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Hot Soup

Cream colored walls surrounded the room. He thank God that they took off his heart monitor, because he couldn't stand the steady bip any longer. He had left ICU with the hopes of getting out of the hospital, but that was out of the question. His two broken rids, his dislocated arm and his snapped knee cap wouldn't allow it. The gunshot wound in his side was healing now and that was the reason he was on recovery in the eight floor at Mercy Hospital.

He was still sleepy, but his stomach was already growling for some food. The moment the Doctor told him he could eat real food he thank his lucky stars. He wasn't one to crave food, but after two weeks without having anything to eat he was ready for a bowl of Ruby's Chilli or a number 3 from the local hangout, Kelly's. Two hours had passed since he was moved and he was surprised that he hadn't had any visitors. He thought that as soon as he was settled in his room Sonny, Carly and the kids would burst into the room. But that didn't happen. He'd being waiting, but there was no sing of any of them. Not even Emily had come by. He knew she was busy, doing her internship at GH, but he had called and left her a message. Something seemed wrong, he was all alone and it bothered him.

What was wrong with him? He liked being alone, it gave him time to think. He hated visitors, those noisy people who seemed to care, but were there actually to gather gossip to spread around. He didn't want to be alone. The silence was too loud and his mind would trailed of to that night. He was tired of replaying it in his mind. The white snow falling slowly over them, the repulsive smell of garbage all around him and the sound of gunshots filled his mind.

It started out as a routine check of the warehouse perimeter, but he found Roscoe doing his business in the alley that lead to the docks. He was hiding near the trash cans and was about to call for backup when he heard her voice. Courtney came out of the shadows. Jason thought he might be seeing wrong, it couldn't be right. Sonny's sister, his girlfriend, Carly's best friend... why would she be there. Maybe they had kidnaped her. He had to do something, as annoying as the girl could be she didn't deserved to die. He was about to jump one of the guards when he heard her laugh. He looked at the people in the alley and was stunned when he saw Courtney kissing Roscoe on the lips. What the hell? Her words brought him back to reality.

"Everything is going as planned. I have everyone eating out of my hands. Sonny is trying really hard to give me everything I want, the insipid blond is blabbering everything she knows because she finally has a friend who would listen to her bickering and the brain damaged thinks I'm the most wonderful woman to ever walk earth. He's so in love with me he's planning on asking me to marry him. Would you believe it?" They all laughed.

Jason placed a hand on his pocket, where he had the engagement ring for her. He was enraged. How could he not notice before? Her holier than thou attitude, her unexpected visits to the warehouse and the late night calls. But she was wrong he wasn't in love with her... he liked her and she was good in bed but he wasn't in love. After Robin he swore he would never fall in love and that was why Courtney Corinthos was the best thing to happen to him. She wasn't his type at all, she offered him her company and he took, it he was only a man after all. But going as far as to say he loved her was a joke. He was only planning to marry her because of Sonny. They were best friends, brothers and it would have being disrespectful to take Sonny's sister as a bed warmer and not as a wife. He paid attention to the conversation again and froze.

"You're doing a good job. But you have to be careful. We don't want them to realize you're working for us. Do you have the files I asked for?"

"Yes. In there you'll find all the schedules for next month. You can intercept the shipments in Miami and move the drugs with no problem. I have a plan that will take all the Corinthos family out of town."

"Great job, Daisy. So when do I get to enjoy your company in my bed?"

"Soon. We can't risk getting caught. But as soon as my dear brother is in jail, Jason is dead and we are in charge of the territory we can do it every hour of everyday. I really miss you."

After they were gone Jason walked out of his hiding spot and straight into three of Roscoe's men.

Her soft voice trailed into his dreams. A sweet an melodic voice, slightly out of tone but enchanting none the less. He opened his eyes and found an angel, dress all in white. She was standing at the foot of the bed checking his chart singing in a hush tone some unintelligible tune. He examined her closely. She was small, couldn't be more than 5'2. Her hair was short and gathered at her nape in a ponytail. A misplace lock kept falling to her eyes as she tried to place it behind her ear. She kept writing on the chart before her and hadn't notice he was awake. After a minute she stopped singing and took her bottom lip between her teeth. Jason didn't know why but he felt a jolt of electricity running through him at the sight of the young nurse.

"Is something wrong with me?" He asked with husky voice.

Elizabeth was so caught up in her work that she jumped at the sound of his voice and looked up. The man laying on the bed was now wide awake and his blue eyes were burning a whole in her, waiting for an answer. Was something wrong with him? Not from where she was standing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that you had this look on your face as if you found something you weren't expecting on the chart."

He waited for an answer but she still kept quiet and looking at him as if he had grown a second head. Elizabeth swallowed and tried to make a coherent thought in her mind.

"No." Way to go Webber. No, what? The man think there's something wrong with him. Go on. "You're okay. It's just... I did found something. You were schedule to start eating today. And if this chart is correct they didn't bring you your dinner."

"Well that chart is right."

"You must be famished." The woman was outraged. Who would've forget about feeding a patient? She'll have to talk to the head nurse about that.

"Actually I was. But I guess I fell asleep and it passed."

"It passed? You haven't had any real food for over two weeks and they took off your IV early this morning. It's almost 9 o'clock!"

"It's okay."

"No is not. The kitchen is closed and so is the cafeteria. I can't let you stay hungry until tomorrow morning when someone would be kind enough to bring you some oatmeal!"

"I'll be fine."

Elizabeth dropped the chart and looked at her watch. "It's almost time for my break. I'll go out and I'll bring you some soup."

"You don't have to. I-"

"If you say you'll be fine one more time I will pound you."

Jason looked at the fire burning in the woman's eyes and smiled. "OK."

"I thought so. You just stay there and I'll be back with your food." She turned and walked out of the room leaving Jason Morgan in a state of amaze.

Two days later, Elizabeth was making her way to the last room of her round, Jason Morgan's room. She stopped in the kitchenette and took the brown bag she had delivered earlier and then continued her way down the hall. If someone would have told her that she would meet Jason Morgan and become his dinner companion during three nights in a row she would have laughed at them. A known mob enforcer and a nurse, bonding over hot soup and a number three from Kelly's was material for a great joke. But as fate will have it, it wasn't a joke. After that first night Elizabeth found herself wanting to know more about the man laying on the bed unable to move his left leg and right arm. They ate and talk rather easily. The conversation flowed and it wasn't weird at all. She learned a bit about him, things like how much he loved to travel and ride his bike. He told her that Emily Quartermaine was his sister. But she already knew that. She and Emily had being friends forever, but surprisingly she had never met him. The witty brunette had found out she was back in town and working at Mercy instead of General Hospital and had being trying to coax her into applying for a transfer. Elizabeth wanted to work at GH, but the place was full of her family's memories and she wanted to start over.

Getting to know Jason Morgan was definitely starting over. She already knew about him though. She knew he had a girlfriend he loved and that she betrayed him and took his son away. The son that wasn't his real son, but who he loved like it was. But that wasn't who he was. The big bad cold hearted enforcer the newspapers wanted everyone to believe he was, was nothing father from the truth. He wasn't a white little lamb, but Elizabeth knew he wasn't the devil incarnate either. She told him that she used to be Emily's best friend and they both joked about being so closed with Emily and never finding out about the other one. She also told him about her grandmother passing away and her living in Bobby's Brownstone before moving to San Diego. She told him about wanting to become an artist, but loving to be able to help people who couldn't take care of themselves. She found out that no one of his family had come to visit. Well, no one from his new family at least. Because she knew for a fact that the Quartermaines weren't his family anymore. He didn't really enjoyed their company, at least not all of them. He told her he missed seeing Lila, his grandmother. She knew Lila Quartermaine, and understood why her grandson had her in such high esteem. The woman was the epitome of generosity and love.

Jason sat up on the bed feeling anxious. She was late and he was afraid she wouldn't come. Why he felt that way he didn't know, but he did. And that wasn't a good thing. No one had that effect on him before, no one besides Robin. He didn't really know why or how, but Elizabeth Webber had managed to make him forget that he was in a hospital and that he hadn't had a visit from the people he thought as family. No one had even called. Not even Courtney. The bitch that had being lying to them for over a year.

Courtney... Her words came back to him then. "I have a plan that will take all the Corinthos family out of town."

Panic ran trough him then. What if something happened? What if they are in trouble? That could be the only reason for them to not come see him for three weeks. Jason threw the sheets a side and moved his right leg over the side of the bed. Then he tried to moved his injured leg but it was still sore. He cursed as he tried to stand up. All his weight was in his right leg and when he was about to take a step Elizabeth walked trough the door.

"I have a surprise for you!" She looked up and saw Jason standing up. She hurried and left the bags in the table and walked to where he was. "Jason! What do you think your doing?"

He felt a little dizzy and she wrapped her arm around this waist. He tried to not let all his weight on her, but it was too late, his head was turning and the pain in his leg was too much. Elizabeth walked three steps and sat Jason on the bed. She moved his injured leg up and then the other one. Putting the sheets over him she tried to get a hold of her emotions, but couldn't.

"Are you crazy? Who told you, you could start running laps around the room? Your leg is still sore and your therapy is not finished yet. You could have done some serious damage. What were you thinking? Do you really want to be here another three weeks? I doubt this is your idea of a vacation, is it?"

"I have to get out of here."

"Why? Are we such a bad company?" She said sitting down on the side of the bed.

"This is not about you."

"Then what is it about?"

"My family."

"What about them?"

"They haven't even called. Something is wrong. I have to find them, help them."

"You're injured Jason. I doubt they are in trouble. But if they were, you couldn't be able to help them. I'm sure they'll understand."

"I can't let anything bad happen to them."

"I understand. But they are not my concern right now, you are. And you're not leaving until the doctor discharge you. Now will you do me a favor." Elizabeth took his callous hands between her soft ones.

He looked at her and found a small twinkle in her dark blue eyes. "What?"

"Would you eat your soup while is hot and then take something so you can relax."

"You mean a sedative. You want to sedate me?"

"It's the only way I can make sure that you're not going to try anything while I'm gone."


"I'm off duty in two hours and tomorrow is my day off. I'm going to look for your family." She let go of his hands and they both felt the loss.

"You don't have to do that."

"Will you promise that you're going to stay in the hospital until you're discharged?"

"I can't promise that."

"I knew that. That's why I'll go look for them and I'll bring them here so you can see they are okay."

"You'll do that?"

"If that's what it takes for you to stay put and finish your therapy." She stood up, moved and took the food from the bag.

"You don't even know where to look."

"I'll find a way."

He let out a sigh. "Go to Harborview Towers. Penthouse 4. Ask for Sonny or Carly Corinthos. Tell them you have news about Jason Morgan. And if Courtney Corinthos is there don't tell her anything."

Elizabeth smiled at his fast response. He trusted her and that was more than she ever thought she would get from him in such a short time. "I'll do that. Now here eat." She gave him the spoon but he winced as he tried to take the bowl from her.

"You injured your shoulder. I could pound you for that. What are you, stupid? Here. Let me." She sat down next to him again taking the spoon. She started feeding him as he was about to reply to her, shutting him up effectively. A big smile spread on her face as his eyes brighten in surprise.

How she managed to get into this mess was beyond her. She closed her eyes and remembered his blue eyes all bright and scared. That was how. But not even thinking about Jason Morgan's blue eyes will take her out of this one. Sonny Corinthos, the Don himself, was standing behind the wood door. What the hell was she suppose to tell him? Hi my name is Elizabeth Webber and I'm a nurse at Mercy Hospital, I'm here to drag you down there so Jason will stay put while he recovers?

"That sounds good." The very masculine voice of the guard came to wake her up from her reverie.

"What did you say?" Elizabeth turned and faced the blond man standing behind her.

"I said that what you said is exactly what you should say to him. He doesn't know that Jason is hurt. No one knew."

"I said that out loud?"

"Yes, all of it. And don't worry I wont tell anyone you've been thinking about Jason's eyes." The guard mocked her with a grin.

Elizabeth blushed at the comment, but before she could go on the door opened and she was met with Sonny Corinthos face to face.

"Good Afternoon. You can come in now."

Elizabeth walked inside and found a blond woman standing from the couch. The woman eyed her from head to toe and then settled for wrinkling her nose at her as if she were irradiating a weird odor. Elizabeth waited for Mr. Corinthos to close the door, when he did he walked to the mini bar and served a glass of scotch and offered her something to drink.

"No thanks. I'm okay."

"So Miss..."

"Webber. Elizabeth Webber." Elizabeth said extending her hand to the older man. He smiled at her and flashed a set of dimples that almost made her blush again.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Webber."

"Please call me Elizabeth."

"What brings you here, Elizabeth? I don't think we have ever met, have we?"

"No. We haven't. I'm here to give you word from a mutual friend. But I was told to speak with you alone."

"Who do you think you are? This is my house." Moving closer to the petite brunette. "Whatever you have to say to Sonny you can say to me. We don't keep secrets."

"I'm sorry. Are you Mrs. Corinthos? I didn't know and..." Elizabeth tried to explain but the woman tried to keep going at it.

"Well you should have known better."

"That's enough. This is not my wife, this is my sister. Courtney, why don't you go upstairs. This is business and it doesn't concern you. Go call Carly and the kids or something."

"Actually I have something to take care off. I'll be back this afternoon." She moved to Sonny and gave him a kiss in the cheek before she moved pass Elizabeth bumping into her and not even bothering to say sorry. Once the girl was out of the penthouse, Elizabeth looked back at Sonny to find an apologetic smile in place. "You'll have to excuse Courtney. She's going trough a bad time right now."

"It's okay. I didn't mean to be rude to her, but the person who sent me told me to not say anything in front of her."

Sonny frowned and down the rest of the brown liquid in the glass before speaking again. "Who is this mutual friend that sent you here?"

"Jason Morgan."

Emotions flashed trough his face before it became blank once more. "Jason Morgan is not a friend of mine. He's nothing but a traitor."

It was Elizabeth's turn to frown now. "What do you mean? Look I don't know what you think happen to him, but he needs your help..."

"With what? Spending all the money he embezzled from me?" Sonny yelled at the young woman.

Elizabeth winced and tried to keep her voice as neutral as possible. "No. You're wrong. He's hurt."

"No darling I'm hurt. I took him under my wind. I taught him honor, loyalty and respect and he broke all of those things. He stole from me and ran like a coward."

"Look you have to listen to me..."

"No honey. You listen to me. I don't want to know anything about that man. So you can take your cute little face and leave."

"I can't believe he's so worried about you when you're nothing more than a self-centered asshole."

"How dare you? You don't know a thing about me."

"And it seems that you don't know a thing about Jason. While you're here spilling accusations at him, he's lying in a recovery room in Mercy Hospital."

"He's what?"

"You heard me. He was beaten and shot to the chest. He has two broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a snapped kneecap. He was in ICU for two weeks, and ever since he was moved to his room he hasn't done anything but worry about you and your family. Enough to send a stranger to look for you. But it was his bad, and mine, to think that the Almighty Sonny Corinthos would actually care bout someone else but himself. Excuse me."

Elizabeth moved and was half way to the door when Sonny spoke. "Why hasn't anybody contacted me?"

She turned and face the man who was looking down at the floor. "What did you say?"

"If all that is true, then why hasn't anyone contacted me?"

"He called you, and his sister but no one has come to see him. I have no idea why. But I'm doing it now. I hope you believe me, he really needs you right now. Have a nice day Mr. Corinthos."

Elizabeth opened the door and left without ever looking back. Sonny stood silent for a minute before calling for Francis. Why haven't anybody found Jason, if he was just down at GH? Why did his contacts told him they saw Jason in Colombia last week and there were two new transactions made by him in the Cayman Islands? Something was wrong and he was going to figure it out.

It was almost two o'clock when Elizabeth found the courage to walk into Jason's room. How could she tell him that everybody thought he was a thief and a liar. How could she tell him that his best friend his family didn't gave a damn. She made her way quietly inside to find him asleep. She moved the chair closer to his bed and sat down. She trailed her fingers from his sun kissed hair to his strong jaw and down his arm. He was truly the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He was also the strongest, but for some strange reason she thought he might not be able to deal with the outcome of her visit to Harborview towers. Sonny Corinthos was sure that Jason had betrayed him, and right now Elizabeth was worried about what kind of action he'll make to retaliate.

He didn't know how, but he knew she was back the minute she walked trough the door. Her sweet smell had filled the air and all of the sudden he felt calmed and content. There was something about her that made him feel at ease, even if he was in a place he hated. He kept his eyes close a little longer and then he felt her soft hands caress his hair. He enjoyed the feel of her hands a bit longer before opening his eyes. Her fingers intertwined with his.

She saw his eyes fluttered open and a soft smile appeared on her face. "Hey."

"Hey yourself.."

"How did you sleep?"

"Too much. You friend gave me enough sedative to sleep an elephant."

"Good. You were a bit agitated."

"Agitated? Me? No Webber, you must have confused me with some other patient."

"Well Mr. Morgan, you were the only patient I was with last night."

"That's what all the nurses say."

"All the nurses? I thought I was the only nurse that had dinner dates with you."

He eyed her with an amuse twinkle in his eyes. Was she jealous? Did he like that she was jealous?

Elizabeth tried to talk but, her voice didn't came out. A light crimson flare came up to her cheeks and he enjoyed every minute of her discomfort.

"I- I- I didn't mean that I w- was, that w- we were..."

"It's okay. You are the only nurse I have late night dinner dates with. Well besides Harriet that is."

Elizabeth smiled at him and look down. "Harriet is something else. I wouldn't dare compare to dear Harriet."

When she didn't look back up he tighten his hold on her hand making her aware of the close contact. Their hands were still joined and at the realization her cheeks reddened even more. She tried to move her hand but he tighten the grip.

"Did you bring me soup?"

"And the appetite returns. I knew you'll end up liking my soup." She smiled and looked at him to find him looking back at her.

"The soup is not the only thing I like about you."

Elizabeth dropped his hand and stood up. She started to look everywhere but at the gorgeous man laying on the bed. She fidgeted with the hem of her blouse and placed a lock of hair out of her face.


"Yeah." She looked up and settled her eyes in a point above his head.

"Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be? I'm fine. Great. I was just going to get you your soup. I'll be right back." She turned and walked away before he was able to say another word.

He laughed softly and allowed himself to turn a little red. What was it about Elizabeth Webber that had him hooked? After the first time they met she was able to make him open up more than anyone else. Many have tried, but only the beautiful brunette had managed to make Jason Morgan talk about his life, fears and needs. He also enjoyed flirting with her. He didn't remember being a teenager, but he was sure that this was what a crush felt like. If someone ever heard him say that, big bad mob enforcer Jason 'The Borg' Morgan had a crush on his nurse, he would be in a lot of trouble. He closed his eyes and smiled again.

The elevator doors opened in the eighth floor. A man dressed in black walked out and straight to the nurses station. He found a young red head and an older white hair woman. He stood a minute listening to end of their conversation.

"She's been visiting him every night."

"She's not visiting him, Fran. She's just keeping him company. He's been here close to a month and no one has come to see him."

"Yeah and the fact that his drop dead gorgeous has nothing to do with it? Give me a break, Harriet."

"Listen don't start rumors about Elizabeth and Mr. Morgan. She can have serious problems." The older woman finished and walked away with two charts, leaving the younger nurse standing in front of the computer.

The man cleared his troat and the woman looked up and seized him from head to toe. "Can I help you?"

"I was looking for a friend of mine, Mr. Jason Morgan. Can you inform me about his condition?"

"Finally! I was beginning to wonder if he had any friends at all. His condition has stabilized. He was in pretty bad shape when he came in. We did emergency surgery and he was in ICU for two weeks. He's in recovery now. His room is down the hall if you want to see him."

"No is okay. I don't have time to go in now. But I'll be back later. What's his room number?"


"Thank you, you were really helpful. Have a nice day."

"You too."

The mysterious man walked back to the elevator, while the nurse stared shamelessly at him. The elevator doors opened to reveal Elizabeth holding a small brown bag in her hands. The man smiled at her and she walked out with a slight unease. She looked back at the elevator as the doors closed. There was something about that man that disturbed her.

Once inside the elevator the man took out his cell phone and dialed the familiar number. "Yes. You were right. He's alive. At Mercy Hospital. There's something more... she's with him. What do you want me to do? Okay I understand."