Ok first of all I changed it a little, in this one Jake and Sarah are twins, and Nora moved back home after she dumped Hank, but the rest is the same. So here is the story...

Chapter one. "We're moving again?"
Jakes Prov.

In 2 weeks School starts again, I'm trying not to think about it to much, I always hated my school, I only have one real person I can call my friend which is Tommy Price, he has Blonde hair, and Brown eyes, my twin sister Sarah has the hugest crush on him, but he only acknowledges her because of me.
I woke up to the sound of my parents arguing, which is actually a surprise, they don't fight very much. I looked over at the bed next to me to see my brother Henry still asleep, so naturally I get up as loud as I can, only to have him throw a bouncy ball at me. When I came down stairs I could see Sarah and Lorraine outside my parents door listing to their argument.

"What are they fighting about?" I asked them. Sarah looked up at me looking sad.

"We're moving." she said in a montone voice. I let out a huge sigh.

"Again?" I whined. Sarah just nodded.

"Finally I'm ready to get out of this hell hole." Lorraine said in a cheerful voice.

"Where to this time?" I asked Sarah. She looked up at me disgusted.

"Some small town in Texas!" She said.

"I never been to Texas, wonder what it's like there." I said in a thoughtful voice, Sarah and Lorraine looked up at me confused.

"Aren't you the least bit sad that we're moving? I mean you are the one that's always saying how it's not that bad here." Lorraine said.

"Yeah but I'm ready to get out of here." I said with a shrug. Sarah rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen, and Lorraine got up and started towards the bathroom.

When our parents came out of their room we were all up stairs watching TV. Then we heard our dads' shouts. Nora! Charlie! Lorraine! Henry! Jake! Sarah! Mark! Kim! Jessica! Mike! Nigel! Kyle! Get down here now! We all scrambled down stairs. When we got there my dad was down there standing with his hands in his pockets and his head down.

"Kids, we're moving. I lost my job as a coach and there's a team down in Houston, Texas called The Houston Thunderbears.

"So we're moving to Houston?" Mark asked.

"Well not exactly we're moving to a small town that is an hour north of Houston it's called The Woodlands. It's small but it's very nice, and the people there are probably very friendly. " My mom said with a smile.

"Fine whatever can we go now, my favorite show is on." Charlie said looking bored.

My dad seemed taken aback from this. "Uhhh... yeah sure go ahead." he said with a shrug.

Great another Town, another school, and more snotty people. I thought to myself.