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Hot Soup:: Part 2

Emily Quartermaine was about to fall asleep on her own two feet. She had to pull a double shift at the hospital and then an emergency call kept her at the hospital for a full 48 hours. She was ready to take a warm bath and settle nicely in her soft bed for the rest of the day and night. She opened the door to her apartment and threw her bag on the couch. She left the keys on the coffee table and was about to walk to the master bedroom when the red blinking light on the answering machine caught her eyes. No! She wasn't ready to run out again. She needed sleep and she was going to get it even if it was the last thing she did. She looked at the answering machine again and walked away.

Jason was sitting on the chair looking out of the window. He had a view of the garden and had being watching the kids playing with their parents. It was hard to tell who were the patients and who were the visitors. He left out a loud sigh and put his hand under his jaw and closed his eyes. He imagined he was playing catch with Michael in the park or splashing around on the pool. He missed his Buddy and even if it pained him to admitted he missed Carly too. Things weren't good. As soon as he didn't come home the other night Carly would've been looking for him everywhere. She wouldn't stop until she found him dead or alive. And here he was at the other side of town and no one had managed to find him? Something was definitely wrong.

She had being standing there for a couple of minutes before she knocked on the door. What was wrong with her? She met him four days ago and he was a patient, she shouldn't be feeling like that for him, but she couldn't help it either. She had walked out with every intention of not coming back, but then she passed the cafeteria and remembered he was hungry. She couldn't let him starve to dead. She raised her hands and knocked. His masculine voice trailed out and made her shuddered with anticipation. What was wrong with her?

"Come in."

Elizabeth made her way inside and made sure the door was left ajar before looking at the bed. Her eyes opened wide when she didn't find them there.

"Over here." He said as he looked back out the window.

Elizabeth looked surprised. "You're up! Does this mean your feeling better?"

He couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm. "I'm feeling better. As soon as you left, one of the male nurses came and asked me if I wanted to sit. I told him I wanted to leave but he said that wasn't possible so he help me up and in this oh so comfortable chair."

She smiled at his sarcastic comment. "I'm glad you're more animated than before." A slight red took over her cheeks at the mention of earlier, but she kept her cool. "You look a lot better."

"Well I also washed up. Can't you tell?"

"Oh so that is what's different! I though it was your clothes." She said with a sarcastic tone, like the one he'd used before and looked at his blue robe.

"I would have, but I don't have anything else."

"Why didn't you say something? I could have bought something for you."

"Nah, is OK. You've done enough already. You've made me company and feed me gallons of soup."

"Talking of soup. Here. Eat before it gets cold." She moved the table in front of him and placed the white foam bowl in front of him.

"What no help?" He asked with a teasing smile.

"You seem to be feeling a lot better. Try by yourself. We'll see if you really need help."

He took the spoon and started the soup. She smiled at his wrinkled nose at the taste of the vegetable soup. After a while he stopped and looked at her looking at him.

"Need help?" "No. I'm okay. I was just wondering... did you find Sonny?"

"Oh that. I-" She stood up and started to pace around the room her hand placing a piece of stranded hair behind her ear.

"You what?"

"I went to Harborview Towers. I met Sonny Corinthos."


"And I met his sister..."

"What did she do?"


"Are you sure? You didn't tell her I sent you, did you?"

"No! You asked me not to tell her and I didn't. I waited for her to leave. And then I told Sonny."

"Would you cut to the chase. What did he say? Is he coming?"

"I don't think so. Look, I don't know what kind of business you two share and I really don't want to... but he said you betrayed him. He thinks you embezzled money and left town."

Jason almost choked on his soup at the news. "He what?"

She made her way inside the abandoned warehouse without looking around for unsuspecting witnesses. Once she was inside, the man hiding in the alley took out his cell phone. "You won't believe who just walked inside the warehouse. Where are you? OK. I'm on my way."

Twenty minutes later Francis and Max were standing in front of Sonny and about to tell him the news.

"What do you have?"

"Jason is in Mercy Hospital. He has being there for almost a month. He was in really bad shape but it seems like he's in recovery now. In a couple of days he might be discharge."

"That can't be. My contact in South America said he was in Ecuador three days ago."

"Well whoever was in Ecuador it wasn't Jason Morgan."

"You saw him?"

"Not really, but I talked to a nurse. I also overheard a conversation about him and Elizabeth Webber. She works there."

"She came here earlier. I don't know what to believe. Someone is lying to me."

"And I think I know who." Max put his two cents in, knowing that his boss wouldn't like what he had to say.

"What are you doing here Max? I thought you were in night watch. Roscoe knows something is wrong with the organization and he's being planning something."

"I know. I think that he's being planning something since before Jason disappeared."

"What do you mean?"

"Well. I've being following Roscoe for the last two weeks and he's being really messy on his dealings. Using the docks for his meetings, throwing information about the Five Families like candy and seeing people who's in our circle."

"What people?"

"I was outside the warehouse outside Pier 34. I was about to leave when I heard footsteps. I thought it might be someone important, an informant or a dealer. So I hid behind a column and..."

"Who was it?"

"I don't think you'll like what I have to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. It was a woman, your sister."

"Holly shit!" Said Francis, as he heard his friend named the only person Sonny had trusted ever since 'Jason's betrayal'.

"You made a mistake."

"No I didn't. I know her. I've guarded her myself and besides there's evidence."

"What do you mean evidence?"

"The mics inside the warehouse recorded a very interesting conversation between Courtney and Roscoe."

"I don't believe it. There's no way that my own sister will betray me like that."

"You had no trouble believing Jason betrayed you."

The door knock interrupted before Sonny got a chance to protest. Trent walked inside with a small cassette player.

"Sorry to interrupt but I got this here as soon as I could. They already left the warehouse Adam is following Miss. Corinthos."

"Thanks Trent." "If you need anything else, you know were to find me." He nodded to the three men before excusing himself.

"Sonny, I know this is hard for you, but you have to listen to this."

"Turn it on already." Francis pushed play and moved a step away as the voices started to flood the apartment.

"Van, do you have the money?"

"Yes. It's..."

"Hi, honey. I'm home!"

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you."

"Are you really this stupid?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, what the hell are you doing? Your dear brother could have a guard outside this place right now. We can't risk getting caught. Not yet."

"It's okay, honey. Sonny thinks that Jason is the mole. I've being leaving trails that lead only to him and Roberto have being doing a great job giving Shorty the 'evidence'. He thinks Jason is in Ecuador somewhere."

"Still, you're suppose to be on your way to the Island with your dear sister-in-law."

"I leave tomorrow."

"Why did you came?"

"Oh I almost forgot. There was this girl at the penthouse today. I kinda think she knows something about Jason."

"A girl. What did she say?"

"I don't know they kinda threw me out before I got a chance to snoop."

"Did you at least get a name?"

"Yes, Elizabeth Wallace....no wait that's not it. Elizabeth Wester? I know, Webber. Elizabeth Webber."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay. I'll take care of her. Now go back to your brother and start playing nice."

"Not yet. I still have to go buy some things for my trip."

"Whatever. Just remember to stay away."

"I'm going to miss you."

"Me too."

The three men in the living room were quiet for a long time after the cassette had turned off. Max and Francis were looking at Sonny's back. In one brisk movement he took the machine and tossed it to the wall above the fireplace successfully breaking it into a million pieces. The guards didn't even flinch at the action.

"Max call Adam and tell him to bring Courtney home and help her with her bags. She has to be on a flight to the Island today. Then call of the search for Jason. Tell everybody that we are done with him. We still don't know if there's any more informants."

"Yes, Sir." The guard walked away without another word.

"Francis call Johnny and tell him to bring the car around."

"Yes, Sir."

It was past 6 o'clock in the afternoon when the knock in the door came. It couldn't be possible. She wasn't ready to see anybody just yet. Maybe if she ignored it they would go away. Not such luck. The knock came again and again. Bloody hell.

Elizabeth hesitated after the third knock. Maybe she wasn't home. Then she heard the grunt and the footsteps on the wood floor. A moment later a very disheveled Emily appeared on the door. Her hair was all over her face and she was wearing flannel pj's. Elizabeth smiled, the one in the door was a far cry from the well put together Dr. Emily Quartermaine.


"Emily. Sorry to disturb you, but it's kind of important."

"Elizabeth?" Emily moved her hair from her face to reveal her big brown eyes. "What are you doing here? What happened?"

"Jason send me."

"Jason? As in my brother Jason? How do you know him?"

"It all started with a bowl of hot soup... it's a long story. Do you mind if I come in?"

"No. Not at all. Come inside."

After an hour and half and six cups of hot chocolate, they where on their way to Mercy Hospital. Elizabeth had told Emily everything Jason told her to. Now they just had to put the plan in motion.

Fran was standing in the nurse's station when the elevator doors opened. Three men dressed in black suites came out of the cart. She was astonished at their well built bodies and sex appeal. The one walking in front was kind of short, but the two men walking behind him were gorgeous. She recognized one of them as the man that had asked for Jason Morgan earlier. They didn't stop for directions so she turned her attention at the old paper she was reading. When she turned the page she saw the photo of one of the man that had just walked down the hall. Holly smokes! How could she forget that face.

Jason was already dressed in the scrubs and white shoes and walking down the hall towards his room when he heard footsteps. The nearest door was the janitor's closet so he moved quickly and got inside. As he closed the door he heard the men walk by. He left the door ajar so he could see who it was, but the only thing he could make out through the small opening was black suites. They had come for him.

The three men walked into the room and found it empty. No sign of any patient or nurse inside. The two guards drew out their weapons and inspected the place. Under the bed, inside the closet and the bathroom, it was empty. There was no sign of Jason Morgan anywhere. They moved to where their boss was waiting and tucked their weapons in their place.

"There's no one here, sir."

"I can see that."

"What if they found him?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Let's go."

Jason heard the footsteps again but this time they were retreating. He let out a breath and waited until the footsteps were completely gone.

They got into the left elevator as the right one was opening. Emily and Elizabeth walked out of the cart and saw the redhead nurse staring at the elevator door.

"Fran, what's wrong?"

"Who would have thought that Sonny Corinthos and his lackeys were such hunks in real life?"

"Who?" Emily asked surprised at the turn of events.

"Sonny Corinthos. You know, the mob boss."

"You mean Sonny Corinthos was here?"

"What are you two deaf or something? They just went into that elevator." "Jason..." Elizabeth desperation was evident.

"Go look for him I'll talk to the doctor and finish the paper work."


She found herself walking faster and faster, the click of her boots marking her pace on the linoleum floor. What if something happened to him? No. She wouldn't think about that. He was safe. He had to be.

Before another thought crossed her mind she was grabbed from the back and a hand gripped her mouth shut. Slowly she was pulled inside a room. She was trying to fight her aggressor, moving her body frantically and small rambles were coming from her mouth.

"Don't be afraid. It's me." He said with a warm and caring voice.

He turned her so she was facing him. Her eyes locked with his, blue on blue. The eyes she had being thinking about non-stop for the last five days were shining down on her. She looked around and found that they were inside the janitor's closet. A very small closet. Almost not big enough for the two of them. All of the sudden he realized how small the closet was. His body was pressed against her, her chest pounding uncontrollably against his and left hand braced on the door over her head. They were so close, her breathing was still roughed and her eyes were dancing over every feature of his face. Before he could say something she took her bottom lip between her teeth. He dropped his face closer to hers and took in her appearance. Her hair was lose around her face, her cheeks were pink and her lips were glossy. At that moment the thought hit him hard on the stomach, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he wanted to kiss her. He moved his head an inch closer.

She was speechless, for the first time Elizabeth Webber was speechless. He was leaning so close, they were touching from their feet up to their upper bodies. She could feel his heart beat, or was it hers, that was going a mile a minute. His eyes had become a darker kind of blue, like the color of the sky before a storm. His purely male scent was invading her senses. When he inched closer, her eyes fluttered shot by their own accord. As her eyes closed he needed no more invitation, his left hand went to her neck and as he made his was to her mouth... they started to fall.

It all happened quickly. Neither of them knew what was happening until the loud thud and the heavy crash took their breath away. The floor was cold and the unexpected weight took all her air out of her lungs. Jason tried to steady his weight with his arms but ended up hurting his right shoulder as it gave and sent him on top of her once again.

A loud groan brought him back to reality as he opened his eyes to find Elizabeth laying under him. Her hair was spread around the tiles, her face was red, her arms were over her head and her eyes were bright with surprise. Was this what it was like to fall in love? Literally.

A loud voice broke the spell. "What the hell? How did you two get in there?"

"Are you alright?" Jason asked a very baffled Elizabeth.

She only moved her head in affirmation.

"What's wrong?" He asked concerned. "I- c-can't b-breathe-e." She managed to say, but she was smiling softly.

"Oh! I'm sorry I'm such an idiot. Here let me..." He tried to stand but with his right arm hurting like hell and his left leg all bandaged he could hardly make it halfway up.

"Need a little help?" The janitor standing over them asked at the same time he moved to help Jason up.

Once the young man was on his own two feet and supporting himself on the wall it was time to help the young woman. The janitor helped her and once she was up he saw her more clearly. "Ms. Webber? Is that you?"

Elizabeth took a couple of deep breaths before she turned her attention to the older man standing between her and Jason. "Yes. It's me Bernie." She slid her hand over her hair, taking it of her face.

"What the hell?"

"You covered that already, Bernie. We got stuck inside. Thanks for taking us out." She moved towards Jason and looked straight to shoulder. She couldn't really look at him after what happened, or almost happened for that matter. "You hurt your shoulder. Let's go I'll check your stitches too."

He just nodded and stretched his left arm over her shoulders and she wrapped her arm over his waist.

Courtney Corinthos walked inside the penthouse to find it empty. She was happy that she didn't have to play adoring sister for a while. She dropped her bags on the couch and move to take a drink from Sonny's mini bar. She poured an inch of vodka on a glass and drank while looking through the folders in his desk. She walked to the fireplace. Looking at the pictures that adorned the mantle, she picked up the one from the first Christmas she spend as a legitimate Corinthos. She traced a finger over the smile on Mike's face. He was standing behind the couch where Sonny and her self were sitting. Carly was sitting besides Sonny and Michael was on her lap while Jason was standing by Carly's side. What a crook of a family, she thought. Her dear father was a drunk that never gave a damn about neither of his kids. He had abandoned Sonny when he was a kid and Courtney was never even a blip on his radar. Sonny was a mob enforcer with a Christian liability. He thought he could pay his debts to God by giving money to the local church. Carly was a whore dressed in designer clothes. She had slept with Sonny to get back at Jason and it backfired when she got pregnant with Sonny's child. The little pest Michael was so annoying! She was completely sure that he was going to be sent to boarding school as soon as he was old enough not to pee on his bed. And last but not least Jason Morgan, the brain damaged heir to the Quartermaine fortune turned mob enforcer. Her family. She threw the picture frame against the wall and it chattered in small pieces.

If they only knew how much she hated them all. Mike was never there for her, but he was always there for her corrupt brother. Carly had managed to be saved from a life at a brothel by her own knight in bulletproof limousine. And Jason was adopted into the family, treated like he could walk on water. Well she was there to show everybody he couldn't. She was there to finish with the facade of perfect little mob family and to let them know she wasn't the stupid air head they thought she was. She wanted vengeance and she was going to get it even if it was the last thing she did. And Roscoe, was just the tool she needed to accomplish her plan.

Sonny walked out of the elevator at the top floor of Harborview towers to find Adam standing at his door.

"Is she inside?"


"How long?"

"Fifteen minutes."

"Noticed anything strange?"

"Just a loud chatter, as if a glass break or something."

"OK. Call Peter and tell him to bring the limo around we're going to take Courtney to the airport in twenty minutes."

"Yes, sir."

Sonny walked in and found the livingroom empty. He walked to the couch and noticed the glass pieces and the picture on the floor. He shook his head and knelt to pick it up. Looking at the smiles on each of their faces he couldn't help but wander what had gone wrong. When Mike came and told him he had a sister he didn't want to believe it at first. But once he did background checks and met Courtney he was sure she was his sister. He brought her home from Atlantic City and gave her everything she was always deprived of and more. After all she was his baby sister. At the end he ended up believing in her over the one person that has always being loyal, the man he thought of as a brother. Jason Morgan could never betray his loyalty, but when his own sister brought the evidence he couldn't doubt her. And now what? Now here he was with a broken family and broken trust. She was going to pay for what she did. But he had to find Jason and make things right first.

The bubbly blond came bouncing down the stairs and almost into her brother's arms before he took a step back.

"Sonny, your home! What's wrong? You seem preoccupied."

"It's nothing." He moved to the desk and gave her his back.

"This is about business, isn't it? Is it Jason? Did you find him?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Sonny, I think I've proved myself to you by letting you know that my own boyfriend was betraying you. I think that you can talk to me without any worries. I'm your sister."

Sonny grimaced at her shameless plug. Putting his concern face back in place he turned and walked to her.

"You're right Courtney. I know that I can trust you. Jason has contacted me."

Courtney's eyes widen in surprise. "He what? When? How?"

"Today. He called me. I don't understand what has gotten into him. He wants to make a move against me. He admitted he took the money."

"That can't be J-Jason is not..."

"He's not what, Courtney?"

"Capable of such disrespect."

"Well he did. He's in South America. But that its not what worries me. He said he was going to get me where it hurt the most. My family."

"No. Jason couldn't ..."

"He could and he will. That's why we can't lose time. I have to take you to the Island immediately."


"What do you mean no?"

"I won't run from him. I'm not afraid of what he thinks he can do."

"Well, I won't risk it. You are too important for me. Adam! Get in here."

The door opened to reveal the young guard. "Yes, sir."

"Would you please escort Courtney to the airport."

"Yes, sir."

"No. But Sonny, I'm not ready yet. I have a couple of phone calls to make and my bags are still half packed..."

"Don't worry about anything. I'll make sure your bags are done properly and don't worry about your phone calls you can make them on the plane. Take care and I'll see you when all of this is over."

The guard took Courtney by her elbow and almost dragged her out of the penthouse. The door closed and Sonny was left alone once again. One out of the race and two to go, he thought. But first he had to find Jason.

Jason, Emily and Elizabeth rode in silence until they arrived to their destination. Once Emily parked her car at Jake's, she and Elizabeth made sure that Jason was out of the car safely. They walked inside the rundown bar and found a man sitting in a table in the back. The man nodded to them and they walked to where he was. After a brief comment he gave Jason and envelope, Jason gave him the money and he left.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Emily asked her brother.

"I don't have a choice."

"Everyone has a choice, Jason. Stay." Elizabeth tried to keep her emotions from her voice but it was almost impossible. "I can't stay, even if I wanted to. There's a lot of people looking for me. I don't want to put neither one of you in the middle of a war."

"But where are you going to go?"

"I don't know." A small man came in the door and nodded to Jason from his post. "That's my signal. It's time." He stood up and Elizabeth and Emily followed his lead.

"Are you sure this people are trustworthy?" Emily asked worried.

"I can trust them."

They walked to the back door of the bar. He stopped and turned towards Emily.

"Take care." She hugged him careful not to hurt him. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too."

"Would you keep in touch. To know your alright."

"Em, you know I can't do that."

"You can't blame a girl for trying." She let go of him and took a step back. He looked around his sister and saw the petite brunette that had captured his heart, her big blue eyes full of unshed tears. God could she look anymore beautiful? with her lips in a small pout. He shook his head and extended his hand to her. She took his hand timidly and he pulled her close to him.

"I don't know what I would have done without you."

His words made her breath hitched. "I didn't do anything."

"You helped me, no question asked. You worried about me and you..."

"... fed you gallons of soup." They finished together and a small smile appeared in his face.

"You're never going to eat soup again are you?" She asked with a smile that didn't quite reached her eyes.

"Yes I will. When I come back I'm going to ask a certain nurse to dinner and I'm going to make her eat a gallon of vegetable soup."

"I'll make sure Harriet is ready for you, then."

He took his left arm and grabbed her by the waist pulling her flush against him.

"I wasn't talking about Harriet."


They stared at each other for a minute, then he moved his hand to cup her face. Slowly he dropped his head a little and she bit her bottom lip slowly. He watched her nervously and inched closer. Her eyes fluttered close and he needed no more invitation. His lips grazed hers slightly. The kiss was slow and sweet. And way to short for both of them. Before he could really taste all she had to offer he heard the man calling to him.

"It's time."

They didn't broke the contact immediately. His hand trailed her face and tucked her hair behind her ear. She looked at him a tear rolling down her cheek. He dried it with his thumb and kissed her forehead.

"I'll come back. I promise."

He let her go and turned away. Her hand found his wrist, she stopped him and he turned around. "Be careful."

He nodded. "Good bye."

"No. I'll see you later."

He walked to the black van that was waiting for him. She touched her lips as the car speed down the street and sighed. Once it was out of sight, Elizabeth turned and saw Emily standing on the doorway. She was crying and smiling at the same time. Emily walked towards her. They hugged and Elizabeth knew everything was going to be okay.

The End