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Unfortunately We're Still Related.

Summary – Things fall off the straight and narrow in Rohan. Only two brave knights can save the day. Unfortunately Emily and George will have to do.


"Do you really have to go back to Mirkwood tomorrow?" Asked George.

"Legolas and I have been in Gondor for seven months now!" Sighed Emily.


"Do you want me to give birth here?"

"Have a nice trip." Said George quickly.

"Thought so." Grinned Emily.

"What are you two up to?" Asked Legolas as he entered the throne room.

"Absolutely nothing. Unfortunately." Moaned George.

"How can the King of Gondor be bored?" Questioned Legolas as he sat himself next to his wife.

George shrugged and turned to call for his butler, "Spack Jarrow! Fetch my rum!"

Emily raised an eyebrow. "Why can't you just call him Jack Sparrow like any normal person?"

"Ssssh! He is incognito!"

"And you didn't think that Spack Jarrow was at all obvious?"

George chewed his lip in thought, "Not really no." George turned his attention to the rum placed in front of him.

"How is my beautiful wife?" Inquired Legolas.

"I feel like a beached whale."

"Well I think you look wonderful."

"You have to say that." Muttered a cynical Emily.


"Because it is your fault I look like this!"

"If I remember correctly you played quite an equal part in this situation."

"Smartass. Just because you are all cute and lov…" Emily was interrupted by the heavy wooden doors swinging open.

"Who goes there?!" Demanded George.

"Who goes there?!" Repeated Emily going over the lameness of that command.

"You must help." Spluttered a human man that crawled into the throne room.

Legolas noticed that the man had no injuries to speak of but looked terribly exhausted. George noticed that the man was sweating on his newly polished marble floors. Emily noticed that the man was not wearing any trousers.

"Rohan…something terrible is happening…you must help!" With that the man collapsed.

"What evil is afoot?!" Cried George. "A trouser stealing beast! My steed!" With this George ran to the window, somersaulted out and landed on his horse below and rode of into the distance.

"That was the most irrational thing I have ever seen." Remarked Emily.

"Coming from the one who made me get up at three am because she wanted a cheese and muesli sandwich." Pointed out Legolas. Emily hit him.

And here begins the 'Decking counter.' What with Emily's hormones running riot we felt the need the count the number of times she decks someone.

Decking counter: one.

"Shouldn't we stop George?" Asked Legolas rubbing his jaw.

"He will stop when he reaches the gates."

"How do you know?"

"I told the guards to lock them."

"George and I shall leave for Rohan tomorrow. I'm sure I can find someone to escort you home." Stated Legolas.

"Excuse me!" Emily's anger threatened to surface again.

"Oh no you are not coming. I will not have you in danger especially not now!"

"Don't you start getting all forceful now! I am coming with you and that is final!"


"I don't think I heard you probably, I think you mean 'of course you can come Emily.'"

"Please do this for me. Go home so I know you are safe."

"Fine! I'm sure Kai won't object to keeping me company while you are of having your adventure."

Emily knew she had won at Legolas' paling complexion at the mention of the name Kai.

"You had better go to sleep. We have a long journey to Rohan tomorrow." Said Legolas through gritted teeth.

"Thank darling. You won't regret it. Goodnight my love." Emily skipped away in glee.

"I doubt that very much." Legolas went to aid the healers who were helping George off his horse after he tried to ram the gate down with his head.


A/N: Emily: There you have it guys. The final installment in the trilogy, 'Unfortunately we're still related.' So what's happening in Rohan? Well you will find out in a couple of weeks giving us time to work a few ideas out.

George: It can only get worse guys!

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