of her grins. This was Kim, his second assistant. How they had met was a bit of a strange story, but DM didn't care. Kim was extremely close to Danger Mouse, and not much younger than he was. Her twenty-fourth birthday had come and gone a couple of weeks ago, and DM's twenty-seventh was approaching rapidly. How fast the months were fading!

"Hello, Kim", smiled DM at his assistant. "Yes, I'll say it's hot – I don't think Max is getting much business in this weather!"

Kim laughed at the mention of the coffee-house owner. "Oh, that reminds me", she added. "I was on the Internet earlier and read the weather conditions for Scotland. Woodruff's Dad is having one scorcher of a wedding!"

"They'll be boiling", remarked DM, as he leaned against the wall next to his assistant. "I can't wait to meet them. Woodruff and his new step-sister are driving back to England tomorrow".

"What's his sister's name again?" Kim asked.

"Erm – Stella. Yes, that's it. Her father is in hospital with a broken leg, but Stella's picking him up tomorrow evening and he'll go back to his home. Then Woodruff will take us down to his own Dad's place so that we can meet Stella".

"I can't wait", smiled Kim.
Jack Blackstone lay back in his hospital bed and played absent-mindedly with his claws. He cast a look at his leg, propped up and bound in bandages.

The young tiger gave an angry huff as he looked at his leg. Ever since it had been crushed under the wheels of that car, Jack had been in the hospital ever since. He had been able to move around a bit the last few weeks, but it had been such a sickening accident that Jack had been stuck in hospital for what seemed like forever.

The trouble was that Jack didn't exactly know who to blame for the accident. The collie, Woodruff, had been driving the car, but Jack's college, Helen Jacobs, had distracted him at the wheel. Furthermore, when Woodruff had realised what had happened, he had helped Jack out: he had somehow managed to lift the bonnet of the car off Jack and thn had summoned an ambulance. But Jack knew that when he got out, he would probably go straight to jail. But still, it was help. At least he was alive. But what had Helen done? Yelled at him and then left him alone when he was in agony. And where was Helen now? Out there, probably free, while he would be stuck inside.

The tiger sighed unhappily. He wished he could have some company – a familiar face. Anyone would do, even Helen. Jack wanted to know what was stopping her from seeing him. Still, it didn't change the fact that she had left him alone on that cold night, with a damaged leg and an agent on his tail. She had always been a bit of a tough one, and Jack had sometimes felt a bit frightened of her. He was a few years younger than she was and she had taken him under his wing when he was thirteen.

Jack's parents had been a nightmare to deal with. His mother, always on drink...his father, leaving her for that 19-year-old...it made Jack sick to the stomach. His mother had passed away years ago after too much alcohol had sent her to her death-bed. Jack had been left alone, but then had found Helen at the children's home. Already an expert at stealing, Helen had introduced Jack to her world, and she had trained him to be like her. Jack always remembered how they had snuck out in the evenings from the children's home, causing mayhem all over the town. When Helen had been eighteen, she had brought her own place but had stayed in touch with Jack. They had been in several gangs, but sometimes to Jack, it seemed too violent. He could never hurt or kill anyone. But feeling intimidated of Helen had urged him to join Duckula's string of henchmen. And look where it had got him...

Jack sighed all over again, looking over at the empty bed opposite him. His room-mate, Wellard, was hardly ever here and was to be discharged tomorrow night. Jack was also to be discharged in a few days, but the police would be waiting for him.

Feeling like a huge weight had settled on his shoulders, the tiger sat back on his pillows and watched the hours ticking away.
Helen Jacobs stood with her collegues Stiletto and Leatherhead . Sitting on a desk in front of them, there was a huge, fat, ugly toad.

Helen's new boss, Baron Greenback, was a tricky customer. He had employed Helen back in February, and though she generally tried to do as she was told, he was hard to please. She got along well with Stiletto, as they were both a form of anthro bird, but she could not deny that she missed Jack. Although he was a bit eager and still young, she was very fond of him. But she could tell he wouldn't miss her: Jack had always treated Helen respectfully, but given room to think about it without him, Helen realised she had always been quite sharp with him – maybe even MEAN. And now he was probably going to go to prison because of her.

The truth was that Helen wasn't normally very violent; it was always just a front. Helen had always had a bit of a temper, and was not someone to cross. Jack had always tried to find ways to calm her down. That was Jack. He had always been a good sport. Helen had always stuck up for him because – and although it felt strange to admit it – she had always admired the way he worked. He had lost his family, but he somehow managed to keep his cool, even when things got really out of control. Mostly, he was very incredulous.

"Helen?" Stiletto nudged the hawk. "Are you alright-a?"

Helen blinked. "What?"

"You seem-a to be wrapped up-a in your own thoughts", replied Stiletto hesitantly.

Helen shook her head. "Don't worry, I'm fine", she replied.

Stiletto turned his head to the side and looked at her for a moment. Then a sharp cough brought his attention back to his boss.

"Stiletto, Helen", croaked Baron Greenback. "First of all, may I say that you have done well these last few months".

Helen snuck a sideways look at both Stiletto and Leatherhead and saw them standing rigid. Stiletto had warned her not to get her hopes up when the Baron was pleased: there was almost always going to be a catch involved.

"Yes", continued the Baron. "Now, we are missing one thing – the mouse himself".

Helen chanced a nod. She knew what the toad was talking about. Baron Greenback had recruited Leatherhead and Stiletto to build a 'mouse trap'. Helen, who didn't know very much about mechanics, had helped a bit on the side with Stiletto and Leatherhead offering her advice. It was needless to say who Greenback wanted to destroy – Danger Mouse. Helen had encountered him herself and he was good, she had to admit it. He had escaped Count Duckula's cellars with that collie, Woodruff, and, according to the news, had managed to stop the smuggling of a ship that Duckula had sent over to America.

Leatherhead raised an inquiring eyebrow and looked at the Baron.

"But how can we lure him here?" he asked. "He won't fall for a fake call". The Baron glared at him, and all three henchmen tensed as he pressed a button on his desk. Next moment, the hitbox behind Leatherhead popped open and a mallet hit Leatherhead three times.

"Ouch! Boss, why did you do that?'

"I will think of something, you dolt!" snapped the Baron, as his pet caterpillar Nero squeaked in agreement. Leatherhead stood back a bit, his face flushed.

"Right, boss", he murmured.

Helen smiled ruefully at Stiletto. Then, gathering up all her courage, she stepped forwards and spoke quietly to the Baron.

"Boss?" she said. "I know someone – a collegue of mine. He worked with me before and he's quite a good henchman".

"What's his name?" asked the Baron. Helen paused a moment before answering.